Saturday, December 29, 2018

Just Another Hair Raising Evening at Home

Last night, my daughter was playing with my hair, as she sometimes does, and decided to put it up in a pony tail:

"Up" in a Pony Tail!
My hair apparently decided to take "being up in a pony tail" quite literally!  It stuck straight up!

Defying Gravity!
She didn't use any gel or anything.  We have no idea why my hair stuck straight up like that!  But she started laughing and took the photos to show me and I thought I would share them with you.    As most of you know, I lost most of my hair when I underwent chemo treatments and shaved off what was left.  This is the hair that grew back, after chemo.  I don't dye my hair, so, this is the natural color.

Today, daughter was woken up at 5:00 a.m. by the sound of Dancer throwing up near her bed!  We think he munched on the Christmas tree a bit too much (it is an artificial tree, but he doesn't seem to know the difference!)  I woke up when I heard her turning on the bathroom light to get the disinfectant wipes and asked her if she was OK, but went back to sleep when she said Dancer had thrown up and she was cleaning it up.  She said she couldn't fall back asleep; she was going through her closet and decluttering her clothes when I woke up at 9:00 a.m.

Friend R came over for a visit, later in the morning.  While I waited for her to come, I picked some fresh flowers from the garden and did my first "winter" arrangement, with a sprig or two from my pine tree:

"Winter" Flower Arrangement
At first, I was going to pick only the paperwhites, but I couldn't resist picking a rose, too!

Once friend R arrived, we exchanged gifts and then, went out to lunch.  At first, we wanted to go to the neighborhood Japanese restaurant, but, apparently, they don't open for lunch on Saturdays; only dinner!  So, we went to our favorite Thai food place, instead, and ordered food to go (it is not a restaurant as such, although they have a patio eating area; but, it was too cold to sit outside to eat, today).

After lunch, daughter and I dropped friend R off at her apartment and then, we  ran a few more errands.  First, we went to the pharmacy to pick up my medication refill.  Then, to the grocery store to pick up a loaf of bread ($1.99), a jar of peanut butter ($1.99), two trays of skinless/boneless chicken breasts ($1.79/lb) and two smoked sausages ($3.00 each).  My total came to just under $22.00.  I have invited friend A and her family to dinner on New Year's Eve (she had us over on both Thanksgiving and Christmas).  She hasn't confirmed if they coming over, or not, yet, but, I can make a chicken curry, in readiness, tomorrow.  Once she confirms if they are coming over, I will cook the rest of the dinner.

Our final errand was to the pet supply store to buy two buckets of cat litter refills.

After we came home, I did a load of laundry and ran the dishwasher.  Daughter, who woke up earlier than planned, took a nap!

Today, I am grateful for:
- Friend R's visit
- Thai food for lunch (with leftovers for dinner)
- A sunny, if cool, day
- Fresh flowers from the garden
- All what I was able to accomplish, today

Saturday's To Do List:
- Visit with friend - DONE
- Pharmacy - DONE
- Grocery store - DONE
- Buy cat litter - DONE
- Do another load of laundry - DONE
- Dishes - DONE
- Water the garden

Once again, I didn't water the garden!  That has to be the top priority, tomorrow!

Sunday's To Do List:
- Water the garden
- Cook the chicken curry
- Embroider the T-shirts
- Package niece's gift to be mailed on Monday

How was your Saturday?  Have you ever had your hair defy gravity and stand straight up? 


  1. I can say my hair has never defied gravity but I do struggle to tame it. My hair is very thick and coarse and only looks OK if it's been blow dried and straightened (which takes forever.) Did your hair growth back the same as it was previously? My friend's hair grew back thicker and darker. X

    1. I think my hair grew back more or less the same; a little dryer, perhaps, and not quite as much grey. I'm just grateful it grew back!

  2. Mmmmm. Chicken curry. Methinks some chicken needs to come out of the freezer. That'll bring me joy! :)

    1. Chicken curry is a staple around my house! I hope you are able to make some, too, and enjoy it. :)

  3. Paperwhites are so delicately pretty and look lovely with the rose.
    My Saturday was quiet apart from spending a few hours getting my hair cut and coloured. I've never seen hair literally 'stand on end' before!

    1. Plus, paperwhites have such a lovely fragrance! They perfume the whole house! I'm behind with reading your blog, Eloise; I need to hop over and catch up!

  4. Sounds like you had a fun day with your daughter. I can't believe your hair stuck up like that! Was your hair that colour before chemo? My Mum thought/hoped she'd have different hair when it grew back (maybe curly or something) but after being really baby fine at first, it came back the same. At 82 she still isn't completely grey!

    1. My hair was going grey when I started chemo - I think I had more grey in it, before, and it has come back with less grey now. It was curly when it first came back (but then, I had curly hair as a child. too); now it is more wavy than curly, which is what I had before chemo. I am comfortable with the natural color of my hair; going grey doesn't bother me. :)

  5. Ha. That is amazing! My hair is far too fine and limp to stay up like that and often slips out of my hair accessories. Too funny.

    Your flower arrangement is stunning. Love the paper whites. I see you have not finished your embroidery projects yet. I hope we get to see the finale results. Otherwise, you had another very productive day. I am going out later today to serve at Special Meals for the homeless. At least I will get to accomplish something in my day.

    1. No, I haven't even started on my embroidered T-shirts, yet! I hope to get them done, today. Better get off the computer and start on them!

      Serving at Special Meals for the homeless is a wonderful thing to do. I hope you have a wonderful rest of the day.

  6. The photo of your extraordinary pony tail reminded me of when I was a child, and if someone's hair wouldn't lie down smoothly, I think it was my grandmother who would say it was, "sticking up for Christmas". Haven't thought of that in decades!
    Your flower arrangement is beautiful as usual. Maybe you could have a new career in floristry!
    I'm finally starting to recover but being careful to rest and not overdo things. Last night I couldn't sleep for some reason. We were in bed early and it was still early when I got up for a while and DH had the same problem and got up as well. When I got back to bed I still lay awake and eventually got up again and made a hot drink. Of course we were both late risers this morning.
    There are 4 squirrels around our yard so now we have regular squirrel wars. They come on the porch squabbling for peanuts while the blue jay waits patiently on a branch for them to go, so that he can get his own snack.

    1. I like your grandmother's saying! I've never heard it, before, however. But, I'm going to use it!

      Thank you! I wish I could do proper flower arrangements! Maybe a hobby I can take up, next year!

      Glad to hear that you are recovering. Yes, do continue to take it easy - we don't want you having a relapse!

      Your squirrels sound too cute! I'm sure they appreciate you providing them with peanuts! I saw some kind of finch-type bird checking the cat food, the other day; I tossed a handful of bird seeds, but it flew away when I opened the door to do so. I need to set up some kind of a bird feeder, high up so the cats can't get to the birds!

  7. Heheee the photo of your pony tail made me laugh. I wonder how it happened. :)

    1. I've no idea, Nil. My daughter said she bent it sideways with her hand and it stayed in that position, too. She was having fun with my hair!


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