Saturday, January 24, 2015

Productive Saturday

I've had a productive day, today.  But it wasn't all work and no play, either.

I had a restful morning.  I slept in, had a cup of coffee, went on-line, played a computer game, and relaxed.  It was a nice way to start a Saturday, I think.

Then I had a productive afternoon.  I went to the pet supplies store and bought kitty litter.  Then, did some grocery shopping.  I bought cat food as well as a few groceries for me: 

1 gal. milk =  $2.99
3 boxes rice/wild rice mix; @$1 =  $3.00
1 box pudding mix =  $1.25
1 bag (12 oz.) frozen green peas =  $1.00
1 can pasta sauce =  $.49
1.21 lb. bananas (4 bananas), @$.69/lb = $.83 

Total spent: $9.56

I spent more on cat food ($13.56) than I did on food for myself!

After I came home, I had brunch (a banana, some cheese and crackers, spicy peanuts, apple juice) and watched a TV show.

Then, I spent a couple of hours doing housework: I dusted the living room and dining area, deep cleaned both bathrooms, vacuumed the house, emptied waste bins and took out the trash, and washed the dishes. 

Later in the evening, I relaxed by going on-line, emailing a friend and video chatting with daughter.  I made and ate my dinner: sauted chicken breast, rice/wild rice mix, green peas.  Dessert is warm chocolate pudding!

Tomorrow, I plan to clean the kitchen and tidy the family room.  I'd also like to do some knitting or sewing, as well. 

How was your Saturday?  Was it a productive day?  What have you planned for Sunday?



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