Thursday, April 5, 2018

A Little More Progress on Wednesday

It was foggy, when I woke up, this morning.  But it was lifting when I drove to work.

The office is being packed up - everyone was busy boxing up their things.  The movers are supposed to arrive on Friday morning.  I finished packing most of my things - just the very last few items to pack, tomorrow.  We were all allowed 3 crates each and an unlimited number of boxes in addition.  I didn't need to use any crates for my stuff.  I have 9 regular boxes of stuff; most of it are office/work related items.  I keep very few personal items at the office - my coffee mug that a colleague gave me one year, a plastic flower pot in which I keep my pens and pencils, two small painted wooden boxes that were gifts from two former colleagues (one holds some paper clips, the other those small post-its), a box of tissues, and a couple of bottles of vitamins (one set at home, one set at the office).

Someone mentioned seeing a parking sign at a nearby structure behind the new office, advertising $4 parking.  I got all excited and went looking for it.  Well, it is now a construction site, so, no more parking there!  I found a couple of alternatives, though - there are two small surface parking lots about 4 blocks away for $8/day, and another half a block away from them for $7/day.  The funny thing is, one of the $8 parking lots is where I used to park back in the early 1990s, when my office was located in a different building, during earthquake retrofitting at my current office building!   At the time, that parking lot was 2 blocks from the building where I worked!  Looks like I've come full circle!    Of course, back then, it was less than $8/day to park there!  

There is also a county office building that is next to the new office building - they have parking for $8/day, too; I think that parking is for people who come to that building, but, maybe I can park there, on occasion.  At least, I have a couple of options, so I am feeling optimistic and starting to feel excited about the move rather than dreading it!   

I also drove the distance from the other $4 public parking space I had seen earlier (about 1 mile from the office building).  It seemed like a long way to walk; I don't think I am quite up to it, yet.

I spent the evening doing paperwork.  I got my tax file sorted, minus the the car registration renewal notification, showing the license fee which maybe deducted.  I have copies of my payment, but not the bill!  I have a file labeled Taxes, into which I drop the various tax-related documents, but I haven't kept up with my filing and this one item didn't get filed.  I'll drop the rest of the tax papers off at the tax preparer's office, tomorrow, and then, continue to search for the document and take it with me when I go in on Saturday.  If I don't find it, then, I won't be able to claim the deduction.

I forgot to water the back garden and give Dancer his flea medications, so that's something to be done tomorrow. 

Today, I am grateful for:
- There are a couple places where I can park near the new building!
- I didn't have a lot to pack 
- Feeling better about the move
- Getting most of the tax papers sorted
- The opportunity to declutter my office files

Thursday's To Do List:
- Go to the office
- Visit the farmers' market and treat myself to something (don't think there will be a farmers' market near the new office)
- Drop the tax papers off
- Water the back garden
- Give Dancer the flea meds
- Do more filing

Today's decluttering included a couple of binders at the office and one catalog at home.

How was your Wednesday?  What are your plans for Thursday?


  1. I'm glad you're feeling excited about the move now. Moves are hard whether they are at home or at work.

    1. Thank you, Live and Learn. I am still not excited about the parking situation, but, at least, I know there are some options. And, it won't be for long. That's what I tell myself to comfort myself. :)

  2. Good to read that you are feeling much better about your office move. All this packing up must be cutting into regular work. Definitely buy yourself a treat at the farmers market.

    At the last minute on Wednesday my dental cleaning appointment was cancelled due to the hygienist calling in sick so that changed my plans a tad. Managed a little decluttering. It seems never ending. Cold and very windy but managed a short walk.

    Today Thursday I did my weekly shop. I was able to stock up on Dukin Donuts coffee which hubby drinks @ $5.99 instead of the regular $9.99 (who boys it at that price) Healthy Choice chicken w/rice @ $1.00 instead if the normal $2.29 which I like to keep on hand for hubby, English cucumber @ $1.00 instead of $1.99, Spring blend salad greens @ $2.00 instead of $3.60, red grapes $2.99 lb. Eggs were $3.39 dozen. Ended up spending close to $85.00 - didn't buy any more bread so fingers crossed that doesn't run out before next Thursday.

    1. Sandy, yes, we are trying to do both - pack and work! Somebody brought donuts to the office, today, so I had one, instead of going to the farmers market. Also, I heard someone say that there is a farmers market near the new office, too; so that's something to look forward to.

      Hope the dental appointment being switched didn't cause too much of an inconvenience to you. Good of you to get that walk in, even with the weather being cold and windy.

      Yay, you were able to get some good sales at the grocery store! Your eggs are still expensive! They are on sale here, this week, at $1.79/doz., I believe. I will buy some, as I am all out of eggs. Hope you don't have to make a midweek run for bread! It seems I always want a sandwich when I am out of bread! LOL.

  3. Parking: Do the lots charge less for monthly parking? Do you have any options for working at home some days? What is the actual cost differential between current arrangements and what you expect? What are colleagues planning to do to adjust the added cost of working?

