Wednesday, April 10, 2024

The Phone Saga Conclusion


Yesterday (Tuesday), I returned to the phone store and spoke with R, the more helpful salesperson who had helped me much earlier, when I bought my new cell phone.  I explained the situation with the phone black box device and how I had received a new SIM card, which the previous salesperson said I needed to call the phone company to activate, and which I wasn't sure would even fit the device and, therefore, I didn't activate it.  He checked the card and said it was already activated!  Then, he inserted it into the device and I brought it home to see if it would work. I had already mentioned the option of having a second line put on my cell phone, but, I wanted to try everything else I could to get the device to work!  Before I left the store, I asked him till what time the store would be open and he said till 8:00 p.m., but, he leaves at 6:00 p.m.  He wouldn't be in the store on Wednesday, but, he'd be there on Thursday and Friday.

Well, unfortunately, the device didn't work!  The service indicator light remained solidly red.

Still Not Working

Well, boo and hiss!  So, I went back to the store (it's only about a 10 minutes drive).  And, to make an already long story short, I had the home phone line added to my cell phone.  According to salesperson R, it was a transfer of the number from one device to another and there was no additional cost!  He told me to use that number pretty much as I used the old home phone, just to make and accept phone calls and not try to text,  I'm fine with that. The cell phone number I had shows as my primary number and the transferred home phone number shows as "home".  

While I was at the store, another older lady came in asking for help and a different salesperson helped her.  I couldn't help overhearing the conversation - apparently, she, too, had to switch from a landline to a cell phone and she has never used a cell phone before and didn't know how to retrieve her messages and needed help to figure out how to use the phone.  I could really sympathize with her!  My current cell phone isn't my first, although it has new features; but, I have my daughter to show me how to set it up and use it, as she has the same type of phone.  

After I came home, I unplugged the home phone sets.  I need to find out where I can recycle them.  I will keep the black box device for a bit, just in case the phone company asks for it to be sent back to them (I had to send the old device back when I received this one, two years ago).  

It was around 5:00 p.m. when I got home from the store and it was 81F!  I watered some of the plants in the back garden - the blueberries, the newly planted out aloe vera plants, and some of the potted plants.

Then, I sat down to watch the news and unwind from the whole phone saga!  I guess I could have saved myself a lot of time and stress if I had been able to decide to go with a new cell line at the very beginning, when I first spoke with Salvador in Mexico City, but, I was resistant to that option at the time.  I felt like I needed to try everything else, short of having the phone company come out and rewire the house for a landline for double what I am currently paying for the basic services package or paying triple for the same services I had and that doesn't take into account the charges for the service call and rewiring, etc.  I shall give this a try (having the home phone number as an additional line on my cell phone) for now and see how it works out.  I guess it is a matter of getting used to it.  

Brunch was a scrambled egg on toast; dinner was leftover seafood potato balls.

On Tuesday, I was grateful for:

- Helpful salespeople
- Being able to have the home phone number transferred to my cell phone
- Safe drives to and from the store
- A sunny, warm day
- Garden flowers

Tuesday's joyful activity was getting the phone issue resolved (hopefully!)

Dogbane/Scaredy Cat Flowers

Today, Wednesday, is another sunny and warm day, with a high of 82F.  M was here in the morning and he watered the garden.  We also noticed that someone (the City?) had filled the irrigation bags in the parkway with water:

Filled Water Bag

It's the first time that I've noticed that they've been watered!  

M also bought me a packet of corn kernels to plant!  We have to figure out where to plant them and dig a new bed!  

Lunch/Dinner Compliments of Neighbor S

Neighbor S called me in the early afternoon and brought me a delicious meal of cooked salmon and bulgur wheat salad.  I warmed up a little of it and had for brunch; the rest is in the fridge for another meal.  I offered her some aloe vera plants for her garden, but, she didn't want any.

Today, I am grateful for:
- Another sunny and warm day
- M's help with the garden
- Neighbor S being as caring and generous as always
- Working appliances and equipment
- Electricity and gas to power those appliances

Today's joyful activity was spending time out in the garden. 


  1. I have a new plant from my daughter. Apparently, it's a corn plant, otherwise called a Sri Lankan bottle plant. I wonder of you know about these?

