Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sunday: Continuing to Recover

Sunset Skies

I'm continuing to recover from the surgery and the incision infection, today.

I had a good night's sleep.  Woke up once at 7:00 a.m., but went back to sleep and slept in until 10:00 a.m.  Such indulgence!

When I was making morning tea, one of my friends called to say she had cooked some manioc (cassava), could daughter come and collect it.  So, after she had her tea, daughter drove over to collect the food.  I had her take a bag of curry leaves, as well, to my friend.  In addition to the manioc, my friend sent fish curry, dhal (lentil) curry, cooked green beans, and coconut sambol, which is a relish made from freshly grated coconut mixed with finely minced onions, chilli powder, salt and lemon juice (one of daughter's favorites).  Have I mentioned how blessed I am when it comes to caring, generous friends?

I did a load of laundry while daughter was gone.  At least, I put the sheets to wash and daughter hung them up to dry for me, later.
After picking up the food, daughter did a bit of grocery shopping for me and brought another friend home to visit me.  Later, daughter drove her home.  

Afterwards, daughter and I both took naps on the family room sofas.

Later in the evening, after tea, daughter and I went for a walk around the block.  She took the photograph I posted above, of the sky at sunset.  She also picked another pomegranate from the tree.  We will feast on fresh pomegranate, tomorrow.
Tomorrow, I need to call the oncologist's office to ask them if we can delay the chemo due to the infection and call the surgeon's office to schedule an appointment to have the sutures removed. 

Today, I am grateful for:

- Caring friends
- Phone calls with cousins
- A walk around the block with daughter
- Pretty sunset skies
- Sleeping in and afternoon naps
How was your Sunday?


  1. Pretty :-)

    My Sunday was alright. Same old.

    1. It was a pretty sunset sky, wasn't it?

      A quiet, drama-free, "same old" kind of Sunday can be a good thing. If not, maybe you can plan to do something special with Little Wolf or some special "Me-Time" treat for yourself.

      Hope you have a lovely week.

  2. Glad to hear that you had a good sleep in. Love the sound of that coconut sambal.
    Such a lovely sunset sky! Sunsets are never two alike so every one is a treat.
    Sunday's weather was mixed, some sudden rain but not enough to be a nuisance. Had a puttering kind of afternoon after church. I've started knitting an "experimental" beret!! No pattern, just going to figure it out. Must be nuts!

    1. Sounds like a relaxed Sunday afternoon. I need to start knitting myself a couple of hats, myself, for when I'll be undergoing chemo. Must pull out the box of yarn and see what I have on hand. I know I have some cream colored fuzzy yarn...


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