Monday, January 19, 2015

Coming Home

Today, I came back home after accompanying daughter back to Berkeley and spending the extended weekend with her.

  We flew up to Berkeley together on Thursday and I flew back home, today.  Of course, she could have flown back up by herself, but going up with her was a way to spend a little more time together and an opportunity for a mini vacation of sorts for me.  For when I am up there with her, I don't have the pressure to do anything other than a little cooking for her and doing the dishes (which she doesn't like doing, but I don't mind doing).  Whereas, when I am home, it's hard for me to relax without feeling guilty that I am not doing the 101 things I should be doing, or could be doing!  Like cleaning, tidying, laundry, filing, etc.

Daughter accompanied me to the airport and I admit, it was hard for us to say goodbye.  But she had lined up a few pleasant tasks to do after she left me at the airport, including picking up her Christmas/New Year gift from me, so her return to her apartment alone was not too sad for her.

I had an extra long wait at the airport due to my flight being delayed due to mechanical problems, but I'd rather wait 3 hours in the airport until the plane was fixed than fly in a defective plane!  The flight, it self, was uneventful.

A friend of mine came with her daughters to pick me up from the airport and brought me home.  They also brought me dinner, which was very thoughtful and kind of them.  I am blessed by such lovely friends! 

I was tired by the time I got home, but I checked the mail, cleaned the litter boxes, fed the cats, took the trash cans to the curb for trash collection tomorrow, started the car since it hadn't been started for 4 days, aired the house, and called a friend to check on her (she had been sick over the weekend).  I still need to unpack and put things away, do laundry, etc. 

All too soon it will be time to return to work, but I'm grateful for my mini vacation.

Do you take mini vacations?  Do you go away for an extended weekend?  

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