Sunday, February 9, 2020

Sunday after the Prayer Gathering

Dancer Rests from Yesterday's Activities

As I mentioned in the earlier post, today, I went to the pharmacy with friend R to pick up my inhaler refill.  Then, I dropped R off at her apartment and came back, to have brunch (the remaining bread roll, half with chicken curry and half with butter and homemade strawberry jam).

I put away all the dishes, pots and pans, leftover drinks, etc. We call it erasing the evidence (or ETE).  Then, I did the laundry.  I washed all the table cloths and kitchen towels, etc. and the one cushion cover from the family room sofa where someone spilled something.  Then, I did two loads of regular laundry, too, and my bed sheets.    While I waited for my sheets to dry so I could put them back on (I only have one set of flannel sheets), Dancer decided to take a nap on the unmade bed!

I remade my bed and put away all the laundry, except the sofa dust covers.  Any clothes that were rehung in the closet had the hangers turned back the usual way.  I watched the latter half of the Academy Awards (Oscars) show while I put away the last of the laundry and had dinner (leftovers - rice, green beans, dhal, sausages, and pappadum) and a small serving of flan for dessert.

Afterwards, I practiced the piano for half an hour and mopped the kitchen.

Plans for today:
- Go to the pharmacy to pick up my refill - DONE
- Drop R off at her apartment - DONE
- Put away the last of the dishes - DONE
- Laundry - DONE (4 loads)
- Remake my bed - DONE
- Mop kitchen floor - DONE
- Practice the piano - DONE

Today, I am grateful for:
- My inhaler was ready to be picked up
- I had a safe drive to drop off R and come back
- Whatever rain we had to water the garden
- A working washer and dryer
- What I was able to accomplish

My joyful activity was recalling the highlights of yesterday's prayer gathering and restoring the house to order.

Monday's To Do List:
- Cover the sofas with the dust sheets
- Laundry - two loads (guest room bed sheets; kitchen mat and Dancer's towels)
- Wipe down the toilet seat in the guest bathroom
- Take trash cans to the curb for Tuesday trash pick up
- Practice the piano

How was your Sunday?  What are your plans for Monday?


  1. Sounds like a good "wrapping up" to a good day! And Dancer is Andrea

    1. It was, Andrea. I need an extra day or two to put things back and clean up after a gathering. Dancer says he was tired from having people over! :D

  2. I read that wrong ... I thought you'd had half the chicken curry with strawberry jam. It didn't appeal to me but though it must be a cultural thing ... then I read it again and all became clear!!

    I'm glad to hear that the prayer gathering went well. I should thing you'll need a few days to relax and recover now.

    1. Oh, I don't think chicken curry and strawberry jam would appeal to me, either! LOL.

      Well, I slept for almost 10 hours, last night. I guess I was tired! I'll take it relatively easy, today, and relax. Nothing very urgent that needs to be done. :)

  3. "Erasing the evidence" is definitely the worst part of hosting a gathering, but you seem to get around to it in a hurry- I could write a how-to book on procrastination and weeks later still be putting off things like storing linens etc-you had a nice crowd there, and I am sure you enjoy getting together with family for the event- once again, I thank you for remembering my girls ... prayers are such a part of their process-
    We are grey and soggy here ... the usual February, but we aren't cold- in fact we have had so little actual cold weather this winter that everyone fears a very 'buggy' spring and summer-this IS the 'land of the flea and mosquito'!
    Enjoy a peaceful week ahead- I send my fondest wishes as always-

    1. I used to be horrible at putting things away! Often, it would have to wait at least till the following weekend, especially when I was working. Sometimes, I would put the dirty pots and pans in the oven to keep them out of sight during the gathering and then, find them, still there, a week or two later! I've become better at cleaning up, afterwards, although I am still not like my cousin who will not go to bed after a gathering until everything has been put away, the floors swept and mopped, etc.! I don't have the energy to do that.

