Monday, October 19, 2015

The Rosary Prayer Gathering

I hosted the Rosary prayer gathering, today, which was also the 95th anniversary of my mother's birthday.

I woke up relatively early (considering I didn't get to bed until nearly 3:30 a.m.!) and my friend (who stayed the night) and I had our morning tea and started on the rest of the work that had to be done.  Even with the majority of the meal being prepared by others, there was still quite a bit of preparations we had to do - serving dishes had to be taken out, chairs had to be pulled out from around the tables and arranged around the rooms to provide sufficient seating for all, an altar set up on the living room mantel, flowers (roses, plumbago, and lantana) had to be cut from the garden and arranged in vases, the salad and the fruit platters prepared, the bathrooms cleaned, guest towels set out, etc., etc., etc.  I always make a list of tasks to be done and I go down the list checking things off to make sure it all gets done.

But everything got done in a timely manner and my friend, my daughter, and I were ready and relaxing when the first guests arrived.   Once everyone who was attending was here, the Rosary was said.

Afterwards, a late lunch was served.  Since almost everyone had brought a dish, there was quite a spread.  The friend who said she'll bring the rice and a vegetable, actually brought 2 vegetable dishes.  One cousin had brought 3 different desserts, so, in addition to the yogurt & treacle, chocolate fudge cake, and fresh fruits, we had a lemon tart, pumpkin spice cake, and a chocolate babka (a sweet yeast bread)!  Obviously, we take desserts seriously!  :)

There was so much food, I urged everyone to take some home with them.  Two of my friends stayed back to help me put away the leftovers, clean up, and wash.  Have I mentioned how blessed I am, when it comes to friends and family?

One of my cousins also brought me a gift of three scarves.  Two of them can be used as head coverings, as well as worn around the neck.

Even after I sent some of the leftovers home with various guests, almost half the chocolate fudge cake was remaining.  So, I called over one of my neighbors and gave her half of what was leftover.  She said her husband will be very happy with the cake.  :)

Daughter will take some of the leftovers with her, so she won't have to cook for the rest of the week.  I have enough, too, to last me the rest of the week!  I might freeze some of the chicken curry, if I can find room in my freezer!  :)

Today, I am grateful for:

- A wonderful prayer gathering
- Everyone pitching in and helping
- A surprise light shower of rain, in the morning
- Flowers from the garden
- A clean house

Did you have a good day, today? 


  1. What a lovely Rosary prayer gathering, and your menu sounded great. I am thinking that when you host such a prayer gathering and also your Almsgiving prayer gatherings, you are filling your home with prayer and praying people and making it into a holy place. What a good environment to get well in!

    1. That is exactly my thinking, too, Bushlady. For an hour, when the prayers were being said, we were 20 people who were all united in prayers, our minds and thoughts focused on something good, and the house did become a holy place.

  2. That sounds amazing, really warm and full of love. Hope you are going well. Sybil x

  3. So happy everything went well. and you are so very blessed with such wonderful friends and family.. Hugs.

  4. I'm glad you had a good (and yummy) time with family and friends.

  5. LOL. Now the big question is whether you have finished all that food yet, or are you still finding portions of it in the freezer?!

    1. Ha, ha, all that food is just a memory now! :D


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