Saturday, April 21, 2018

Saturday: April Grocery Shopping Week 3

April 21 Groceries

I had a relaxed morning, today.  I spoke with Aunt C in the morning (I wanted to ask her if I could visit her tomorrow, instead of this evening, because I was wondering if I'd be up to grocery shopping, cooking and visiting, all in one day).  Aunt suggested I visited on Monday morning, instead of today or even tomorrow, as her daughter will be freer to sit and chat on Monday morning (she gives music lessons at home and the weekends are her busiest days).  That works out well for me because I have a day off from work on Monday.  Instead of grocery shopping this morning and cooking this afternoon and visiting aunt in the evening, as planned, I can grocery shop this afternoon, cook tomorrow, and visit aunt on Monday.  Much more relaxed!

I called my neighbor T to check on her (her daughter left for an out of state conference, yesterday, and will be gone the whole week, and I have promised to check on T during her daughter's absence).  She said she was doing OK and waiting for her friend to give her a ride to church.  I told her I planned to go grocery shopping in the afternoon and asked if she needed anything; she thanked me, but said she didn't need anything.

Then, I called friend R to check on her and we chatted for a bit.  She had already run her Saturday morning errands and was looking forward to attending a friend's birthday party in the evening.

It was a warm, sunny day.  I did two loads of laundry and hung them up to air dry inside the house.

Then, I went through this week's grocery ads, made my list, and went grocery shopping in the afternoon.  I went to two stores.

Mostly Fruits

First, I went to the ethnic store and bought:
1 lb. bag carrots = $.50
Green beans @$.79/lb.  = $.33
Broccoli @ $.49/lb = $.27
Red potatoes @ 3lb/$1 = $.70
1 Cabbage @ 5lb/$1 = $.40
Zucchini @$.39/lb = $.40
Beets @$.39/lb = $.37
2 cans mackerel @$1.49 = $2.98
2 cans coconut milk @$.99 = $1.98
1 package chicken cold cuts (7 oz) = $1.49
Apple bananas @$.99/lb = $.73 (regular bananas were $.49, but these small bananas are a treat)
Fuji apples @$.39/lb = $.69
1 cucumber @3/$1 = $.34
Total = $11.18

Store 1 Receipt

Cantaloupe was on sale for $.39/lb. at this store, but I had noted that the other store had advertised it for $.25/lb., this week.

Mostly Vegetables
 At the second store (Kroger affiliate), I bought:
4 packages of 4lb. sugar @$1.50 = $6.00
2 lb. chicken drumsticks @$.67/lb = $1.36 ($.99/lb. at the ethnic store, this week)
1 lb. pork chops (3 chops) @$1.29/lb = $1.26
1 cantaloupe @$.25/lb = $.87
8 mangoes @$.25 = $2.00
1 box pancake mix = $1.69 (regularly $1.99)
1 bottle pancake syrup = $1.99
1 container flavored coffee creamer = $2.49
Total = 17.66

Two of the bags of sugar 
The sugar was a stock up price for me.  I usually buy it when it is $.50/lb. or less.  They had a limit of 4 packages, so I bought the limit, even though I still have several packages of sugar from when I stocked up, earlier.  This will replace what I have used, already, and I will share with daughter.

Rest of the Groceries

I also bought a bag of cat food ($10.49 + $1 tax) at this store.  With the cat food and tax on cat food, my total spending at this store came to $29.15.  But the cat food is from the Pet Supplies budget, so isn't included in my grocery budget.   Therefore, the groceries only spending at Store 2 came to $17.66

Store 2 Receipt

Today's grocery spending came to:  $11.18 + $17.66 = $28.84

My April grocery budget is $75 - $.69 (that I overspent in March) = $74.31
Spent to date = $27.05 (week 1) + $20.49 (week 2) + $28.84 (week 3) = $76.38
Amount over budget = $2.07

Oops!  I shouldn't have bought that bottle of syrup!

Oh, well.  Some of the groceries I bought today is to cook to take to aunt when I visit her and since she lives with her daughter and son-in-law, I will take enough for them all to share.  And some of the sugar is to share with daughter.  I am not going to worry about going over budget, this month.  I don't anticipate needing more groceries, next week, but, if I do, it won't be much. 

Cousin P called in the evening and we had a chat.

I also video chatted with daughter; she, too, had gone grocery shopping, today.  She went to the regular grocery store to stock up on meats, she said.  She didn't take any pictures, today, but she bought 2 whole chickens for $.78/lb., pork sirloin chops for $1.99/lb., 1 lb bag frozen salmon fillets (3 fillets) for $5.00.  She also bought 1 bottle (20 oz) ketchup for $1.99, 4 ears of corn (@$.50), 1 bag frozen shelled edamame for  $2.99, 4 Lara bars @$1, and 1 bag (4lb) sugar for $3.59 on sale!  She also went to the dollar store and bought 2 bags of pop corn (white chocolate peppermint flavor!),  1+ lb. bananas @$.49/lb, 1 English cucumber, 2 cans coconut milk, 1 pack maple bacon pork sausage, and 3 types of cold cuts - black pepper turkey, rotisserie style chicken, honey smoked turkey.  She spent $9.58 at the dollar store and $39.15 at the grocery store.  Her grocery spending was higher than average, this week, because she stocked up on meats. 

