Sunday, January 25, 2015

Productive Sunday, Too

I started off with a relaxed Sunday morning, today.  Slept in a bit, played on the computer, posted on-line, video chatted with daughter, etc.  Then, made pancakes for brunch.

In the afternoon, I started on my To Do list.  I had prioritized it by having three categories of Must Do, Should Do, and Want To Do, with 3 items in the Must Do (Clean Kitchen, Dust/Tidy Family Room, Water Indoor Plants); 4 items in the Should Do (Launder sofa slip covers, clean fridge, cook beans, clean sliding glass door tracks and spray with WD40); 3 items in the Want To Do (Knit, Sew, Card making).

 I removed the slip covers on one of the family room sofas and laundered them.  They are now hanging up to dry - they'll dry overnight and during the day tomorrow and I'll put them back on the sofa in the evening.  In the meantime, I've covered the sofa with two bed sheets to keep the cat fur off the cushions.   I'll launder the 2nd sofa's slip covers tomorrow.  Then, I dusted the family room furniture and tidied up the room.  And I watered all the indoor plants.

I also cleaned the kitchen: cleared and washed the counters, wiped down the appliances, scrubbed the sink, and mopped the floor.

That took care of all 3 "must do" items on my list and half of one "should do" item.  I started on cleaning the fridge, but didn't finish it.  It will be moved to tomorrow's Must Do list.  And, instead of cooking the beans, I made a pot of chicken and vegetable soup (all ingredients from freezer and fridge); beans will be cooked tomorrow.  I am happy with what I was able to accomplish today.

Tomorrow's To Do List:

Must Do:
  • Go to the office
  • Clean the fridge
  • Take trash cans to the curb for trash pick up on Tuesday
  • Cook the beans
  • Give Dancer Kitty his medicines
Should Do:
  • Wash the other sofa slip covers
  • Put washed slip cover back on 1st sofa
  • Clean sliding glass door tracks and spray with WD40 (might be pushed back to later in the week) 
The Want To Do's remain the same - knit, sew, card making.

Dinner tonight was some of the soup I made, followed by an orange for dessert.  

How was your Sunday?  Were you able to accomplish all what you wanted?


  1. Bless, I read your posts [blog & Organized Friends] and feel bewildered and sad. Yes, plants must be water, kitties & Bless fed but if DD is in Berkley and you're in the office, who messed up the fridge? Your slider door likely needs to be done more often than ours [likely frozen shut] but would you consider a targeted date like the last Wednesday of Mar, Jun, Sept. for example? I so wish you had a Steam gizmo as it takes care of window cleaning, slider doors & track, shower stall/tub.

    Do you remember to give yourself rewards? 3 tasks, then spend the evening sewing or making cards or chosen craft. It will take a bit to finish but the point is to enjoy the process. I wish you'd sign up for dance or yoga or whatever activity you'd enjoy. You will feel so much more energized as the days get longer.

    Do you have any day where work is often more demanding or less demanding?

    As I struggled up 3 sets of stairs to a very old temple today, I realized I have a birthday coming up lol. While others likely prayed for stuff, I prayed I could walk down without mishap.

    I hope to see you creating more time for enjoyment, the floor is ok
    Cheers, Honour

    1. Honour, the fridge needed deep cleaning; it's been awhile (too long, in fact). As for the sliding door tracks - I have decided to put it off until the weekend. I am trying to get the house to a stage where I can just maintain, but I've still a long way to go. Hope you're taking lots of photos and will share, later. Take care, Bless.

  2. Bless, please don't laugh but when I looked at the photo page on my phone it's stair cases, looking up at the start, down for return as my fear of tripping or loosing footing on tippy rocks that plunge straight down escalates. rail or dragon as typical in China.

    Terrific to clear the fridge the night before trash P/U. I stopped stuff from going inedible by repurposing the drawer identified as a 'meat keeper ' as left-over/plan-over space.. 4 containers and they get dumped into the mini [4 C] crock pot and turned into soup, stew, or sauce with the help of a stick blender. If you have a Magic Bullet gizmo, fruit and vegetables, cinnamon + yogurt & ice cubes turn into a health drink or parfait. Can you tell I love gizmoos? lol

    There is no rule to say fridge clean-out can't be sub divided as preferred. Perhaps two shelves and straighten 50% of freezer compartment.
    Wk 2: 2 crisper & 2 shelves,
    Wk 3 remaining 50% freezer section and remainder of fridge.
    Each day of week one shelf on door...

    1. Honour, I am not laughing; I have a great fear of falling down stairs.

      The fridge got neglected as I fell ill right after the almsgiving - daughter put away stuff as best she could and even after I felt better, I just didn't get around to doing all what I needed to do. After this week, I should be able to get to a point where I can do a couple of shelves a week and keep it maintained.


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