Monday, December 14, 2020

December Meal Plans - Week 2 Review and Week 3

Here's what was planned for December Week 2 meals and how it all worked out:

December Week 2 Meal Plan Options:

Breakfast/Brunch/Lunch:  Stuffing Waffle (Monday)✓, scrambled eggs and toast✓ or hash browns, toast with peanut butter and jam, pancakes, sandwich✓, soup✓, salad✓

Dinner:  Hamburger (Monday)✓/Cheeseburger✓, chicken curry✓ (with rice, cabbage, lentils, etc.), soup✓

Snacks/Desserts: Fruit✓, crackers with cheese or peanut butter✓, nuts✓, fish patties if I make some

Brunch:  Stuffing waffle
Dinner: Hamburger - ground beef patty, with bread ends as the bun (since I don't have any hamburger buns), lettuce, mayo, ketchup, and sweet relish (since I don't have pickles).
Snacks/Dessert:  Feijoa (the last three to fall from the tree), pineapple chunks, sesame candy, granola bar

Brunch:  Salad (lettuce, carrot, grapes, cashews, "crisp apple and honey" dressing); half a tuna sandwich


Dinner:  Cheeseburger and fries!  Daughter called it "home cooked fast food"!

Cheeseburger and Fries

Snacks/Dessert: Salted peanuts, a piece of peppermint bark candy

Brunch:  Salad; half a grilled cheese sandwich
Dinner: Stringhoppers and chicken curry
Snacks/Dessert: Granola bar, peanuts

Brunch:  Milk rice and chicken curry
Dinner: Macaroni and cheese with chicken curry
Snacks/Dessert:  Oranges, dry cereal

Brunch:  Milk rice and chicken curry
Dinner: Stringhoppers and chicken curry
Snacks/Dessert:  Orange, raisins and cashews

Brunch: Scrambled egg, bacon, toast
Dinner: Baked potato
Snacks/Dessert: Orange, peanuts

Brunch: Chicken and vegetable soup; homemade chicken stock and carrots, onions, green beans, green bell pepper, and canned red kidney beans.  I took some soup over to neighbor T (after calling to find out if she'd like some, of course).  I called friend R to ask if she'd like some, too, but, she declined.

Chicken and Vegetable Soup

Dinner: More soup
Snacks/Dessert:  Cereal, granola bar, orange

I think the week turned out quite well as I ate mostly what I had planned to have!  

On to Week 3!  I still haven't done a regular grocery shopping trip since early November.  I am running low on several things, but, I want to hold off grocery shopping until the weekend.  So, Week 3, too, will be based on what is in the fridge/freezer/pantry.  I start the week with at least one serving of chicken curry and several servings of soup!

December Week 3 Meal Plan Options:

Breakfast/Brunch/Lunch:  Pancakes, soup, salad, scrambled egg and bacon with toast or fried potatoes 

Dinner:  Chicken curry with rice and cabbage, etc., chicken and vegetable soup, baked battered fish fillets (frozen) with vegetables, spaghetti and meat sauce.

Snacks/Desserts: Fruit (oranges and pomegranates for fresh, plus canned fruit), crackers with cheese or peanut butter, nuts, granola bars, dry cereal

That is the plan, anyway!  

How is your meal planning coming along?


  1. I'm using up the last few things that have been in the freezer or cupboards for ages. I have a list of everything and am combining as necessary to just use things up. I won't win any prizes for the meals but at least everything is being eaten up and not wasted.

    1. Good of you to use up what is there without wasting. When I have a bunch of mismatched items to use up, I pretend that I am at a buffet! :D

  2. Sounds good to me! I need to get out and do one more stock up this week so I don't have to go to the store again until after the new year, just too risky especially when it gets crowded near the holidays.

    1. Thank you, Martha. I order the groceries online and pick up, curbside, so, will not be going into the store at all (haven't been inside a store since March!) I will need bread, milk, fresh produce, etc., but, I am waiting until the end of this week to buy them.

  3. Your meals always sound so good to me. What exactly is a stuffing waffle?

    1. Thank you, Anne. It's a waffle made with leftover stuffing! Because I don't much care for stuffing, but, I didn't want to waste the stuffing that my friend gave me when she brought me some Thanksgiving dinner. I looked up a couple of recipes online and basically, I added an egg and some milk to the stuffing to make a thick batter (I also added a little boxed pancake/waffle mix to my batter, just to be on the safe side) and made waffles with it. Much to my surprise, I actually liked the end product! It was a savory waffle that I ate as it was, but, I tried it with a little syrup, too, and that wasn't bad, either. :)

  4. Stuffing waffles? What are these? I am so intrigued.

    1. Ratnamurti - they are waffles made with stuffing leftover from Thanksgiving! Leftover stuffing, egg, milk, and a little bit of boxed pancake mix stirred together to make a batter. See my response to Anne, above. :)

  5. You are so organized. I don't have nearly the variety that you do, I tend to repeat what I eat. I made a homemade pizza yesterday. I have enough dough and sauce to prepare four more, which feels good. Have been assembling large salads every afternoon, like I always do. An order of bison is on the way...

    1. Thank you, Stephenie. Homemade pizza sounds wonderful! I don't think I've ever eaten bison!


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