Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Tuesday: Work and Echo Cardiogram

Today, I went to the office in the morning.  Everyone was very happy to see me again.  
My primary care physician's office called and I now have an appointment to see her on Thursday afternoon.  Good timing, since I will be going for the insertion of the port for the catheter on Friday.
Later in the morning, I went for my echo cardiogram.  My appointment was for 11:30 a.m., but I had to wait an hour before they called me; but we've already established that I am good about waiting patiently!  :D  I chose not to read any of the magazines while I waited; instead, I relaxed and rested, to the point where I was almost falling asleep!  The doctor did apologize when she finally called me in.  My heart was normal, she said, other than the fact that it has had to work harder due to the hypertension and the walls had thickened as a result.  They will do another echo cardiogram after chemo is over, to see if there has been any damage; if there is, she said they have drugs to give for that!

Went back to the office after the cardio appointment.  I will continue to work, this week, until Friday.  After that, who knows?

Managed to make a quick trip to the pharmacy during my morning break to pick up daughter's prescription refill.

Came home after work and did 2 loads of laundry.
One of my aunts had called and left a message, so I returned her call.  Later, I called a friend of mine.  Both aunt and friend are concerned about my upcoming treatment and me being alone (when daughter returns to Berkeley).  I tried to make light of the situation, but I don't think that went over too well!  I was told I was laughing when it was a serious situation.  Well, yes.  But, if I don't laugh about it, I'd cry; and I'd much rather laugh than cry.  I am not looking forward to any of it, and I am both nervous about it and a bit scared, too.  But, I am trying not to mope about it.  It's as Laura Ingalls Wilder quotes her father saying in one of the Little House books:  "What must be done is best done cheerfully."  

Today, I am grateful for:

- A good echo cardiogram
- My heart is bravely beating
- Coworkers were happy to see me again
- Chocolate cake
- Video chatting with daughter
How was your day, today?  Did you have a good day?


  1. Good news about the echo. Sybil xxx

  2. I'm glad your cardiogram went well, even if you had to wait. And your coworkers were happy about your return.

  3. I think your good attitude about choosing to be cheerful regardless will stand you in good stead with your healing. My grandmother had that attitude in spite of a sad and hard earlier life, and she lived to be 100!

    1. Bushlady, thank you! Your grandmother must have been a wonderful lady and I'm sure you take after her. :)

  4. So happy the echo was ok.. Praying that no damage will be done by the chemo.
    my heart goes out to you Bless. Know the unknown , Is very scary and nervous.
    Praying that all will go well, and it wont make you sick..
    You are a very brave person, to be so strong.
    How sweet of your family /friend to help you.. Know they will all be there for you, when your daughter goes back to school.

    1. Thank you, Judy. I know I will be led through this; I just need to trust the Hand that will guide me.


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