Saturday, February 15, 2020

Procrastinating on Saturday

Today has been another sunny and warm day.  I woke up feeling a bit tired, though, and not motivated to do anything much.  I spent the rest of the morning having my tea, replying to blog comments, reading a couple of other blogs, reading a library book, marking my calendar with upcoming appointments and events, etc.  All the while, I knew that I was procrastinating on doing something I had to do. 

Then, after brunch (more coconut flat bread and beef curry), I played the piano.  I played a few pieces from a different beginner's level music book for fun and then, practiced the pieces I should be playing.  Then, I removed the faded flowers from the prayer gathering and rearranged the remaining flowers in one vase.  Then, I tweaked the objects displayed on the living room shelving unit I had dusted, yesterday, and took pictures:

Living Room Shelving Unit
I am finally happy with how the top two shelves look.  Almost all the decorative items displayed were gifts from my mother, my daughter, and other family members, and one small item had belonged to my mother.  In my efforts to declutter, I have considered if I should continue to keep them, but, they do bring me joy and I do have the space for them, so they are staying, at least for now.  There maybe some books that can be decluttered the next time I declutter books, especially the one or two books that I decluttered earlier, but, found their way back on to the shelves!  But, I am not ready to declutter my books, yet, so, I shall consider this shelving unit to be as decluttered as it is going to be for the near future! 

While I was still procrastinating, I cleaned the litter box, swept the bathroom, decided to give my toilet another scrubbing to remove a hard water mark, using a cleaning product that claimed it would do just that (but, it didn't work for me), took the kitchen trash out, admired the flowers in the front garden, collected today's mail from my mail box, and decided to process the mail right away, instead of leaving it out on the coffee table like I usually do!  The junk mail was tossed in the bag for recycling and the rest was filed!  Woo hoo!  I tell you, I can be so productive when I am procrastinating!

By this time, it was late afternoon.  Almost 4 o'clock.  I finally got around to doing the job I had been procrastinating doing all day.  I dusted and tidied the top of my dressing table!  I even tossed a couple of items, including a lotion that I had never used and some medications that I no longer take.  Then, I vacuumed - my bedroom, the bathroom I had just swept, the hallway, the kitchen, and the other two bedrooms.  Then, I put away the vacuum cleaner (I decided to vacuum the rest of the house another day) and made myself a cup of tea!

I've been relaxing, ever since.  Dinner was some of the leftovers, so no cooking required, only reheating. 

Today, I am grateful for: 
- Fresh flowers
- Sentimentality
- The piano my mother bought for us
- Productive procrastination!
- What I was able to accomplish

Today's joyful activity was playing the piano for fun.

Saturday's To Do List:
- Vacuum - DONE
- Finish tidying my bedroom (dressing table top) - DONE

Plans for Sunday include doing some scrapbooking.  Plus piano practicing, of course. 

How was your Saturday?  What are your plans for Sunday?


  1. I too spent time removing limescale from the loo! Proctor and Gambles Viakal works well for me. But I use it as rarely as possible as it's pretty strong. Sunday will be church - then a relaxed lunch at a friend's house. The weather is awful - still very wet and windy here in the UK

    1. Thank you for the product name, Angela. I shall look for it in our stores.

      Church, followed by lunch at a friend's house, sounds like a lovely way to spend a wet and windy Sunday. Stay warm and dry! I'll try to send some sunshine from here. :)

  2. I wish I could be as busy as you when procrastinating! You certainly got plenty done. I'm glad you didn't get rid of the ornaments gifted by your mum and daughter - they bring you pleasure and I think you'd regret any decision to let them go. I always think books are different as it's easy enough to replace them if you decide you made a mistake.

    I use white vinegar for cleaning the toilet if the limescale isn't too bad.

    1. I feel guilty that I am procrastinating, so I find other things to do, instead, because, as long as I am being productive, I can justify procrastinating! LOL.

      Yes, I figured I have plenty of other things that don't have sentimental value attached to them to declutter, first.

      Thank you, Eileen; I shall give the white vinegar a try. :)

  3. Procrastination seems to work well for you. You had quite a productive day.

    1. The power of procrastination! LOL. If I had done the dusting and vacuuming first thing in the morning, I probably wouldn't have felt like doing anything else the rest of the day, so, it worked for me, this time. :D

  4. You are VERY productive while procrastinating. You got so much accomplished. I woke up yesterday and was also "not feeling it", but I accomplished nothing. In fact, I went back to bed in the afternoon for a couple of hours. It was another very snowy day, so we did not get together for dinner and TV Bingo. Good thing I had the foresight to leave the bingo tickets with family members the night before when we were together (just in case).

    Enjoy your day of scrap booking. While creative and relaxing, you are also knocking off one of your long-term goals.

    1. I don't even know why I was procrastinating because the dressing table looks so much better now that it has been tidied and dusted. But, it was just something I was not looking forward to doing and I guess I did everything else to justify procrastinating on that one project! It doesn't really make a lot of sense, does it?

      I am so sorry you didn't feel too well, yesterday. Susan. I hope the afternoon nap helped and you are feeling better, today. Sorry you missed out on the bingo, but, hopefully, there will be another time when you are feeling better.

      Thank you; I am looking forwards to getting a few more pages done. :)

  5. Always some work/cleaning to do in a home, isn't there! Very nice shelf...very neat. Enjoy your piano! Andrea

    1. Housework never ends! Thank you, I am trying to achieve a nice balance between displaying items I enjoy seeing and not having the place look too cluttered! I do look forward to my piano playing, everyday, although I feel sorry for the neighbors having to listen to me plodding through each piece! :D

  6. I think I must try some serious procrastination if it will help me get as much done as you did! Good to hang onto the ornaments that you enjoy. I know there are certain items in our home that give me pleasure whenever I see them. Decluttering is only for stuff that is neither useful nor pleasing! Also I find that far from decluttering books, I sometimes add to them when I find a book that particularly inspires me. It might be only a thrift store find but it may be worth a lot more to me. Books! How can anyone get excited about electronic reading, however convenient?

    1. LOL, hope it works well for you, too, Bushlady. :D I don't even know what the fuss was as cleaning the dressing table top didn't even take 10 minutes! But, then, if I had done that first, I probably wouldn't have done anything else, either!

      Decluttering is hard for me. I want to hold onto every little thing! But, I am trying. This month's goal is 30 items out of the house!

  7. My goodness, you get a lot done when you're trying not to do something ;)

    A task finished - especially one that you can visually appreciate is a gift we give ourselves. That's what I find to be true. Knowing that doesn't make me get my own tasks accomplished though lol.

    Your bookshelves look wonderful. The decorative items are lovely. I like the way you've arranged them. I wouldn't even consider getting rid of those things as they really add to the look of the shelves plus they have sentimental value.
    And- as you said - there are many other items in your home that have neither and are just taking up space that you can focus your decluttering efforts on.

    1. Productive procrastination! LOL.

      Thank you. I am not a minimalist by any means, but, I do like the look of a relatively streamlined display shelf! :)


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