Sunday, February 9, 2020

Prayer Gathering on Saturday

The Altar (taken this morning)
Yesterday's prayer gathering went off very well.  I set up the altar in the morning, cleaned the bathrooms, tidied the spare bedroom, put the table cloths on the tables, etc. and then, went to pick up friend R.

On the way home, we stopped at a nearby grocery store to pick up some flowers for the altar and a flan for dessert (R's contributions) and some last bits of groceries I wanted (bananas, a small container of milk, and a bottle of ginger ale soda).  R also bought some bread rolls from the bakery section for us for a late lunch.  My share of the groceries came to $4 and some cents. 

Then, we came out of the grocery store and I had moment of panic because I thought my car had been towed!  This is not a grocery store I go to on a regular basis, so, I was unfamiliar with the layout.  There had been a parking spot right in the front, near the entrance, and while, usually, these spots are for handicapped parking, neither R nor I could see any signs saying it was handicapped parking, only.  Usually, handicapped parking is indicated by blue signs, blue striping, etc.  Well, there wasn't anything to be seen, so, I parked there, feeling very happy that I was able to get parking so close to the entrance.

When we came out with our groceries, I went to the spot where I thought I had parked my car and my car wasn't there!  What's more, there were handicapped parking signs posted and written in big blue letters on the wall!  Well, I thought I had parked in a handicapped spot, without noticing the signs, and they had towed my car!  $250 fine for parking in a handicapped spot, illegally.  More than the fine, the inconvenience of having to go to the impound yard to get the car back, when there was a prayer gathering to be held in a few hours!

I thought, oh, my goodness, now what do I do?!  I ran into the store and spoke to a manager, saying I guess I parked in a handicapped parking spot, without realizing it, and now my car has been towed!  She said they rarely, if ever, tow the cars and came out with me to see what had happened.  She asked what kind of car and I said, a white Toyota Camry.  She looked around and pointed in the other direction  and said, "Ma'am, your car is on that side, near the other entranace!"  Oh, my!  I had gone in from one entrance and come out from another entrance and not realized it!  I hadn't parked in a handicapped spot and my car hadn't been towed!  Whew!  I was so happy, I gave the manager a hug and thanked her!  In the meantime, friend R, who had stayed outside with the cart of groceries, had realized that we had parked by the other entrance and had gone inside the store to look for me!  But, I had already come out and was looking for her!  LOL!  Eventually, she spotted me and called out to me!  My goodness!  That was a bit of excitement we could have done without, but, we laughed and said my mother must have played a practical joke on us. 

After we came home, we ate two of the rolls R had bought with the sauteed chicken I had cooked, earlier.   My neighbor T had left a message on my answering machine and I called her back and she asked me if I could come over to help her with something, so I went over and checked on her. 

Afterwards, friend R and I started on the prayer gathering preparations.  R arranged the flowers in vases and washed the grapes while I mopped the bathroom; she removed the dust sheets from the sofas while I cooked the sausages, and fried the pappadum.  The she helped me take out the serving dishes and the glass plates from the china cabinet and take down the drinks from the kitchen cabinet where I store them.  Then, we had a cup of tea and I took a shower and got dressed.  I put the rice to boil while she got dressed.  Then, I warmed up all the curries (although they had to be warmed up again, before dinner was served).  The only thing I didn't get around to doing from my To Do list was mopping the kitchen floor.  I was tired by that time and didn't want to push myself.  But, everything else was done by 6:30 p.m., as planned.

The first guests arrived at 7:00 p.m. and the others were all here shortly after that.  I was happy that my relatives from my mother's side of the family were all able to attend the prayer gathering: Aunt T (my mother's sister-in-law), her two daughters, my cousins V and R, and my other cousin P.  Cousin P had called me earlier in the evening saying she didn't think she'll be able to come, but, she managed to make it, after all.  I don't say any of the rosary prayers, myself, but, my three cousins and friends R and F, each said a decade of the rosary and we offered special prayers of good health to a little girl named Violet and two sisters named Whitney and Paige, the granddaughter and daughters of two of my blog friends. 

Afterwards, we served dinner:

Dinner: Rice, cashew churry, dhal, sausages, coconut sambol, salad, green beans,  chicken curry, beef curry, and pappadum
For dessert, I had flan, yogurt and treacle, and fresh grapes (2 kinds: green and black).

There were 12 of us at the gathering and the conversation flowed.  It was past 11:00 p.m. when people started to leave and I encouraged people to take food home with them.  Several people took me up on the offer and I was ready with the containers and paper plates, etc. 

