Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Another Step Forward, Autumn Equinox, and Annual Performance Evaluations

Well now, it seems I was mistaken about when the first day of Fall was, this year!  I had always thought that the first day of Spring was on March 21, the first day of Summer was on June 21, the first day of Fall was on September 21, and the first day of Winter was on December 21.  But, apparently, today, September 23, is Fall Equinox, this year, and thus, the first day of Fall!  I learn something new every day!  Of course, with temperatures in the 90s (forecast says triple digits tomorrow through Saturday), it feels more like Summer than Fall.  

Today, I went to the office and had a fairly productive day.  I received my annual performance evaluation.  We are evaluated on a number of categories ranging from quality and quantity of work products, timeliness, ability to work with others, initiative, amount of supervision and directions required, etc.  I received all "excellent" and "outstanding", along with written comments to support, so I am very happy with my annual performance evaluation.  :)

I also met with our personnel liaison to inquire about the details of taking a medical leave of absence.  I am entitled, under the Family and Medical Leave Act, to 12 weeks of unpaid medical leave with job protection and insurance coverage.  However, I may take paid sick time and/or vacation time, instead of unpaid leave, and that's probably what I will do.  I've tried to use my paid sick time sparingly, but I've had to use some of it, already, for all the doctor's appointments and tests.

The other step forward was receiving the authorization approval notices for the surgery and related lymph node testing.  I have all the paperwork in a file folder, but, this weekend, I will set up a binder, to reduce the risk of loose papers falling out.  So, tomorrow, I will have my appointment with the doctor (clinic called, today, to confirm appointment) and hopefully receive the referrals for the pre-op tests.  Then, once the tests are done, call the hospital to schedule the already-approved surgery.  Definitely a step forward.

Today, I am grateful for:

- Getting the surgery authorization approval
- A good performance evaluation report
- Having paid sick leave
- Being able to take sick time off without having to worry about job or insurance coverage loss
- A quiet, relaxed evening

How was your day, today?  Is it Fall-like weather where you are?    


  1. I never could tell you what day the seasons fall on, except Winter. It's always Dec 21. Which happens to be my husband's birthday, my brother's birthday and his wife's birthday. Glad everything is moving forward for you and you received a good work evaluation.

    The weather here is mostly fall like. Supposed to be 80s today, but after that 70s and 60s in the forecast.

    1. Jess, that's a lot of birthdays on the same day! Enjoy the cooler, fall weather. Do you have leaves turning color, etc.?

    2. Some of them. A lot have just turned brown and fell off. I've already had to rake them away from the house a few times.

    3. Oh, yes! The Fall ritual of leaf raking! I think Little Wolf would like to help you rake leaves, next year. I have photos of my daughter, as a toddler, helping my mother rake some leaves that had fallen - we had bought her a little child-sized plastic rake and she happily raked the leaves! :)

  2. I got the first day of fall mixed up, too. Here in Ontario we are having lovely fall days, not too hot but sunny, light long-sleeve weather, and nights are cool enough to sleep, even had the wood furnace on one evening. If only fall would last a long, long time and winter shorten to compensate!
    Congratulations on your great performance review.

    1. Bushlady, it's funny how each season is, on the calendar, at least, just 3 months long, but it never feels that way. Winter seems to drag on forever, especially in the northern areas, summer seems to arrive later, each year, and Spring and Fall sort of have to be squashed in between. I hope you get to enjoy a nice, long Fall. :)

  3. Bless. so happy you got your surgery approved.. and things are moving along.
    and Congrats on a wonderful evaluation.. Praying for you .

    1. Thanks, Judy. Things are, indeed, moving along. Appreciate the prayers.


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