Monday, September 7, 2015

A Blessed Day

So much love and support has been extended to me, I feel truly blessed. 

Today, my friend who stayed the night and I had a leisurely morning and then, we went grocery shopping.  I met another friend of mine at the grocery store, which was a pleasant surprise.  I bought mostly fresh fruits (apples, Bosc pears, grapes, bananas, a cantaloupe, and a papaya) and vegetables (carrots, corn, cucumber) and some manioc (also known as cassava and yuca).  But ground beef was on sale for under $2/lb., so I bought 2 lbs.  My plan is to cook several dishes ahead of time and freeze, so that, when I am not quite up to cooking, I'll be able to take a frozen meal and have that.

Some of the fruit I bought will be taken to the temple, tomorrow, for a special blessing ceremony the monks will hold for me.  I bought 5 kinds of fruit juice, as well, to take to the temple as an offering.

After the grocery shopping, I dropped my friend off at her place and came home.  On the way home, I stopped to get a duplicate made of my garden gate key, to give to my gardener, so he can let himself in, later, as needed, as there might be days when I won't be able to unlock the gate for him.

Spent the afternoon video chatting with daughter, cooking, and cleaning the house.  First, I cut and cleaned the manioc (it has a hard rind which must be removed as it is toxic) and boiled it in salted water to which some turmeric had been added.  I had some of the cooked manioc for my lunch.  I also boiled and sliced the 3 beetroots I had in the fridge and cut and sauted the head of cabbage that was also in the fridge.  After the cooking was done, I dusted the living room, dining area, family room and my bedroom.  I also cleaned my bathroom.

Then, I started to cut fabric pieces for a quilted wall hanging that I want to make for one of my friends, as a Christmas gift.  Yes, I know, this is just September and Christmas is still some time away, but, handmade gifts take some time to make.  So, one needs to start early.

Later in the evening, one of my cousins and her mother came to visit me.  They brought dinner with them (with sufficient leftovers for several more meals) and my cousin prayed a healing prayer over me.  I felt so touched by her actions.  She left a copy of the prayers and some holy water for me.  And, of course, I had to promise her that I will let her know if I need any help.

After they left, I video chatted with daughter, cleaned the cat's litter box, and wrote to a friend.

Today, I am grateful for:

- Family members who rearrange their schedules to visit me, bring me dinner and pray over me
- Cousins who call from overseas to inquire after my health
- Caring neighbors who call with offers of help
- Incredibly supportive friends who say, "Call me if you ever need someone to talk to" (you know who you are)
- Roses blooming in the garden

Hope you have all had a lovely day, today.  What were you grateful for today?


  1. Hi Bless! Continuing to pray for you! I am thankful for your positive posts and your uplifting spirit! You're truly an inspiration. Sending healing thoughts your way. :)

    1. Carolyn, thank you. I'm trying to be positive. I don't know how positive I will be once treatment starts and I feel some of the awful side effects, though. But, please continue to keep me in your prayers. I have as much faith in prayers as I do in medicines.


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