Sunday, September 20, 2015

Saturday's Activities

Satin Pillowcase
Another rather warm day, here, today. 

In the morning, I sewed one of the satin pillowcases.  It was a bit experimental, as I decided to do French seams (to minimize fraying) and a top flap to prevent the cases slipping off the pillow.

Wrong Side Out to Show Flap and Seams
 French seams, for anyone who doesn't know, are sewn twice, so that the cut edges of the fabric are enclosed, to minimize fraying.   First, the seam is sewn with the right sides of the fabric facing outwards.  Then, the item is turned inside out, and the seam is sewn again, so that the cut edges of the fabric are now inside the new seam.  When the item is turned right side out, again, there should be a neat seam with no cut edges visible.    It's been a long time since I last sewed French seams, but they turned out OK (I think).

Another View of the Flap and French Seams

In the afternoon, daughter and I went to the big warehouse store to stock up on household items: toilet paper, paper towels, disinfectant wipes and spray, toilet cleaner, laundry detergent, soap, etc.  Also, a big bag of cat food and flea prevention medications.  In general, I do quarterly stocking up, buying different items during each stock up.  But this time, I was also thinking ahead to when I'd be undergoing treatment.  Most probably, I won't feel much like shopping, etc., then, so I wanted to make sure I had enough of most household supplies to last me for a long time.

I also bought a new phone set, since my old phone set was over 10 years old and the batteries wouldn't recharge too well.  I suppose I could have ordered new, replacement batteries, but the new phone set, with 3 handsets, cost $35 on sale, and was a good buy.  The old phone set had two handsets, and I kept one in the hallway and one in the family room (and would take it with me to the bedroom at night).  The new one, with 3 handsets, means I have a phone in the hallway, one in the family room, and one on my bedside. 

I also bought two new bath towels for myself, on sale for $5 each.  I had been wanting new bath towels for a few years, now, but have felt it was a total indulgence, since my old bath towels were perfectly adequate, even if they were too small to go around me completely.  My old bath towels are about 12 years old, have some rust stains that won't come off and had frayed along the edges; I had sewn a strip of fabric along the edges to repair the fraying, but now the strips of fabric, themselves, were coming loose!  The newer towels are a bit bigger and I'll be able to wrap myself completely in one of them. I still probably wouldn't have bought them, except now, with my new health diagnosis, I am in the mood to pamper myself, a bit.  :)  If not now, then, when?  Anyway, $10 for two new bath towels is an affordable luxury.  I will not discard the old towels, though.  I will mend them and continue to use them, as well.  

My friend who was to come to visit in the afternoon called to say she wasn't feeling too well, so, her visit was postponed.  Instead, I did a load of laundry, hung it up to dry and took a long nap in the afternoon.  Guess I was tired.

Later in the evening, I put away the laundry and did the dishes.  Still later, one of my cousins called and came by to drop off a huge bag of clothes from one of my aunts.  Aunt was going through her closet and blessed me with several items of clothing.  Daughter has already picked out her favorites (although they are too big for her!

Today, I am grateful for:

- New pillowcases.
- New bath towels.
- Being able to stock up.
- A big bag of new-to-me clothes.
- A new phone set.

How was your Saturday?  




  1. Dear Bless- I am happy to see you are preparing for your upcoming recovery. Buying towels for yourself is a good thing. Sometimes new towels in the grand scheme of things is the right thing to do. I continue to pray for you and for little bless.

    1. Frugal, I am in the mood for a little self pampering. :) I keep thinking, if not now, then when? Thank you for your prayers. I hope you and DH are doing well, too. I'm thinking of you both, as well. Have a wonderful week.

  2. Bless, I am SO happy that you "pampered' your self with the new bath towels..
    I am the same way.. I have old towels and keep working on them.. I did give in, and buy a few new ones a few months back..ha
    You have accomplished a lot this weekend.. Know you are enjoying your daughter being home.. Have a great Monday.

    1. Judy, thanks. I dithered about getting the towels, but daughter decided for me by putting them in the cart and saying, "You are buying them!" :D She goes back to campus tomorrow and I am going to miss her.

  3. The pillowcases are lovely! Great deal on the phone set. We no longer have a landline but that seems like a good price for a 3 piece set. Good that you stocked up on items you might not feel like going out to replenush later.

    1. Carolyn, thanks. I finished the other 2 pillowcases today. I'm trying to get everything done ahead of time, as much as possible, so I won't have to worry about things while undergoing treatment.

  4. I'm glad you got yourself some new towels. Affordable luxury definitely. Next time I buy towels I want some big fluffy comfortable ones (I usually just buy the cheap thinner ones)

    1. Jess, I usually buy the ones that go on sale for $2 of $2.50 and they are fine. But it's been years since I last bought towels for myself and I've been wanting one that was big enough to wrap around myself.


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