Monday, February 24, 2020

WPSH Possibilities on Monday

Yesterday, when I was at the Japanese Garden, in addition to enjoying the sights and sounds of dancing, music, spring flowers, and bird calls, I was also on the lookout for possibilities for the Winter Photo Scavenger Hunt!

No. 5 - A Garden Gate:  This is one of the gates at the Japanese Garden. It looks very similar to the front gate to the garden (which I forgot to take a picture of).  Only one half of the front gate is kept open when the garden is open, to intentionally restrict the view of the garden because the garden is meant to be revealed gradually, as one enters and walks through it. 

#5:  A Garden Gate

No. 7 - I stood here: This is where I went when I visited the Japanese Garden - it is located at the water reclamation plant and is meant to showcase the use of reclaimed water. 

#7:  I Stood Here

No. 9 - Solitary:  There were many examples of possibilities for this prompt, including some specimen trees, but, ultimately, this goose sleeping on top of its island rock that was just big enough for one, seemed just right.

#9: Solitary

No. 16 - A barrier:  I had taken another picture, earlier, of a fence in my side yard, for this prompt, but, I thought this chain barrier to keep people off the stonescaped area was good, too.

#16:  A Barrier

It's another bright, sunny day, today.  I slept in, had leftovers from yesterday's lunch for brunch, and spoke with neighbor T who called to check on me.  I've had a very relaxed morning and early afternoon, but, I should get going on my To Do List for today (one load of laundry has been started, however).

Monday's To Do List:
- Change bed sheets
- Load of laundry (bed sheets/towels)
- Dust living room & dining area
- Clean the fridge
- Take trash cans to the curb for Tuesday trash pick up
- Water the garden, front and back - Can wait another day because we had a little rain on Saturday

In addition to the daily cleaning schedule, this week, I will be focusing on the living room.  A group of friends and I go through different rooms and areas of the house every week, using an eight-week rotation cycle.  Just in case anyone is interesting in joining in, we are starting a new cleaning cycle, today (we go from Monday to Sunday).  This is the week for the entry areas and living rooms.  I don't have a separate entry area, since my front door opens directly into the living room, so, this is a relatively easy week for me, cleaning wise. 

Today, I am grateful for:
- A sunny day
- Being able to sleep in
- Neighbor T calling to check on me
- Working appliances (washing machine, etc.)
- Electricity to run the appliances

Today's joyful activity will probably be playing the piano, once Dancer gets up from napping on it!  LOL!

How is your Monday coming along?  Do you follow a cleaning cycle? 


  1. I'm in the middle of spring cleaning but am interested in your 8 week rotation so please keep us informed. I've just finished the living room so this week I will only need to hoover the carpet and give the wooden furniture a quick dust.

    Your photo for solitary is perfect for the prompt ... a great find.

    Do you think Dancer is trying to tell you something by sleeping on the piano so you can't practice? 😂😂

    1. I will keep you posted about the room rotations.

      Thank you; I'm glad you like the solitary goose photo. :)

      I think Dancer was trying to tell me something, because, he meowed non-stop during my practicing, later in the evening! :D

  2. Great photos. I especially like the solitary goose.
    I don't follow much of a cleaning cycle because somehow, having DH in the house most of the time makes it harder to create a routine. But I do the best I can and especially keep down the clutter so that at least I can see what else needs upkeep! I keep a list booklet, too, writing the date on each page and chores to do.

    1. Thank you, Bushlady. I like how contented the solitary goose seemed, sleeping undisturbed on its own rock.

      I like your attitude of doing the best you can and keeping the clutter down. :) I am still at the stage of getting the clutter down! Ha, ha. But, yesterday, I found that I could dust the three main rooms - living, dining, and family - in the time allotted for dusting, and I was very pleased. Clearer horizontal surfaces do take less time to dust! Imagine that!

  3. No, I don't follow a cleaning cycle. I probably should. I just spend some time on housework each day. I do laundry once a week, and wash the sheets and towels once a week. I vacuum every day. I just mopped the floors, which always uplifts me. That's a task that I tend to avoid, but love once it's done. Beautiful photos, Bless.

    1. Thank you, Stephenie. Have you been to the Japanese Garden?

      It sounds like you have a very good cleaning routine, already, Stephenie. I don't think I could vacuum daily! Once a week is about all I can manage!

  4. No cleaning schedule here. In fact my days lately have no sense of routine at all. I do things by priority. Plans are often tossed. My principle method for organising seems to be to write it down and hope I find the time to do it. But that does not mean that I don't want to hear how others attempt it. Please fill us in on the rotation as it happens.

    I also love your photo for solitary, like everyone else I'm sure. The goose is not only on his own, but the photo seems to be saying that he WANTS to be left alone. He is very solitary indeed.

    1. Susan, I'll probably describe the cleaning cycle in one of my posts. But, this week, the focus is on the entry way and living room. Perhaps you'd like to join me - do you have any cleaning tasks to be done in your living room? Yesterday, I dusted. Today, I cleaned the insides of the windows and the front door. Tomorrow, I plan to vacuum, including under the sofa cushions. That's all I plan to do in the living room, this time around. The next time it comes around, I will wash the curtains and the drapes. I'm afraid they might disintegrate when I wash them, because they are so old and worn! In fact, I might just replace them!

      Thank you - that's exactly what I thought, too, when I saw the goose - it looked like it wanted to be left alone! I didn't want something that said "lonely" as solitary can be that, too. I wanted something that said "solitary on purpose" and it looked like that particular goose was being solitary by choice!

  5. Great idea with the cleaning rotation! I used to do one. I should start again. Sigh

    1. No time like the present to start again, Sharon. Join me in the living room this week! We've just begun - you can start tomorrow with a little dusting, maybe, or tidying up. :)

  6. I'd be interested in hearing more about this part of your cleaning schedule as well.
    I didn't realize you also had a man focus area outside of your weekly schedule.

    1. I have posted it, Debra. In addition to the daily schedule (regular dusting, etc.), and the weekly room, I also do a "room of the month" from time to time. For the longest time, my room of the month was the spare bedroom/guest room which became a storage room that I eventually called The Dump! I didn't do a specific room of the month in February, because I chose to focus on the whole house with preparations for the Rosary gathering, etc. I'll choose a room to do in March and I'll post about it when I decide on the room (most probably the kitchen).

  7. p.s. I really like your photos. I enjoy seeing the different things you come up with for the prompts

    1. Thank you! I'm enjoying finding suitable photos for the different prompts. :)


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