Thursday, January 29, 2015

Balanced Thursday

Today has been a nicely balanced day.  I woke up feeling a lot better than yesterday.  I went to the office and had a productive day.  I listened to music and relaxed on the drive home.  I didn't make myself a long to do list, but put away the laundry from yesterday, put away the dishes that were air drying in the dish drainer, and paid a bill.  I still need to do today's dishes, but that will be the extent of today's housework.  On the relaxation side, I read my library book, sewed up one side of the blouse I knitted (have to sew the other side and tidy the yarn ends to finish it), enjoyed a phone call from one of my aunts, wrote to a friend and video chatted with my daughter.  I guess you can say that I am learning to pace myself.

Are you able to balance the must do's and should do's with the want to do's?  Are you able to balance work and play?  Did you have a balanced day, today?


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