Monday, April 8, 2024

Sunny on Sunday, Too

Mama Cat Found Herself a Sun-Warmed Brick on Which to Nap!

It was another sunny day, on Sunday.  I slept in and spent a relaxed morning, watching some online videos about gardening, frugal living, and money management. 

Later in the afternoon, I walked around the backyard and checked on the plants there, and saw Mama Cat enjoying a nap on a sun-warmed brick!  She had a piece of grass root or something on her, but, I didn't try to remove it because I didn't want to disturb her.  Even so, she got up, soon after I took this picture.  

I did a tiny bit of weeding while I was in the backyard and took some pictures:

The Newly Planted Bed of Aloe Vera
When M divided up the aloe vera plants growing in the planter, he replanted most of them in this area near the side wall.  He planted over two dozen plants there and a few more elsewhere.  Then, he put the rest of the plantlets into this container until we decide what to do with them!  There are at least another two or three dozen of aloe vera plantlets in there!  

Extra Aloe Vera Plantlets!

I might offer some of them to my neighbors and maybe put a "free" sign on the rest and leave them out by the curb.

In the evening, I took another 10 minutes or so walk up and down the driveway.  Then, I did a load of laundry (the dust sheets on the family room sofas) and covered the sofas with the other set of sheets.  I paid some bills that were coming due and scrubbed the toilets.  Later, I video chatted with my daughter.  She had gone to the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco with a friend:

Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco

Brunch had been an egg salad sandwich using the hardboiled Easter egg neighbor S gave me.  For dinner, I had leftover rice with leftover General Tso's chicken.  Some chocolate pudding for dessert. 

On Sunday, I was grateful for:
- A sunny day
- Daughter had a fun morning out with her friend
- Online videos
- Being able to pay my bills online
- Working appliances (even if the phone is not working!)

Sunday's joyful activities included being in the garden and enjoying the sunshine.

Plans for Monday include:
- Going to the phone store to see about a new SIM card
- Maybe a quick trip to the dollar store, depending on how crowded it might be
- Watering some of the fruit trees
- Taking the trash cans to the curb

How was your Sunday?  What are your plans for Monday?  Will you be able to watch the eclipse of the sun where you are?  If so, do you plan to watch it?



  1. Mama Cat does look very comfortable on her warm brick. Your new Aloe Vera plantings will certainly add to your garden. I was sorry to read on catch up about your phone woes, hopefully that is well & truly sorted soon, without too much cost to you. The Tea House that your daughter went to looks like a very lovely place to relax in with friends & tea. No plans to watch the eclipse live, we'll be at one of Mr Man's many eye appointments. :)

    1. Thank you, Mary-Lou; the phone saga continues. Hope Mr. Man's eye appointment went well.

  2. You have so many plants in your yard, I'm amazed that you found more spaces for planting. Nothing like cats and the sun, and Mama Cat seems to be no exception.

    1. That particular area had a camellia bush which died a few years ago and nothing else was planted there, although self-sown mirabilis/four o'clocks would grow there. I fully expect some of them to grow again in the summer! Mama Cat knows how to get some warmth from the sun, doesn't she? :)

  3. Your aloe plants are plentiful. It’s nice that you can grow them outside.
    Dancer found the best spot. There’s nothing like soaking up the warm sunlight during a little snooze.
    I had a busy Sunday, taking the dogs for a checkup and vaccinations. Then I had a work meeting in the late afternoon. It was 7:00 by the time I started dinner which was planned leftovers. It felt more like a Monday than a Sunday.
    I’m prepared to see the eclipse, but it may be cloudy and we’re not in a full viewing path. My older daughter, in Ohio, is going to an event in a nearby rural area where they will picnic and have a bit of ceremony. I hope the skies are clear for everyone watching.
    The tea house in San Francisco looks inviting.
    Good luck with the telephone. ☎️

    1. All those aloe vera plants grew from one small plant that M gave me!
      Yes, Mama Cat found a good spot! She's a fully outdoor cat; Dancer is an indoor cat.
      You certainly had a busy Sunday!
      I hope you were able to watch the eclipse. We were supposed to have had a partial eclipse, but, if we did, I slept through it!
      The phone saga continues. I'm not very happy about it.

  4. I notice a flower stalk on one of the aloe plants. What a good idea to put the rest outside with a free sign if your neighbours don't take them all. I like the photo of the Japanese Tea Garden. We never went there when we visited San Francisco a long time ago. I wonder if it was there 40 or so years ago?
    We have our eclipse glasses ready, but there is some cloud, although it may not be enough to spoil the view of the sun and moon.

    1. Yes, one of the aloe vera plants is flowering. All these plants started from a small plant that M gave me, several years ago!
      The SF Japanese Tea Garden was constructed as part of a World's Fair held in SF in 1894, according to what I read online. It is part of the Golden Gate Park complex.
      I missed the partial eclipse we were supposed to have had! I hope you were able to see the eclipse.

  5. Your videos sound like the videos I watch ! :)
    A nap on a sun-warmed brick sounds like a good way for Momma Cat to spend her time.
    That is going to grow into a nice full bed of Aloe Vera plants.

    1. We do have some interests in common when it comes to watching videos, don't we? :)
      I am always amused at Mama Cat's choices of napping places. I do hope that the aloe vera plants will grow well, there.

  6. Lovely Mama Cat. I'm not sure how comfortable it would be to lie on a brick, but at least it would be nice and warm. Xx

    1. I did wonder if she was comfortable on the brick, but, she seemed happy enough. :)


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