Thursday, September 3, 2015

Feeling Blessed

First of all, thank you all for your prayers and well wishes.  I feel blessed to have such caring, supportive friends.

Today, I went to the office and had a fairly productive day.  During my lunch break, I went to the bank and the pharmacy.

There are two bank branches I tend to frequent - the one near my house and the one near my office.  I've been going to these two branches for several years now, and most of the tellers and others know me, if not by name, then by sight.  I usually chat with them while I do my transactions and they know of my daughter either because she sometimes accompanies me or because they are helping me to transfer funds to pay for her tuition, rent, etc.  I am old fashioned in that I prefer to stand in line and wait for a teller, rather than use the ATMs.  I like the human contact I get with a real, live person.  Today, for example, the teller who helped me asked after my daughter and inquired after my health.  And when I mentioned I underwent a biopsy, yesterday, she immediately told me she will pray for my health.  An ATM won't do that and I feel so blessed to know that there are such caring people around me. 

After the bank, I went to the pharmacy, where the pharmacist has become a friend over the years, and yes, she, too, is praying for me.  Again, I feel so blessed.

On my way home, I stopped to put gas to the car.  For some reason, the pump wasn't working too well (kept stopping every couple of minutes).  Anyway, I managed to put 5 gallons worth of gas (I had wanted to fill the tank) and went in to pay.  I mentioned I had trouble with the pump, and the cashier came out and checked it and pumped the gas for me (he claimed it was due to air in my tank, but I still think it was a faulty pump!)  I do appreciate him pumping the gas for me, though.

I had intended to do some grocery shopping after putting gas (grocery store is across the street from the gas station), but I felt tired.  And, I was experiencing some pain and discomfort from the biopsy site.  So, I decided to postpone the grocery shopping and came home, instead.  Then, changed the bandage at the biopsy site, as it was saturated, put a new bandage, and took a nap!

Daughter's phone call woke me up; we've been video chatting ever since.  One of my cousins called, too, to check on me, and yesterday, a friend called.  And I've received supportive, caring emails from another friend, as well. 

Today, I am grateful for:

- The blessing of caring, supportive friends.


  1. My car does that a lot when I'm getting gas. Don't know the cause, but it is aggravating. But, it only does it at one gas station so I'm not entirely convinced my car is the issue.

    1. Yes, if it does that at only one particular gas station, then, it's probably not your car. The station I went to yesterday is the cheapest one in my area, so I tend to frequent it. Will try a different pump, next time.

  2. Bless, Proud you got the biopsy over with, and praying for the best report.
    I too , like contac with real people, not ATM .
    so nice to have friends, and caring people..

    1. Judy, thanks. I called the clinic today, but they hadn't received the results when I called; will call again tomorrow. I went ahead and made an appt. with my doctor for next Tuesday to go over results (hopefully they'll have received them by then).

  3. I too have that annoying issue with the pump at one particular petrol station. I don't go there any more! And 100% in agreement re. ATMs. It seems everything is DIY these days. Even the passport checks to get into the country are by machine. So unwelcoming (not that border guards were ever particularly friendly!). At more and more banks in this country, they actually have members of staff milling around whose task it is to actively discourage customers from joining the queue and try to direct them to the machines. My bank now has just two manned desks, and every single time I go to wait in the queue, someone will tell me it would be quicker to do the job myself. It can be a real battle of wills to have the "privilege" of being served. (And then when you do get to the desk, the assistant will invariably give a spiel about how easy it is to do online banking, but that's another story.) I often think they won't be happy until they have all talked themselves into redundancy! Ooh... sorry! Rant over!

    1. It's the same over here, too, Lady Ella. Go to the bank and stand in line and a bank customer service person will come and suggest using the ATM! But, now, with the pandemic raging, I no longer go to the bank, not even to use the ATM, and have had to learn how to deposit checks using my not-too-smart phone! Sigh.


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