Saturday, February 8, 2020

Productive Friday, Too!

Woke up when my alarm went off this morning and for a minute, I wondered why I set the alarm for 9:00 a.m.  Then, I remembered - I wanted to call the doctor's office about my inhaler!  So, I called while my tea was brewing and spoke with the receptionist, who said the doctor will be in later in the afternoon, today, and she will leave a message to the doctor to call me back.  Which she did, later in the evening, and assured me that she called in the prescription to the pharmacy.  Thank goodness!

I spent the rest of the morning responding to blog comments and writing the post about my mother.  Thank you, so much, for your very kind comments in response to that post.

Then, I sent a group text to the prayer group to remind them about tomorrow's prayer gathering and the time.  I asked them to arrive around 7:00 p.m.  Several people confirmed that they are coming, so, I now have a sort of head count.  I am expecting 12 people to attend, and there'll be 13 with myself to dinner!  Lucky 13?!  One of my cousins asked if I wanted her to bring anything.  So, I called her and told her what I was planning to make.  She said she will try to bring a coconut sambol, since I wasn't making one.  I think that will go well with the menu I've chosen.

Then, I practiced the piano.  I made some progress towards memorizing the first song.  It is the one from last week, so, it's the one with which I am most familiar.  Then, I played through the other new pieces a couple of times.

While I practiced the piano, I had the garbanzo beans boiling.  Then, I sauteed onions, curry leaves, mustard seeds, and dried chilies, added the boiled garbanzo beans and finished cooking it.  We call it "kadala" and it will be served as a snack, when people arrive, along with the tortilla chips.

After brunch (an egg salad sandwich and an orange), I cooked the lentils (dhal).  Then, I sat down and cut the green beans, slicing them at an angle.  I watched news while I cut them.  I had been worried that my hands might cramp, but they didn't!  I'm very grateful for that.

When friend M came to do the garden, I asked him if he could vacuum for me, instead, as I was already wheezing a little bit, by then.  He was happy to oblige as he used to help my mother with the housework when she used to prepare for prayer gatherings.  While he vacuumed I made us both a cup of tea and then, we sat and chatted a bit.  I sent him home with a container of the dhal (lentils) I had cooked and several tea bags.

Then, I cooked the green beans and cleaned the rest of the kitchen, including the microwave oven.  However, I was too tired to mop the kitchen floor, so that has been put off until tomorrow.

Dinner was another big salad with a piece of chicken breast and the other half of the baked potato from yesterday.  A slice of papaya for dessert.

Today, I am grateful for:
- The doctor called me back saying she has called in the prescription for the inhaler
- Cousin's offer to bring a coconut sambol as her contribution to the dinner
- Friend M doing the vacuuming for me
- Friend R calling to confirm she can come and help me with the preparations, tomorrow
- Being able to do the cooking and dishes, etc., without having my hands cramping

Today's joyful activity was enjoying a cup of tea and some conversation with M.

Friday's To Do List:
- Call the doctor's office re. inhaler refill - DONE
- Text reminder to prayer group re. tomorrow's gathering, time, etc. - DONE
- Cook: garbanzo beans, dhal, green beans - DONE
- Clean the bathrooms
- Vacuum - DONE (by M)
- Clean the rest of the kitchen (after the cooking is done) - DONE (except mopping the floor)
- Practice the piano - DONE

Saturday's To Do List:
- Clean the bathrooms
- Mop the kitchen floor
- Tidy the spare bedroom (friend R might stay the night)
- Pick up friend R
- Stop at the grocery store
- Make the salad
- Set up the altar
- Cook the rice
- Warm up the curries
- Take out serving dishes, plates, etc.
- Set out the drinks
- Have everything done and ready by 6:30 p.m.
- Guests to arrive around 7:00 p.m.

Saturday will be a busy day, but, it will be a good kind of busy.  The good thing about the Rosary prayer gatherings is, there is no strict time schedule, as such.  Unlike the almsgivings! 

How was your Friday?  What are your plans for Saturday/the weekend?


  1. Good luck for a productive day getting ready and a good time tonight as you remember you mother and visit with friends.

  2. Your Friday was very productive.
    It’s Saturday morning, almost 9 am now, and I’m sure you are getting ready for the prayer gathering.

    My mom also slices green beans at an angle. 😊

    I had a lazy Friday. I’m not really happy about it, but my body must have needed it.

    1. I was pleased with what I was able to accomplish, yesterday. Baby steps. A little bit, every day. Gone are the days of when I could grocery shop in the morning, cook and clean in the afternoon for a prayer gathering, later that night! I just don't have the stamina to do that!

      I always want to cut the green beans at an angle for bonchi thel dala! I don't know why! It tastes better, I think!