    We no longer submit actual receipts with income tax since it is all transmitted electronically. Since you have the cancelled cheque, your accountant will likely find that acceptable, list the date and sum on your list. If it's ejected it will be adjusted. It's usually in your interest to try.
    You might ask accountant the taxable rate for seniors and any California benefits.

    1. Hon. sometimes, the lots will charge less for monthly parking, but I will have to ask about that. I might be able to work from home, once or twice, but now that I am no longer undergoing treatments, I don't want to ask for additional accommodations. I had that privilege when I really needed it, so I won't ask for additional breaks. I currently pay $50.50/month to park where I do. I will be paying $40/week to park in any of the $8 lots, so $160/month. I am about the only one among my colleagues who has employer subsidized parking, currently, as it is based on seniority of service. The supervisors receive parking automatically based on seniority of status. The rest of my colleagues commute to work using public transit (and receive transit reimbursement), or they pay out of pocket to drive and park somewhere, so their costs will remain. It is not so much a matter of cost, for me, as a matter of loss of a benefit. I feel, if I am being moved out of this building to another, then, I should at least be allowed to continue to keep my parking in this building (I can then, take the downtown shuttle to get to my new office; it's $.50 per ride). I'm not even asking for parking in the new building - just to be allowed to keep my current parking.

      Yes, my taxes are filed electronically, too. The cancelled check is useless, in this particular instance, because it includes additional charges that are not tax deductible. Only a portion of the amount I paid is tax deductible and without the copy of the bill, I don't have a record of what that tax deductible amount was. Oh, well, it wasn't more than $100, I believe; it probably won't make much of a difference. I really became very lax with my filing, last year, and this is the price I pay!

  4. Bless. I just can't imagine having to pay $8 a day to park.. I guess living in a small town, has its advantages. lol I worked my whole life at the hospital and retired there.[we all fussed if we didn't get a parking place close to the door , in our employee parking area..] I think we were really spoiled. ha Sending prayers you will find a good solution to this parking area..

    1. Judy, yes, $8/day is what I pay at the doctor's offices, too. It's $2 for 20 minutes for the 1st hour and then, $8 after that. Parking in my current building is $16/day, except, I have an employer subsidized monthly pass for $50.50/month. It is the loss of that monthly pass that I have been complaining about.

  5. Giving flea medication to our cats used to be a declaration of war!

    I feel for you about the parking. It's different here in Leeds, UK. I live near a really good bus network and I am only learning to drive now at age 52 because I have only just started to need it. It is so much cheaper for me to pay bus fare than parking if I want to go into the town centre. I will still probably take the bus into town. Finding parking there is horrific. I wish you luck - and make sure that you find somewhere that is kind to your energy levels. LM x

    1. Ha, ha, I wait until he is sort of sleeping, then, try to put it on him! Sometimes, he's pretty good about it; other times, I end up with a scar for my troubles!

      I used to live closer to downtown and was able to take a bus to work and back - did that for several years. It is still doable, if I take the subway. But, now, it seems a bit of a hassle, although, some would argue that driving the freeway is a bigger hassle!

  6. I'm glad you are feeling more positive about the move but I wish you could keep your current parking as you mentioned to Hon above. Paying an exorbitant amount somewhere else will really eat into your income.
    Sunshine today, and much nicer than yesterday. The sap is frozen in the pails but DH finished boiling what he already had and we bottled 13 litres this evening. Three ladies helped, we probably don't really need so many but it is a good chance to catch up on news and makes it all much easier as I just supervise, having prepared the bottles beforehand! We continue chatting over a cup of tea afterwards as well.

    1. I'm glad you had a nicer day, today, Bushlady. Amazing what a little sunshine can do to make us feel better, isn't it? Sounds like your syrup making is a little like the quilting parties of old! :)

      As for the parking, yes, we'll see how it all works out. :)

  7. Thanks for reminding me I have to domy cats, like you I have to sneak up on them when they are half asleep!
    I suppose whatever happens with your parking issues you can always remind yourself it is only for a few more months! It must be rather unsettling to have to move your office so close to the end of your career, good luck with it anyway.
    Thanks for visiting my new blog, I have just posted about my day so wont repeat here, lol. But will say, that it was a glorious autumn day, what I call balmy weather.!

    1. Sharon, yes, that is exactly what I am telling myself - it is only for a short while longer. Actually, moving the office so close to retirement is helpful as it has been an excuse to declutter and a cutting of ties (to a place, to colleagues who will remain in the old building, etc.)

      Glad to hear you've had a good day - I'll be over soon to read about it. :)

  8. By starting your purging and packing early and doing it consistently and in an organized fashion, you are probably well ahead of your co-workers. They may be left to throw everything into boxes and hopefully have more time in the new space to go through the purging and organizing part of things. I am trying to take my cue from you. As I ready pieces of furniture for sale, I am cleaning them out and dealing with the contents so I don't have to handle them a second time.

    1. Susan, it was the best thing I did - starting early and doing it little by little. I find that I still tire easily (which is very frustrating because I feel I should be further along on that front than I am!)

      It's good that you are cleaning out things and dealing with the contents as you go. It will save you time and energy, later on. For me, the hardest part is deciding what stays and what goes. Once I decide, then, the actual packing up goes quickly.


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