Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday, At Last!

It's Friday, at last!  This week felt like a long drawn-out week, for some reason.  But now, the work week is over and the weekend is here! Time to relax!

Today was another rainy day.  There were light showers in the morning, during my commute to work and there was more rain in the late afternoon.  But the rain had stopped by the time I set out on my evening commute home.  On rainy mornings like today, I am especially thankful that I have covered parking in the underground garage at the office building. 

I had a busy day at the office, but it made the day go by fast.  I was glad to come home and relax, though.

I haven't made a lot of plans for the weekend.  I guess I should make a to do list for the weekend: I need to do some housework, I want to do some cooking and baking, and I'd like to do some crafting and gardening.

How has your Friday been?  What are your plans for the weekend?   

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