Friend R stayed the night and helped me to put away the food and to wash up the dishes, etc.  Then, I video chatted with my daughter. 

I was too tired by then to do a blog post.  As I told one of my friends, my legs felt like they were going to fall off!  LOL.  I said my regular nightly devotions and went to bed by 1:30 a.m., which is early for me! 

I slept till 9:00 a.m. this morning.  Then, I put away most of the washed dishes and pots and pans while I waited for my tea to brew.  The pharmacy had texted saying my inhaler was ready for pick up, so, I called in at the pharmacy to pick it up, this morning, while friend R did a little shopping of her own at the same pharmacy.  Then, I dropped her off at her apartment and came home.  It has been a cloudy, overcast day, and we had a little bit of a drizzle, too.  I'm glad for the moisture because the garden needs it.

I've put away the serving dishes back in the china cabinet and started on the laundry.  I'm on my third load, now, and there is one more load to go.  I will mop the kitchen floor, a little later, tonight, or, maybe, even, tomorrow.  Today, I scrubbed the other half of the kitchen sink.  The living room, dining area, family room, kitchen, and bathrooms are looking how I like them to look - clean and tidy.  The bedrooms are another story!  LOL.

On Saturday, I was grateful for:
- My car was not towed, after all!
- Friend R's help with everything
- Family and friends all participating in the prayer gathering and bringing dishes and drinks to contribute
- Being able to send food home with them
- A clean house!

Plans for today:
- Go to the pharmacy to pick up my refill - DONE
- Drop R off at her apartment - DONE
- Put away the last of the dishes - DONE
- Laundry - In progress
- Mop kitchen floor
- Practice the piano

How was your Saturday?  Have you ever forgotten where you parked and panicked?  How is your Sunday coming along?


  1. Oh yes... Many times have I stood in a car park wondering where my vehicle is! Once I was looking for ages then realised that the car was on the floor below! Another time I forgot I'd come in my husband's car and I was looking for the wrong vehicle.

    1. I'm glad it isn't just me, Angela! I felt so silly, afterwards, though.

  2. Oh Bless. What a terrible feeling to think you may have been towed from illegal parking. What a panic. That would get the Adrenalin running and the blood pumping, and the last thing you needed yesterday. I felt so bad for you. Thank goodness it all worked out.

    You did an amazing job on your own to get ready for the prayer meeting. Yes you had some help, but you did an incredible amount of preparation. The table looked splendid. That floor and the bedrooms can wait 'til Monday. Thank you so very much for the prayers for Violet. She has been out of school for a year now. She is on maintenance chemo, but there is a problem coming up with the right dosage. While she is neutropenic, and unable to fight off any infections, she cannot go out into public yet. So it will be a little while longer before she can go back to class.

    Where does Dancer hide when company comes? And when did he finally reappear?

    1. Thank you, Susan. I did get into a bit of a panic! It's never a good day to have your car towed, but, yesterday would have been an especially bad day to have it happen! I felt very silly, afterwards, but I was so glad that it was just due to me being disorientated!

      Thank you, Susan. It is sad that I feel I have to do so much to get the house ready for a gathering like that, but, I felt comfortable about the state of the house. Not once did I feel I needed to apologize for any untidiness. :)

      Violet must be missing being able to go to school and just be with her classmates and playmates, but, she is a brave little fighter. Please tell her that there are friends she has never met who are sending her good wishes.

      Dancer hides under my bed! I keep the door to my bedroom slightly ajar and close the door to my bathroom from the family room. That gives him access to his litter box which is in my bathroom and I brought his water dish and dry food dish to the bathroom, as well. Then, sometime after dinner was served, I saw him creeping out of the bedroom and sitting in the hallway, near the kitchen (there is an opening to the kitchen from the hallway as well as from the dining area). So I scooped him up and took him to the family room to show him to my cousins - he was scared and hid his face against my neck, but he let one of my cousins pet him a little. Then, I took him back to the bedroom and gave him a treat of tuna for being a brave kitty! He came out after everyone had left - he is fine with friend R being here.

  3. Happens all the time. I usually use key fob and blow the horn lol. I had a white Camry. Sold to family when I got a midsize SUV-asker for me to get in and out. I had a gold Camry before that one hand a silver one first. Great cars.

    1. If I had any presence of mind at the time, I would have sounded the alarm feature on my key and tried to locate it. But, I was so convinced that I had parked in a handicapped parking spot by mistake that I didn't even think about it! LOL. This is my 2nd Camry; I had a Camry, then, a Honda Accord, and now, a Camry, again.

