Thursday, January 15, 2015

Wednesday, January 14: Meeting Deadlines and Bulk Cooking

There are some days when one feels like pulling the covers over ones head and sleeping in.  Today was one of those days.  I was still achy and not quite back to normal.  I would have dearly loved to have ignored the alarm clock and gone back to sleep.  Unfortunately, I had a project deadline to meet at the office, so, I dragged myself out of bed, got dressed, and went to work. Once there, I was able to focus on what needed to be done and got it done.  The all important deadline was met.

Spent a quiet evening at home.  My friend called and we chatted for a bit.

Later, I cooked the chicken breasts I had bought on Saturday.  The two trays of chicken breasts yielded 10 halves.  I sauted them in a little oil with some salt, ground pepper, and teriyaki sauce.  I kept 2 pieces for our dinner and packaged the rest, 2 pieces per zippered freezer bag, and froze them.  I will take out one bag at a time and slice the cooked chicken and use in a variety of ways - with a salad for a quick lunch to take to the office, stir-fried with vegetables and served over rice for dinner, etc.

For our dinner, tonight, I cooked a boxed rice and wild rice mix, to eat with the sauted chicken breasts.  A bit of a special dinner on daughter's last night at home before she returns to university, tomorrow.

How was your Wednesday?


  1. Sorry you are still not feeling well Bless.


    1. Thanks, Frugal. I am feeling better today. How are things with you and DH?

    2. Things are ok Bless. DHs chemo was increased and so far is helping keep the symptoms at bay. It required two injections instead of one though. I did well the frist two weeks of the new cleaning routine. LR and DR are done, Laundry Room was done last weekend. I had some peel and stick tiles left and put them on the top of the cabinets in the laundry room. That way next time I wipe them off, the dust will come up easier that trying to get it off the unsanded wood that was there. This week I am starting the guest and master bathrooms. Made a Master List and will start on it tomorrow. Frugal

    3. Glad to hear that things are OK with you and DH. Sorry to hear that it's taking more meds. now, though. Good job keeping up with the cleaning routines and good idea to put the peel and stick tiles on top of the cabinets. I line the top of the fridge/freezer with either paper towels or wax paper for similar reasons - when it's time to clean the top, it's easy to remove the dusty/greasy paper towels or wax paper and give a quick wipe than to scrub. I continue to keep you and DH in my thoughts and appreciate you keeping in touch.


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