Saturday, September 5, 2015

A Day to Let Things Sink In

First of all, thank you, everyone, for your kind comments, thoughts and prayers.  I appreciate your support, very much.

Yesterday evening and today, I informed family members and close friends; everyone has been very supportive.  I've received offers of help from them and have been told not to be "Ms. Independent" (I guess they all know me too well!)

I've had a relatively quiet day.  Woke up fairly early, made my phone calls, etc., vacuumed the house, did a load of laundry, and washed dishes.  Then, video chatted with daughter and sewed a bit on the quilt I'm repairing. 

I made some lists today - a to-do list, questions to ask the doctor, things to discuss with my lawyer, items to buy, etc.  I might not get to everything on my lists, but it's good to be at least somewhat organized.  

Later, in the evening, I picked up a friend of mine and brought her over to visit.  She's staying the night, so, I've had company all evening, which has been helpful. 

Today, I am grateful for:

- The love and support I've received from everyone
- Words of encouragement, care, and concern
- Fresh guavas from my cousin's garden
- The company of a friend
- My daughter having her own group of supportive friends

Hope you have all had a lovely day.  Please know that, no matter what the trials and frustrations of the day might be, we are all blessed to be alive, today. 


  1. It's great that you and your daughter have a supportive network of family and friends. It's easy to forget sometimes that every day is a blessing.

    1. Jess, yes, it's easy to forget, but, count your blessings; try to find at least one thing to appreciate and be grateful for, each day. Hope you have a joy-filled weekend.

  2. BLess , I am so happy that you have a friend come over and spend the night.. Nothing like having our family /friends when we go through these trials.. Much prayers going up for you .. take care of your self.. and DONT be Miss Independent.. Let your friends 'family be there for you.. hugs.

    1. Judy, thank you. I'm so grateful for all the love and support. Hope you have a lovely holiday, tomorrow.


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