Sunday, December 27, 2020


Modified Store Bag (Front)

Modified Store Bag (Back)

When I ran short of gift bags for the Christmas gifts, the other day, I took a solid colored (navy blue) store bag and glued the fronts of two Christmas cards to cover the store logo and turned it into a Christmas gift bag.  I couldn't find two identical cards, but, I thought these cards complemented each other.  One year, I glued wrapping paper around a brown grocery bag to create a gift bag (for a gift that was hard to wrap). 

I am someone who saves and reuses gift wrap, bags, ribbons and bows, etc., when I can.  The rest of my gift wrapping supplies are bought during after Christmas sales.  I am very glad that I stocked up on two rolls of gift wrap, about two years ago, and a new package of tissue paper, last year!  I used some of that, this year, and there is still some left for next year, as well, which is a good thing because I am unable to stock up, this year!  I store my gift wrapping supplies in a wicker chest, which I sorted through and organized, earlier this week.  I try to keep the Christmas gift bags separated from the birthday/all occasion gift bags, but, they don't always stay that way!    

Daughter and I have had a quiet, relaxed day, today (Saturday).  We slept in, ate leftovers for meals and snacked on Christmas goodies in between!  I folded and put away two loads of my laundry (daughter gets to fold and put away hers) and tidied the small dining table that is in the family room.  Daughter helped me pay some bills online and do some mobile banking.  She got to experience the shortcomings of my very basic cell phone!  One of the first things we will be doing in a post-Covid world, I was informed, is getting me a better phone!  LOL!  We ordered some New Year gifts to be sent to some of our relatives and I wrapped a few more gifts to be given to friends over the next few days.  This year, all the jars of jam and several of the jars of chutney I made have been (or will be) given as gifts!  

In the afternoon, I walked for 15 minutes.  Daughter joined me for the last few minutes because she was curious to see what my walking routine looked like.  We were both laughing because it was a bit ridiculous, since I march up and down my driveway and along the sidewalk to the left to the end of my property line and to the right to my neighbor's driveway; my walking route forms the shape of a T.  When I walk by myself, I usually recite prayers and it becomes a meditation of sorts.

Later in the evening, I practiced the piano and chatted with cousin P and with friend R.  

In the meantime, Dancer has enjoyed trying out daughter's yoga mat:

Dancer Does Yoga

Today, I am grateful for:

- Daughter being home and helping me with online bill paying and mobile banking

- Shared laughter

- Cuddles

- Gifts of food from friends

- The stash of gift wrap and supplies

Today's joyful activity was spending time with my daughter.

Plans for tomorrow include clearing the big dining table.

How was your Saturday?  Do you save and reuse gift wrap, etc.?  Or have a stash of supplies that you bought on sale?  Or do you prefer to buy what is needed each year?


  1. I do buy cards and wrapping paper in the January sales but have plenty so don't need to worry this year. My friend, Julie, always used gift bags for birthday and Christmas so I save them and return them to her, asking for a refill!

    I'm having a relaxing day today (Sunday) as the strong winds kept me awake last night and I'm feeling the effects of not enough sleep and too much rich food! Probably too much chocolate as well, if that's even possible!

    I hope you have a good day tomorrow (I'm assuming you're writing this at the end of your day) ... will you be joining in with the yoga?

    1. Ha, ha, I like how you return the gift bags with a request for a refill! :D A relaxing day sounds like a good idea. I'm sure there is no such thing as too much chocolate! No, I don't think I'll join in with the yoga (I've done some yoga in the past; daughter uses the mat for her acrobatics routines); I'll stick to my walking for now!

  2. Saturday we did some outdoor visits with extended family. Even though they were brief, it was good to see them as it's been since last Christmas when we were together.

    And yes, we definitely reuse gift wrap, but I did go out and get a few more rolls yesterday morning as we are getting low. However, it turns out the rolls are too long for the box we store them in. I'm going to have to figure out something today for that.

    1. Hi, June, is there a way to send you an email or a private message, please? It is regarding your private blog. You can send the info to my email which is at the top of my blog:

      I'm glad you were able to visit with extended family. The rolls of Christmas gift wrap I have don't fit into my storage box, either; I store them in the spare room closet.

  3. I love your pretty recycled store bags, they are perfect. Sounds like you and your daughter had another great day. I have a big stash of wrapping paper I've bought on sale. I can't remember the last year I've had to buy any. I don't recycle the wrapping paper but I do save gift bags and tissue paper.

    1. Thank you, Martha. I'm noticing that a lot of the wrapping paper we get today seems to be very thin and crushes/tears easily. But, I save the thicker, stronger wrapping paper, when I can. :)

  4. I really like the bag with the Christmas cards covering the logo. I am inspired! I noticed that DDIL had covered the logo on a store bag with a band of gift wrap, so she has your idea as well.
    I just have to reuse Christmas wrap, bags, bows, tissue where reusable. It would bother me to throw them out! I save candy boxes and cover them with gift wrap when needed. My new wrap is almost gone now and it may not be possible to restock from sales. I may have to get creative and make some!

    1. Thank you, Bushlady. I like your DDIL's idea, too! I think you will be able to get really creative and make some gift wrap - perhaps you could use newspaper or brown paper which you stamp or paint; or, wrap with plain paper and decorate with old greeting card fronts, or, if you have a stash of fabric, maybe wrap with fabric, instead? The Japanese call it furoshiki.

  5. Those bags are superb. I have already started recycling this year's Christmas cards into cards for next year! I made my envelopes this year by recycling calendars. This year there has been little use for them!

    1. Thank you, Angela. This year's cards are still on display, but, I made some cards and gift tags with old cards.

  6. Dancer's style of yoga looks very relaxed :)
    I love how you used the store bags as gift bags. I also like to keep wrap and bags to use again. It would be wasteful not to. X

    1. Ha, ha, it does, doesn't it? :D

      Yes, I've reused store bags and covered any logos with card fronts (can use gift wrap or, even, stickers). Can't always go out to buy stuff!

  7. What a nice job you did. Your bag remake is really pretty. The cards are really attractive. Did you add the ribbon to the back? Or was that already part of the card?
    I like to rework things as well. That's why I enjoy seeing your daughter's efforts.

    I just made some bookmarks from the lining of envelopes one of our friends uses when he writes to my husband. The papers used are so pretty. His envelopes are preprinted with his address, etc and the company he buys them from uses different linings.
    I combined my cuttings of the paper with bookmarks our library handed out that had hand drawn images.
    All I needed was my scissors and my trusty glue stick lol

    I save our bags and tissue along with our bows too.
    Just like you, I enjoy buying a few things at the half price sales after Christmas but I won't be doing that this year either.

    I have enough and if I don't and need to pay full price for something next year- horrors! - the extra money will be well spent for staying safe this year.

    1. The ribbon was part of the card. :) I, too, have made some bookmarks with cards that have a nice strip of design printed on them! Often, when I give books as gifts (or return a book to a friend who had lent me one of hers to read) I will include a homemade bookmark with it. :) I think using the extra funds to keep safe this year is a very good idea, Debra, but, here's hoping that 2021 will be a better year, all round!


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