      I did enjoy having everyone over and I don't anticipate doing so again until October, so I have a nice long time in which to relax! I will continue to remember Paige and Whitney in my prayers, Barb.

      We had a wind storm last night, and even today, it's a bit windy. Yesterday was gloomy and drizzly, but, today is sunny. I hope your grey weather soon changes to sunny and bright. Hope your spring and summer won't be too buggy!

      Thank you, Barb. Hope you, too, have a blessed week ahead.

  4. Do you have any evidence left to clean up? Sounds like you are getting things back to normal pretty quickly.

    1. No, no evidence left to clean up, unless you count the guest room bed sheets to be washed and the bed remade. I'm getting better at restoring the house to normal after a gathering. :)

  5. The event went wonderfully, and you did so much clean up and have everything settled again. Sounds like a wonderful weekend.
    Other than the "losing" your car, of course!

    So many people do that. One can see them, wandering around, pushing their cart, looking and looking and looking.

    I try to look for something, on the outside of the front of the store, to remember.... That I am parked so-many-cars out, from that spot. I count the cars, in my line, too. It can help.

    Rest today. You deserve it. -smile-


    1. Thank you, Wisps of Words. That's a good point to make a note of some feature to help remember where the car was parked! Eventually, my friend remembered that we had parked near the bicycle racks! But, I had not paid any attention to them, so I had not remembered that. It's a good reminder to be more mindful!

  6. You were busy Sunday, too.
    I think you need a total day off - put your feet up and relax, don't you?

    I'm glad your inhaler was ready. It's good to have that all taken care of.

    1. Thank you, Debra. Yes, Sunday was busy, too. But, I am glad that the bulk of the putting away has been done. I believe I will take it easy, today, and relax doing a craft project (some scrapbooking, I think). :)

  7. Hi Bless, You are always so productive. Sunday was very relaxing. I enjoyed a sauna, yoga, and delicious food. I also read by the fire and watched a movie upstairs.

    1. Thank you, Stephenie. I try to be, but, at times, I feel that I don't accomplish much! I'm glad you had a relaxing day, on Sunday. I had a relatively relaxed day, today! :)

  8. As long as the leftovers are put away and the dishes are washed, I can call it done. I do not immediately erase all the evidence because I enjoy the "afterglow" of the event. I like to wake up the next morning and be reminded of the good time I had. (and at the same time, relieved that is is over)

    Crafting sounds like a great way to wind down and recharge. Enjoy.

    1. I've done that, at times - just put away the food, washed the dishes, and kept everything else to be dealt with, later. But, increasingly, I am finding out that if I don't do it right away, then, it gets put off for a long time! And I don't like that!

      I redid some scrapbook pages this evening and relaxed. Dancer helped, of course!

  9. Dancer is obviously sleeping off the excitement of his brief visit to the prayer meeting the day before!
    Isn't it nice after a gathering when you have leftovers and don't have to make anything special for your meal?

    I was good today, I made a special effort to walk down to the river (met a neighbour for a chat, too) and then back up and in the other direction to the mailbox. The weather had changed to +5°C (41°F). Quite a dramatic change from the brutally cold Friday and Saturday nights. Is this a crazy country or what?

    1. Dancer was not at all happy about having people in the house and being taken to be seen by them!

      I do have plenty of leftovers! I froze some, but, there is enough in the fridge for the rest of this week, I think! In fact, I might freeze some of what was kept out, because I will probably get tired of it before I can finish it!

      Well done for walking down to the river and back! Wow, that was quite a rapid warm up, wasn't it? How do you ever decide when to tap the maple trees when the temperatures fluctuate so much?

  10. Mog always curls up and sleeps on an unmade bed. I'm always having to lift her off in order to make it up with fresh sheets. I wonder why cats do this? X

    1. Oh, he likes freshly made beds, too! In fact, he is often the first to try out a freshly made bed! Maybe they see it as an opportunity to mark their scents on the newly exposed surfaces?


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