Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Another Sewing Project

Log Cabin Cross Wall Hanging

Tut, tut!  I haven't finished turning the Single Irish Chain quilt top I sewed into a quilt, and here I am, started on a new sewing project!

But I saw pictures of a cross based on the Log Cabin block when I was looking at quilt patterns on-line and I thought it would make a good Christmas gift for some of my Christian friends and family (my mother's side of the family are mostly Catholic).  The monthly prayer group I attend is actually a Rosary prayer group and my friend who leads the prayers will appreciate a wall hanging in this pattern.  I looked at the pictures and came up with an adaptation of what I saw.  I have to add a border, and make it up into a wall hanging.

It was sewn with fabrics in my scrap stash.  Some strips had to be pieced to make the correct length.  So, this is sort of the prototype, I guess; the sample.   I made a mistake, at one point, and forgot to make mirror images of the Log Cabin blocks - so I have a spare Log Cabin block!  Maybe I can make it up into a "mug rug" as a gift for someone else!

Today, I am grateful for:

- The holiday.
- Having the day to sew.
- Making gifts with material I have on hand.
- Cousins and friends calling to check on me.
- A special blessing ceremony at the temple with prayers for good health.

Did you do something special to enjoy the Labor Day holiday, today?


  1. Looks very nice.

    I spent Labor Day dealing with apples. So many apples. And I don't even much like apples! Got me an apple pie in the oven at the moment so hopefully that will turn out well!

    1. Apple pie! Yummy! Maybe make applesauce, too - Little Wolf might like it, instead of the jarred stuff.

  2. Oh what a pretty quilt top this will be..
    Have a great day.

  3. I love this too! I can't work out where the error is, but anyway, it would look perfect in any prayer room or church.

    (Now getting into the posts about your illness and getting stressed even though I know you're ok...)

    1. I sewed another block to replace the one in which I made a mistake!

      Yes, it was a stressful time, but, I got through it and survived! :)


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