      I'm glad you were able to have a relaxed Friday, Nil. Sometimes, it is better to rest rather than try to push ourselves. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  3. Thirteen participants is quite the crowd. It must have been a very large crowd in the past before membership began to dwindle. I am trying to imagine myself hosting such a large number of people. You have taken on a big commitment to do this twice a year. I'm so glad that you are receiving some extra help, like the contributions to the menu, Friend M doing the vacuuming and Friend R for coming over to help with the preparations. It is be a wonderful way to honour your mom.

    1. Well, two more people called this morning saying they are unable to come due to a family emergency. So, it's going to be just 11 people. When I first hosted this prayer gathering, there were over 40 people in the group! My mother bought me 44 glass plates for the occasion because she didn't like the idea of using paper plates (not formal enough!) I hosted it in November and I prepared a full Thanksgiving dinner - roast turkey and all the trimmings, by myself, with my mother helping where she could. If I remember correctly, she got M to move the furniture, had him polish the brassware, etc. :)

      I do appreciate others lending me a hand, especially these days. :)

  4. And how lucky you are, to have a friend, who vacuumed for you!

    Gentle hugs...

    1. Yes, I am very blessed when it comes to helpful friends. :)

  5. I hope your Saturday is as good as it seems your Friday was. You got a lot done and had a vacuumer! Yay! My job I hate the worst! lol Have a great day. Hugs- Diana

    1. Thank you, Diana. I accomplished most of what I wanted done and it was lovely to have someone to vacuum for me! I don't mind vacuuming, but, it often exacerbates my asthma! Hope your weekend is going well. :)

  6. You sound busy and happy. It always makes such a difference to get the vacuuming done. Enjoy the gathering.

    1. You are right, Stephenie; I am busy and happy. It was a big help to have M vacuum for me. I have just finished cleaning the guest bathroom and have started on the other bathroom. Had to take a break to eat something (a slice of papaya for breakfast). I set up the altar, too; it involved making room on one of the book shelves for the clock that usually sits on the fireplace mantel. Sometimes, it is easier just to do it than think about it. The guest room was tidied, too, although it meant putting the quilt in progress in my daughter's room! I will keep the doors to her room and my bedroom closed! That's the only disadvantage in having a one story house - guests can see into the bedrooms on their way to the bathroom!

  7. I hope you don't tire yourself too much so you can still enjoy the prayer gathering ... it's a lovely way to honour your mother.

    1. I'm trying not to get too tired, Eileen. Taking plenty of breaks in between doing things. I just have to clean the second bathroom and mop the kitchen floor. Then, all the cleaning would be done and only the last bit of cooking left to do. :)

  8. Good grief ... you have had several days of busy, busy, busy- I,on the other hand, have had a week of annoying lethargy which is driving me crazy- I am going to have to be a copycat and write a 'MUST do' list to get things back in gear here (then I will cleverly misplace it)- you need a few days to slow down some-
    Yes, still at Paige's where I can keep up with their laundry and cooking etc- I've made a few runs back to my place to make sure the people who are caring for the mail/yard/etc have things under minimal control-so far the drive for treatment hasn't overly tired her, and she is able to nap in the afternoons for a few hours-fingers crossed this continues or we will be staying in Shreveport so the toddler can still be with her mama-
    I'm sure your guests had a good prayer gathering, and I know it was meaningful for all-
    Fondest regards as always-

    1. Yes, the past few days have been busy, but I will be able to relax next week. I dealt with all the food tonight and did all the washing up. Tomorrow, I'll put things away, then I can relax.

      Part of your lethargy might be due to all the stress you've been under, recently. It's your body's way of saying it's overwhelmed. Don't try to push yourself too much. You are just recovering from you cold, as well.

      Paige and Whitney were both remembered in our prayers, today. I mentioned them and we prayed for their recovery and health (as well as a little girl I know of who also has cancer).

  9. Looking forward to hearing how your prayer gatherings go.
    I'm sure all of your preparations will help everything go smoothly.
    I'm glad your friend R is helping you.

    Take pictures!

    1. Thank you, Debra. I tried to write a post, last night, but, I was too tired to do so. But, yes, everything did go smoothly and everyone enjoyed the gathering (and the meal). :)

  10. Well you had a busy day and I'm sure your beautiful mother was watching and enjoying the care with which you always prepare for such gatherings. I hope all went well.
    We had a busy time, stayed in another town Friday night and had supper out, then early on Saturday morning we set off for a town where we attended a maple syrup workshop. The scenery was beautiful on such a sunny morning but it was -25°C (-13°F)!
    We had a great time with a maple themed lunch there and then we came home with just enough time to get changed and go out to a "Roast" for a local person. A good meal and hilarious speakers, we laughed so much. Needless to say, today has been quieter and we didn't wake up until 10 am. Just made it to church - without breakfast!

    1. Thank you, Bushlady. Everything went off well. You have had a couple of very busy days! Brr! -13F is cold! You did have a very full day, yesterday, with two events to attend! Glad you've had a quieter day, today. Hope you managed to have a good brunch to make up for the lack of breakfast!


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