Saturday, January 10, 2015

Bountiful Abundance

Oranges and Lemons

In these times of budgeting and post-holiday financial belt tightenings, it is easy to focus on what we are having to give up and do without; it is easy to develop a general feeling of lack and to feel deprived.  In the process, we tend to lose sight of the blessings of bountiful abundance in our lives.

I used to keep a daily gratitude journal in which I'd write down 5 things for which I am grateful.  Now, I have decided to make a conscious effort to daily seek out and acknowledge the blessings of bountiful abundance in my life.  I think it will be beneficial to focus more on the abundance and less on the lack.

This week's bountiful abundance is fruit from the garden.  The oranges and the lemons on the trees in my backyard are ripening. Nothing can be a better example of bountiful abundance than a fruit tree so laden with fruit that the branches hang low to the ground (last year, the weight of the fruit actually broke a few of the branches on my orange tree).

Every week, since the middle of December, I've been picking several oranges and sharing them with daughter.  It is hard to feel deprived when one is indulging in organically grown oranges, picked straight from the tree, fresh and sweet and juicy. 

What are some of the examples of blessed abundance in your lives?


  1. I am blessed by my children-- six boys and one girl-- and my grandchildren, ten boys!! I am blessed with friends who loan me their daughters so I can sew for their dolls. Mainly, I am blessed by a God who knows me and loves me anyway. <3

    1. Lindy, those are wonderful blessings! Thank you for your comments.


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