Today, I am grateful for:
- A sunny, warm day
- A relaxed morning
- Phone chats with family and friends
- Video chatting with daughter
- Good deals at the grocery store

How was your Saturday?  What are your plans for tomorrow? 


  1. Sounds like a good day with visiting and grocery shopping. Hope today is as good. :)

    1. Thank you, Live and Learn. Yes, it was a good day. Today looks like it will be equally good. :)

  2. Just catching up with your news again Bless. I'm shivering on your behalf thinking about how cold your office must be if you have to wear all those extra layers and gloves! Is there a minimum/maximum temperature rule at all?

    The parking is interesting. It's a big jump from $2.75 to $27.50. Parking over here is generally charged in blocks of time, say up to 2 hours, 2-4 hours, 4-6 hours etc. which makes it more affordable, even though we still moan about paying for it lol. I don't suppose it would be of any help though if you're working full time.

    I think you always do so well with your grocery budget that going over a little bit here and there is fine especially if it's for treats like syrup :)

    Hope you've had a lovely weekend. The weather was beautiful here on Saturday but has cooled down again today. There is even talk of more snow on the way - I hope not! xx

    1. Lovely to hear from you, again, Suzanne. I am extra sensitive to the cold, so I am the only one who is all bundled up! The others complain of the cold, but they are not wearing layers upon layers. I think there is a recommended temperature, but that is mostly for energy savings purposes. I haven't seen a thermostat to see what the temperature in my side of the office is, but I might take the thermostat I have at home and hang it from my cubicle wall to do a check, next week.

      There is metered parking at some places, where you are charged for a certain period of time, after which, you must either leave or feed the meter, again. But parking in the parking garages such as the one at the office or the one at my doctor's office, it is pay a certain amount per 15 minutes up to a maximum of whatever. At my current office, at the rate of $2.75 per 15 mins. (which amounts to $11 for 1 hour), $27.50 is reached after 2 1/2 hours of parking. So, if you need to park for 3 hours, then, the maximum of $27.50 works in your favor!

      Yes, I'm not too worried about going over budget, one month, because I know I can make it up the following month. Although, if I had to (if I didn't have the option of dipping into next month's budget), I could have waited to buy the syrup until next month.

      I hope you don't get more snow! Hope the week ahead is a good one.

  3. You're so thoughtful, Bless, checking up on everyone all the time :) You are a good person.

    1. Thank you, Nathalie. I hope I don't come across as being a nosy person, always calling others to find out what's going on! :D But, both neighbor T and friend R live alone, as do I, so we check on one another, every so often. :)

  4. Healthy grocery shop and the pancake syrup will last you a long time. Is all that sugar for making jam? I think it is lovely that you check on your neighbor T and also that you are able to visit your aunt on Monday.

    Its very over cast here today with very light showers. Used coupons and ordered online some Gowalk shoes and Clarks sandals that were on sale from Kohls. I often find it easier to do this than actually going to the store.

    1. Thanks, Sandy. The pancake syrup will last me till at least the end of the year! I generally prefer to eat my pancakes (American style) with curries and the thin pancakes with sugar and lemon. But, occasionally, I want a pancake with syrup and I am all out of syrup except for two small containers that came with the pancakes my friend brought, one day, when she brought brunch with her in early March!

      The sugar is to share with daughter, for my morning coffee and afternoon tea, for baking, and, yes, for jam making, too (when I get around to it!)

      My mother used to buy me Clarks shoes when I was a child - they were very expensive because they were imported, but she thought they were the best shoes.

      We had a hot day, today! In the upper 80s! But your rain will be good for the plants in your garden. I had to water my front garden as my plants were all drooping.

      Hope you have a lovely week ahead.

  5. Bless, I saw your reply yesterday and I wish you had some of our maple syrup! Well, I see you did better on your sale sugar purchase than your daughter did. I had to check both amounts to see if I was reading correctly.

    More sun today and the snow is going, Yaaaaay! Our neighbour was trying to remove his snow in small amounts with a scoop on the ATV because their driveway has been so bad with ruts that they could barely get out. I went for another walk this afternoon and a family with 5 children came for their annual visit to help collect sap on the woodlot, so it was fun to see them and visit outside with cookies and apple cider.

    1. Bushlady, yes, she paid more than double what I paid for the same amount of sugar! But, she said she was all out of sugar and she couldn't wait until the end of May, which is when she comes home next, so she "bit the bullet" and paid the asking price for the sugar!

      Sounds like you had a very pleasant day. What nice memories those children are making as they help with collecting the sap! :)

  6. That's a healthy shop. I wouldn't worry about being over budget, as the sugar is a store cupboard item. You do so well sticking to it. I went over budget last week, but like your daughter I stocked up on meat as there were bargains to be had.
    It is the end of Monday here and it has been a glorious day and I managed to get a lot of chores done. Yay!

    1. Thanks, Sharon. I'm glad you had such a good day and managed to get a lot done! Good for you! I gather that you are feeling better!


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