Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Another Hot Day

Today, too, temperatures soared into the triple digits.  It was already warm at 6:30 a.m., when I woke up, but I opened the windows and doors to get some cooler morning air into the house.  I was happy to be in the air conditioned comfort of the office, during the day.  Opened all the doors and windows, again, in the evening, after I came home - hoping to cool off the house before going to sleep.

I attended to some personal paperwork, today, during my lunch break.  Trying to attend to matters and tie up a few loose ends before I go in for treatment.  Just want to make sure every thing is in place, for daughter, should there be a need.  Just in case.

My doctor didn't call me, today, even though she said she will on Friday.  I suppose she was busy or just plain forgot.  I didn't hear anything about the referral, either.  So, most probably, I will call, tomorrow, to see if there's any news.  I also want to ask the doctor a couple of questions.  Questions I probably should have asked on Friday, but didn't.

I have had several phone calls from family and friends, however, and that has been very nice.  I am trying to stay positive, although, a few people think I am being a little too passive.  But I tend to be rather low key and accepting of circumstances.  That has always been my style.  I don't know if it will work in my favor or not.  Time will tell, I suppose.

Today, I am grateful for:

- Air conditioning at work!
- Caring friends and family.
- Words of encouragement and support.
- Offers of help.
- Prayers.

How was your day?  What are you grateful for today?


  1. I think that's a wonderful way to be. I hope you hear from your doctor today.

    My day was alright.

    1. Thanks, Jess. Hope your apple pies turned out well. I've read that you can freeze apples, too, for later use, although I've never done it.

    2. I just did that yesterday! You can't eat them raw, but we'll see if there is much of a difference in taste when I go to use them in something.

    3. I hope they'll taste just as good after freezing.

  2. Bless, I am so sorry that you have not heard from your doctor. Pray you get it all settled and your questions answered.. Sending prayers for you ..
    Take care of yourself, and try to stay cool.. Maybe temps will drop soon.

    1. Thanks, Judy. I called the dr. today, but she wasn't in! Left a message.

  3. I think your attitude and approach are perfect for you, Bless. Everyone is different and we all deal with things in our own way. Your more passive nature is a blessing! Hope you get some Fall-like weather soon! :)


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