Monday, September 21, 2015


Sunday was another very warm day!  Temperatures above 100F!  The house was like an oven!

Daughter needed to do more studies, so, we decided not to run any errands.  Instead, she studied and I handwashed a sweater and two of the blouses my aunt had given me.  Tried on all the clothes that aunt had sent me, and kept aside 7 skirts that were too snug for me to alter for daughter.  I called aunt to thank her for the bag of clothes and she said she had more!  I told her she had given me plenty, but, if she had another couple of blouses with front openings, to set them aside for me to wear after surgery.  She said she'll check.  I'll be seeing her next Saturday, so, I can collect those blouses then.

After that, I finished sewing the remaining two satin pillowcases.  Then, washed, dried and ironed them.  As I mentioned to my friend, for some reason, the song, "Nights in White Satin" by the Moody Blues keeps playing in my head!  :D  My pillowcases are a light blue color, though, not white.

Still later, I started cutting out and sewing another Log Cabin Cross wall hanging.  Should have that finished, tomorrow.

In the evening, daughter went out to see a movie with two friends who are the daughters of a friend of mine.  After the movie was over, I drove over to my friend's house to pick up daughter and had a short visit with my friend.  She gave me a jar of elderberry jam that she had bought from an Amish store on her recent visit to Ohio.  I have not had elderberry jam, so I am looking forward to trying it on some toast for breakfast.

On our way home, daughter and I stopped for an ice cream cone!  Nothing better than having ice cream cones on a warm summer evening with one's daughter!    

I did dishes and cleaned the litter box, and handwashed a few items in the morning, but other than that, I didn't do any "work" (cleaning, etc.)  It was way too hot to do anything!  At least, that's my excuse!

Tomorrow (Monday), daughter will go back to Berkeley.  We will spend the morning together, then I'll drive her to the airport.  I'm missing her already and she's not left yet!

Today, I am grateful for:

- Fans on a hot day and electricity to run them
- Time to sew
- New pillowcases
- The gift of a jar of jam
- Ice cream cones with daughter

How was your Sunday?  Did you have a pleasant day?


  1. Pretty good excuse :-)

    We took Little Wolf out for a free ice cream since we didn't get to on Saturday. It's turning chilly here, thin long sleeve weather.

    1. Glad you agree with my excuse, Jess! :D So happy you took Little Wolf out for ice cream. I'm looking forward to cooler weather. But that won't happen till sometime in October. And then, no doubt, I'll be wishing for warmer weather! I like warmer weather, just not triple digits.

  2. Sounds like a lovely day... Know you will miss daughter, when she returns to school. I always miss my grown kids when they come to visit and leave..
    Your pillowcases are making me want to sew some satin ones.. Know they will feel so good.

    1. Judy, yes, daughter went back, today and I am missing her. Thank goodness for computers and video chatting. Hope you'll sew yourself some satin pillowcases, too. :)


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