Sunday, December 16, 2018

Holiday Preparations on Saturday

I felt tired and slept in on Saturday.  As a result, I took it easy in the morning. 

In the afternoon, I wrapped up some of the Christmas gifts I have bought or made.

Calendar: Psalms
I bought some calendars from the dollar store to give as gifts, this year.  The one below includes a smaller calendar and a planner, as well. 

Calendar: Kittens
As part of wrapping my gifts, I organized the wicker chest where I store the gift bags and rolls of gift wrap, etc.  I had tried to keep the Christmas gift bags on one side and the all occasion gift bags on the other side, but, over the course of the year, things had got mixed up.  So, today, I pulled everything out, sorted them, and put things back, again.  In the process, I found a new packet of white tissue paper, which I had forgotten I had!  A good thing, too, because I had been thinking I needed to buy another packet of white tissue paper!

I used all the Christmas gift bags I had in my stash, except for one rather over-sized one, as well as a few all-occasion ones (they were silvery and glittery, so I figured they would be OK for Christmas) for the gifts I had ready.  I used the few boxes I had, too.  I am going to need to get a few more bags or find some boxes for the rest of my gifts! 

After that, I set up the small dining table in the family room with some of the Christmas placemats and napkins, etc.  I can't set the big dining table until after the almsgiving.

Then, I dusted the living room and moved the furniture a little, as part of my almsgiving preparations!  Normally, the sofa and love seat are set up on either side of the fire place, facing each other.  For the almsgiving, I move the love seat to be in front of the fireplace so that it and the sofa are in an L-shaped arrangement.  The monks sit on the sofas during the almsgiving to have their meal, not at the dining table.  The sofas are arranged thus so that we don't turn our backs to any of the monks when we serve them the food.  The monks generally do not help themselves to a dish; we take the dishes to them and serve the food to their plates or begging bowls.  I could move the sofa, too, so that they form one straight line.  That would work, too, but that would mean moving the big brass lamp and the potted dracaena plant and that's more moving of stuff than I want to do!  The monks seat themselves in order of seniority based on how many rainy seasons they've observed as monks and the food is offered in order of seniority, too.

Speaking of food:

Gold Kiwi
 On one of my earlier trips to the dollar store, I had bought a bag of gold kiwi (1 lb. kiwi for $1), as daughter had mentioned trying them.  She had said to wait until they were soft and ripe, so, as soon as one was ripe, I cut it open to try it.

Gold Kiwi
It didn't look quite as golden as what is shown on the bag, but it was a paler green than regular kiwi.  It tasted quite sweet and mild, which I liked.  I am waiting until the rest of the fruit becomes ripe.

Today, I am grateful for:
- A sunny, warm day
- Being able to sleep in
- What I was able to accomplish
- Exchanging emails with a friend
- Video chatting with my daughter

Sunday's To Do List:
- Grocery shop for bread and milk
- Make two more table runners
- Dust the dining room and family room
- Vacuum

How was your Saturday?  What are your plans for Sunday?  Have you tried gold kiwi?


  1. So do the monks not sit at the table because of the turning your back while serving them? A lot of rules to remember.

    1. They'll sit at the table if there is enough room for all the monks to sit in a row. We tried that, one year, but it didn't work out, too well. My dining table isn't long enough to accommodate them all, even with the extension leaf in place, and, besides, I need the table to set out the serving dishes, etc. Although, I could bring in the folding tables from the garage, but I'd need help with that. Moving the love seat and setting up a second coffee table is the easier thing (the plates, cutlery, etc., are set out on the coffee tables, and the monks will take the plates onto their laps when eating) :)

  2. Sounds like you had a productive day. The kitten calendars are cute. I will look for them at my Dollar Store.
    Would love to see a picture of your family room table with the Christmas placemats.

    1. The kitten calendar set was $1.99, but still worth the price; the single calendars, by themselves, were $.99. The dollar store is my friend because my holiday gifts budget is $120 (that doesn't include my daughter's gift, though) and I usually have around 30 people on my list!

      Yes, I will post a picture of the table. Didn't occur to do so, yesterday!

  3. I was moving furniture yesterday as well. My brother and SIL, one niece and her boyfriend, and a friend of the family who owns a truck delivered their old red leather sofa (still in great condition) and fortunately for me, also removed the old green one that I was using previously. Before they arrived, I pushed aside chairs, tables, lamps so they had lots of room to maneuver the two sofas in and out of the house. The exchange went very quickly. Their friend drove back to Smiths Falls right away, but my brother and his family stayed for a nice visit.

    I also got a very short visit from two girl friends who were on their way through town. I had done some printing for one of them to help her in making one of her Christmas gifts this year. At the same time, we exchanged our Christmas gifts to each other. They couldn't stay long as they had reservations at a local tea room and I couldn't go with them because I was expecting my brother at any moment. It worked out well.

    1. Susan, sounds like you had a pretty good day, with friends visiting and your brother and family bringing you your new sofa and taking away the old one! Now you won't have to wait until spring to get rid of the old sofa. Too bad you couldn't go with your friends to the tea room this time, but, of course, you had to be there to receive the new sofa! I'm glad your brother and family stayed to visit for a bit. :)

  4. Lots of rules to remember when serving the monks! I suppose if you know them and the system it comes naturally. Is there a reason you mustn't turn your backs on them? I love reading about the customs.

    You have been busy with the wrapping! I must admit that it is on my list for this week, but I don't like doing it.

    1. Sharon, from what I understand, turning our backs to the monks is considered being disrespectful. Obviously, one does need to turn ones back to them, after serving them, when one returns to the kitchen with the dishes, but the idea is not to turn ones back to one monk while serving another.

      I wish I lived closer - I'd come and help you wrap gifts. I LOVE wrapping gifts! :D

  5. Your almsgiving dinner is a ton of work for you, but I know it means very much to you To be able to do it. Work with meaning is a good thing. I look forward to your post after it is over. I know things will go well and the food will be delicious.

    1. Thank you, Anne. Yes, it is a lot of work, but, meaningful work, as you say. It is done with the best of intentions and in good faith. I think it will go well, but I will certainly give an account of it, afterwards. :)

  6. How many monks will be there, Bless?

    I have to replenish the stock of wrapping papers and gift bags. The other day I had to use a piece of sheer fabric and ribbon to wrap homemade soap because I didn't have any wrapping paper. 😊

    1. There will be 4 monks, this year, Nil.

      I'm sure your homemade soap looked very elegant wrapped in sheer fabric and ribbon, but, maybe it'll be a good idea to stock up during the after Christmas sales. That's what I tend to do. :)


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