Monday, December 21, 2020

December Meal Plans - Week 3 Review and Week 4

December Week 3 Meal Plan Options:

Breakfast/Brunch/Lunch:  Pancakes✓, soup✓, salad, scrambled egg and bacon with toast✓ or fried potatoes 

Dinner:  Chicken curry with rice and cabbage, green beans, etc.✓, chicken and vegetable soup✓, baked battered fish fillets (frozen) with vegetables✓, spaghetti and meat sauce✓.

Snacks/Desserts: Fruit (oranges and pomegranates for fresh, plus canned fruit)✓, crackers with cheese✓ or peanut butter, nuts✓, granola bars✓, dry cereal✓

That was the plan and this is how it turned out: 

Brunch:  Pancakes and bacon; orange
Dinner:  Soup and salad
Snacks/Dessert: Chocolate cake

Brunch: Scrambled egg and toast; orange
Dinner: Salad, bread and chicken curry
Snacks/Dessert: Actually didn't snack!

Brunch:  Pancakes and chicken curry
Dinner: Soup
Snacks/Dessert:  Cheese and crackers, peanuts, raisins

Brunch:  Spaghetti and sauce
Dinner: Spaghetti and sauce, again!
Snacks/Dessert: Cereal, peanuts

Brunch: Cheese toast
Dinner: Baked battered fish fillets, rice, green peas, tomato chutney
Snacks/Dessert:  Cheese and crackers, 

Brunch: Sausage fried rice
Dinner: Chicken and vegetable soup
Snacks/Dessert: Fried breadfruit chips, pecan pralines

Breadfruit Chips

Brunch: Bagel and cold cuts open face sandwich
Dinner: Rice, chicken curry, lentils (dhal), sauteed green beans, peach chutney
Snacks/Dessert:  Fish cutlets, popcorn, peanuts, home canned peaches

I think the menu plan options for Week 3 worked out pretty well!  

December Week 4 - I'm starting off Week 4 with chicken curry and some leftovers in the fridge, along with a few perishables my daughter brought home from her fridge.  I ordered some groceries, this morning, which I will pick up in the evening (curbside pick up).  Unlike on Thanksgiving, we are not planning to have a special Christmas dinner.

December Week 4 Menu Plan Options:

Breakfast/Brunch/Lunch:  Waffles, French toast, bagels, croissants, scrambled eggs and toast, cereal and milk, oatmeal (for daughter; I don't much care for oatmeal), soup, salad, sandwiches, or leftovers

Dinner:  Chicken curry with rice, lentils, and green beans; coconut flat bread with chicken curry; turkey meatball curry with rice and cabbage, leftovers.

Snacks/Desserts: Fruit, fish cutlets, nuts, granola bars, fried breadfruit chips, popcorn, Christmas candy

What are you planning to make this week?


  1. Happy eating and Merry Christmas!💖

    1. Thank you, Susan. Wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas, too. :)

  2. I'll cook a traditional Christmas dinner on the 25th and roast lamb on the 26th, both with plenty of extra vegetables so I can feed myself on leftovers for the following days.

    1. Sounds good to me, Eileen. We have been going to my friend's house and then, to my aunt's house on Christmas for so many years that I haven't cooked a meal at home for Christmas in several years. Then, with the uncertainty over if my daughter would be able to come home or not, I didn't plan anything! In any case, she prefers my curries to roasts, etc., so, rice and curry it will be. :)

  3. Sounds great Bless, enjoy Christmas week and your time with your daughter :)

    1. Thank you, Martha. I hope you have a wonderful week, yourself, and a Merry Christmas. :)

  4. Our plan for the week is to look into the freezer and be inspired. Tonight we are having beef stew that my son made earlier and froze. I had intended to make biscuits to go with it, but that may not happen until tomorrow. I'm too busy running outside to see if any of the clouds have cleared so we can the the Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn.

    1. I hope you were able to see the Conjunction, June. We have clear skies here and I was able to see the "star" (I was looking at it without the aid of a telescope).

      Beef stew and biscuits sound good to me. :)

  5. We were able to see the conjunction for a little while.!
    OUr meal plan is to not plan this week and to just be in the moment (hopefully remembering to take something out of the freezer before the moment occurs.

    1. Glad you were able to see it, Anne. I like your plan for meals, this week! I was tempted to not plan this week, but, thought I'd make some plans! My daughter, however, had other ideas - she liked my chicken curry so much that she ate it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! LOL. Well, if you don't remember to take things out to thaw, there's always take out! :)

  6. Hi Bless, as usual I am perusing your menus and absolutely always, I see something that makes my eyes light up. This time it's coconut flat bread. Is this something that you make (recipe please?), or do you buy it? xxx

    1. Hi Ratnamurti, coconut flat bread (pol roti) is something I make.

      I posted my methods (with approximate amounts) here:

      I've made them with whole wheat flour, too, and they are just as good. I've also added cut up curry leaves, chili, finely minced onion to the dough and made a savory version, as well, but, the link above gives directions for the basic coconut roti. You can double or triple the amounts of flour and coconut, if you want to make a larger quantity of roti. I like a 1:2 ratio of coconut to flour as it makes a softer roti, but, these are not soft as bread - they have a crispier outside and a chewy inside.

  7. Love seeing your menus. Always such a variety!


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