    1. I have heard of and seen corn plants, which are a species of dracaena (Dracaena fragrans is the most common one), but, I've never heard them being called a Sri Lankan bottle plant! They are native to Africa and are relatively easy to care for houseplants; enjoy your new plant. :)

  2. What a difference in the help you received different times at the phone store! I'm glad you came up with a solution. It was news to me that you could add another number to your cell phone.

    1. I know; salesperson R has much better customer service skills! Apparently, certain types of cell phones are capable of having a second line added. I guess most people use that feature to have a business line and a personal line on the same phone.

  3. The poppies and dogbane make me smile. It’s nice that the city filled the watering bag for the tree.
    I cooked salmon for dinner with sweet potato, kale, and salad. My husband announced that it was seven leaves of kale. You would think I tried to feed him hemlock. 🤦🏻‍♀️
    I have lots of things to do around the house before we leave for a wedding tomorrow. I’m excited to get to see cousins and I always enjoy weddings. 👰🏻 🍰 💃
    Hope the phone solution is satisfactory!

    1. I'm glad the flowers made you smile, Taconix. Yes, it's really the first time I've noticed that the watering bags had been filled.
      LOL, I guess seven leaves of kale were at least six leaves too many?
      Hope you get the housework done in good time and you have a lovely time at the wedding. It's always fun to get together with family at happy occasions such as weddings. :)
      The phone solution seems to be working ok at the moment. :)

  4. I chuckled at your "boo and hiss". I think I might have wanted to throw the whole device out of the window! That is good that the city are keeping the new trees watered. Besides, it is more trouble to steal a full water bag.

    1. LOL. I generally don't swear, not even mild oaths, and especially not when I am writing! But, a "boo and a hiss" is expressive enough, isn't it?
      I am very pleased that the City is watering the newly planted trees. Not sure how frequently the bags will be filled, but, we've had plenty of rain so far that it hasn't been an issue. Yes, the filled bags are quite heavy!

  5. My husband and I still only have a landline, for phone. We wonder... what i am interested in, now you have only a cellphone, what are the drawbacks, besides this saga? Enough people can tell us how we need a cellphone. we are still like, really?

    1. One of the drawbacks that I can see with having only a cell phone is not having the landline/wireless home phone as a back up in case the cell phone service is interrupted or the cell phone itself starts having issues. Not too long ago, there was a cell phone service outage and people were told to call on their landlines, but, very few people had landlines!
      Of course, landlines are more likely to experience service outages if there are power outages, or earthquakes and storms that affect the lines. Cell phones will continue to work unless the cell towers are toppled, provided the phones are charged.

  6. Phew I'm so glad you got that concluded! Glad that the service person was helpful.

    1. Thank you, Sharon; yes, the service person was very helpful.

  7. Well that's all done and dusted as they say. Still, it's a shame you couldn't keep the landline as you originally wanted.
    Of course you saved your number which was the most important thing and you could always call AT&T or Verizon or whoever you have in your area that does landlines. They could port the number back over if you ever decided you wanted to have your landline again.
    I hope after all this you will at least have a lower bill since you no longer have a land line. Of course, they will probably have an excuse why that won't occur. (Can you tell I'm soured about the entire thing on your behalf?) lol
    But on the bright side, neighbor S brought you delicious food, the trees have been watered by someone other than you, and your dogbane flowers are looking pretty.

    1. Yes, that has all been done and dusted! :D My phone bill will probably/hopefully remain the same because the number was transferred to the cell. I fully expected to have to pay to have that done. I would have had to pay more per month for service if I switched to having a new landline put in (plus who know what they would have charged for the actual work?)
      Yes! Always look on the bright side! This way, I can answer calls coming in on my home phone line at any time/any place, if I choose to do so. I remember a time (before cell phones) when I would stay at home, without going anywhere, because I was expecting an important call! :D

  8. Good that it is resolved, even if you had to give up on what you actually wanted. No doubt one day we will all be forced to use mobiles only, but I am resisting for now. They are useful in many ways but I don't want it as my main phone. I can hear my landline wherever I am in the house or garden, don't have to carry it around everywhere or remember to charge it up!

    1. Yes, it wasn't my first choice, either. But, I carry my cell phone with me all the time, even when I go outside to the garden, just in case I fall and need to call for help!

  9. I'm so glad that your phone problems have finally been resolved, and I'm sure you'll soon get used to having both numbers on your cell.
    The poppies are beautiful. X

    1. Thank you, Jules. Yes, I'm getting used to having both numbers on the cell phone. There seems to be fewer spam calls coming through, which is a bonus!


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