Thursday, January 15, 2015

Midway Through January

It's January 15th already!  Already halfway through the month!

Since I didn't get around to doing a month-end balance wheel review for December, I think I shall do a mid-month review for January.   

Spirituality: 10; Well plumped; stayed the same since November's review; attended December's monthly prayer meeting and held my annual year-end almsgiving; attended the January monthly prayer meeting last weekend.

Environment: 7; Needs plumping!  I got the house cleaned and tidied in time for the almsgiving, but then, since I got ill, didn't keep it maintained.  Need to continue with decluttering and cleaning.

DD: 10; Nicely plumped! She was home for over one month over the holidays and we've both enjoyed spending time together.

Family: 9;  Also well plumped. Had several opportunities for family interaction over the holidays. 

Friends: 9; Again, well plumped, with many get togethers with friends over the holidays.

Career: 9; Had been rather stressful, but I met all my deadlines and my supervisors are happy with my productivity. 

Finances: 8; I managed to keep to my budgeted amounts over the holidays and I paid one or two major bills (home and earthquake insurance at the end of December; daughter's spring semester tuition and fees in January) as well as regular monthly expenses.  I am continuing to keep an eye over finances to minimize expenses.

Health: 4; it went down since November's review because I fell ill in December and I've had a relapse in January.  This is definitely a spoke that needs improvement.

Leisure/Crafts/Hobbies: 7; I was able to take some vacation time over the holidays and I've relaxed playing computer games during the evenings.

Time Management: 6; I get things done in a timely manner, but I feel I am not managing my time as well as I should.

So, that's my mid-January review of my Balance Wheel.  It's a little wobbly with some spokes being well plumped and others, such as Health and Time Management, needing lots of plumping.

Have you tried doing a Balance Wheel?  How balanced would you say your life is?  


  1. Seems like you are doing well, except when ill Bless.

    1. Yes, that's true. When I am ill, things become wobbly very quickly.

  2. Saturday, Greeting from Hong Kong/Kowloon which is 16 hrs advanced. I'd forgotten what the combo Friday night & payday does here! Everyone between 16 - 60 goes out for dinner, shopping, to a club or entertainment venue. They surge out of the subway stn. so sidewalks and roadways overflow. The cars and even giant busses give way to the mass of bodies. It has the same look as an ant hill.

    Sorry you've continued to be under the weather, perhaps not fully recovered from the flu that was rampant. Did you forget you are on the other side of 50 and therefore your body needs a longer recovery period even for a bruise? I wonder how many sick days you've never, ever used? Are they cumulative? Do you get to retire a year early?
    If you'll kindly accept a well meaning comment...sometimes deadlines are missed, the business will not collapse, your supervisor will understand. There has been a paradigm shift, it started when they rolled back salaries for staff and only returned those for executives...

    DD gets priority, think how much you'd have enjoyed 20 more years with your mother, how DD would have benefitted from time with her gran.

    1. Hon, Hope you are enjoying your time in HK. It's been a very long time since I was last there, but I remember well the hustle and bustle. Very relevant comments as usual. Thank you!


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