  4. You accomplished a lot, and thank goodness your car was not towed; that must have been a time of panic when you thought that. My Sunday was great with church at 9 a.m., fellowship 11:30 and then home.

    1. Thank you, Terra. Yes, thank goodness the car was not towed! Sounds like you've had a very good day, today. :)

  5. Ha ha sometimes I also forget where I park, especially if it's a big parking lot. :)

    I'm glad that the prayer gathering went well. I enlarged the photo of your dinner table to see the dishes clearly. LOL. Even reading the names of the dishes make me hungry, and I had dinner just an hour ago!

    I hope you will be able to relax tomorrow, after a busy weekend.

    1. Glad to hear that I'm not the only one, Nil. :) I usually make a mental note of where I park, but, this time, I got totally turned around!

      Glad you were able to take a closer look at the dishes, Nil. Wish I could send you a bath parcel.

      Yes, I am planning to take it easy, tomorrow. :)

  6. I'm glad everything (besides the grocery store visit 😃) went smoothly for you and that your friend very kindly stayed to help you out.
    I have habit of parking in the same spot when I go to my regular supermarket just to try and avoid that brief moment of uncertainty. I'm sure it happens to us all. And I don't even like to think about large department stores with street entrances on different levels! I'm sure it's not done intentionally to confuse us, although it often feels that way. X

    1. Thank you, Jules. I was practically hyperventilating when I told the manager that I thought my car has been towed! LOL. I'm glad she took pity on me and came outside to help me locate the car! I don't go to this particular store all that often, but, now I know that there are two entrances/exits, and will be more aware.

    2. Your mother has some sense of humor playing the parking lot trick on you. :)

    3. LOL, she does! Once, my daughter and I went to visit her grave site on the three months' anniversary of her death; we had the Buddhist monks with us as we had just held the traditional 3 months' almsgiving. While at the grave site, the automatic sprinklers came on, just the ones around the the spot where we were! We started laughing and the chief abbot (usually very serious) smiled and said it was my mother playing a joke on us! As a result, what would have been a rather sorrowful event was turned into a funny occasion and we left the grave site laughing, instead of crying. :)

  7. I 'lost' my car like that once. It was at an outdoor concert to see Elton John and we made a note of where we'd parked (in the field) and which entrance we'd used .... all very well in the daylight but definitely not so easy in the dark! We knew we were right next to one of the temporary floodlight and in line with the gate so headed confidently towards where the car should be and it wasn't there. I honestly thought it had been stolen. We walked up and down the rows of cars and just couldn't find mine. The field was emptying of cars as people left and then the lights went out. Now we had the joy of searching for a black car in the pitch black. The concert was at Longleat so we could hear the lions etc. in the the safari park, so we panicked!!! We eventually found the car after over an hour of searching ... we were in the wrong field and a very kind member of staff gave us a lift in his land rover to the correct field where we found my car ... the only one left, couldn't have missed it if we'd tried.

    1. Oh, my! That would have been a very stressful situation! But, I'm glad that I'm not the only one to have forgotten where I'd parked! Glad it ended well for you and you found your car, after all!

  8. So happy, it all went perfectly!



  9. I would've been exactly as you were - certain my car had been towed and panicked about how I would manage it all in time for the guests.
    I'm so glad it didn't turn into a crisis.
    Your food looks wonderful.
    I'm glad your evening was enjoyable.

    1. Thank you, Debra. I, too, am glad that it didn't turn into the crisis I was imagining it might be! LOL.

      Thank you; everyone enjoyed the dinner and several people asked if I did all the cooking. I made sure to give credit to the people who brought a dish or helped make the salad, but, I did prepare the majority of the dinner. I enjoy cooking; it's the housecleaning that I don't like that much!

  10. I'm so glad your car was exactly where you left it, even if you weren't, when you looked for it! Such a shock I can imagine. I don't think I've ever totally "lost" my car but when DH decides he wants to go into town with me, he will drop me off at the supermarket entrance (I really should walk across the parking lot for the exercise) park, and wander off somewhere, and afterwards I have to figure out where the car is parked. The other week I was looking everywhere for our small car, often hidden between giant vehicles, and then realized that we had come in the truck instead!

    1. I, too, am glad the car was right there, all the time! :D I don't think I'd like looking for where someone else parked the car, but, too funny about you looking for your car and then realizing you had come in the truck! :)


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