Friday, January 23, 2015

Thursday's Wisdom

I was still fretting, this morning, about how I felt yesterday, because I couldn't finish the last two items on my to do list.  I did not like the fact that, in spite of all the things I did, I still felt unproductive because I hadn't done two items.  This is not the first time that has happened.  I've felt like that on prior occasions, too.

Yesterday, I made a list of 10 things to do, and did all but 2 of them.  You'd think I'd see that as having accomplished 8 tasks. But no. The 2 tasks that were left undone loomed large and overshadowed the rest.  They weren't urgent tasks. No dire consequences for leaving them undone for another day or two.

But when I looked at my list, I didn't see all the tasks I had accomplished. I saw only the 2 I didn't accomplish. And I felt I hadn't done enough.  Whereas, if I had focused on the crossed off items on my list, I'd have known I did a lot.  Especially on a work day.

So, today, I decided I needed to change my expectations of myself.  I have decided that I will limit myself to a maximum of 1 hour of housework on a work day.  That means 4-6 housework-related tasks a day.  That seems more reasonable.  The rest of the time, I will do other tasks that are more conducive to rest and relaxation, such as crafting and posting on-line.

So, today's to do's:

- Laundry (bath mats) - DONE
- Tidy dining room - DONE
- Sweep under the bed - DONE
- Write note of instructions to gardener - DONE
- Clean the cat litter box
- Sweep the bathroom

The last two items will be done as soon as I finish this blog post.

Fun tasks:
- Write to a friend - DONE
- Video chat with daughter - DONE

 I feel this way of doing things will be better for me; more balanced.  Let's see how it will work out.

Do you tend to look at your to do list and see all the items you've crossed off or do you tend to see only those that are still remaining?  If you had accomplished 8 out of 10 tasks in a given day, would you see that as having done a lot?  Or would you, like me, say, "I should have done more, I should have done the other 2 items as well and finished my list?"  What would your perception be?


  1. Hi Bless, Still in VN but now in the famous old capital Hue. Must have better WiFi as your blog was not available in all the other cities. For those of us who make lists and set goals, the rule is no more than 5 daily tasks of which no more than 3 have high priority, two more if we can manage!

    Keep in mind you have already done a full day's work at work, driven on CA freeway and offered attention to kitties. Suggest you stop making dust bunnies under the bed and only action that on M BDRM 'branch.' How is DD adjusting to campus life? Is there a social network for her?

    1. Hi Hon, I hope you are enjoying your travels. Happy you can access the blog now. :) Yes, I put in 9 1/2 hr. days at work (the 1/2 hr. is lunch, which I often eat at my desk unless running errands) plus 1 hr. long commutes each way. So, a long day. Often too tired to do house work when I get home. But I don't want to spend my entire weekend doing housework, either, so trying to find a happy balance. DD is doing well; she's getting quite used to being away. Her social network is still down here! But social media is a big help.

      Hope you have a wonderful time traveling and thanks for your comments.


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