Saturday, June 3, 2017

Saturday's Doings

I couldn't fall asleep on Friday night due to a toothache.  The Tylenol I had taken earlier in the evening had worn off, but I couldn't take more because it was too early for another dose.  Rinsing with warm salt water didn't help.  I was practically in tears from the pain.  Finally, at 5:00 a.m., I was able to take two more Tylenols and then, fell asleep.  I had set my alarm for 9:00 a.m., but, I'm afraid I turned it off and went back to sleep!  I slept till almost noon!  Oh, dear!  But, at least, I got almost 7 hours of sleep! 
Once I woke up, I had a cup of coffee and put a load of laundry to wash.
Then, called the pharmacy to ask about my refill for one of my medications.  It is supposed to be on their automatic refill system.  It was supposed to have been ready for a refill on May 31, 2017.  They are supposed to send me a text notifying when it is ready.  I hadn't heard anything or received anything, so, last night, I called the refill in and requested it be ready at 10:00 a.m. (the reason why I set my alarm for 9:00 a.m. - so I could be ready to pick up the medication at 10:00 a.m.).
But, when I checked this afternoon (after I finally woke up) I didn't have a text saying it was ready.  So, I called to see if it was ready - first, the automated system because I didn't want to bother the pharmacy staff, since I know just how busy they are.  But, when the automated system said it wasn't ready yet, I called the pharmacy staff.

I was put on hold for the longest time, but finally, I spoke to a pharmacy staff member, who seemed surprised when I told her the name of the medication and acted as if it wasn't listed as one of my medicines!  Then, when I gave her the prescription number, she asked when I had it filled last (5/1/17).  Then, she asked me by when I wanted it and I said, "Today, if possible".  She said she thought that they were out of stock and told me to hold on while she checked.  Then, she came back on the phone and said there seemed to be a problem with the insurance and asked me to hold on some more.  Then, she told me I'd have to call back later!  I said ok and we ended the call.
I understand that she is just trying to do her job. I have a niece (a cousin's daughter, actually) who is a pharmacist and a friend who is a pharmacist, as well.  I know that they are under-staffed and over-worked.   I have been to this particular pharmacy before I know just how busy they are.  The pharmacy staff do their best, I'm sure.  But...why is it so difficult to get a maintenance-type medication refilled?  I have been cutting the dose in half these past couple of days to make sure I had sufficient medication until the prescription was refilled!  It shouldn't have to be that way!  Breathe, Bless, take a deep breath!  Oh, that reminds me...I am still waiting for the inhaler refill, even after receiving a text saying it will be ready after noon on last Monday!  

Five minutes later, I received a text saying my prescription is ready for pick up!  Nothing like a bit of drama to get the adrenaline flowing, right?  LOL.  When I went to the pharmacy, the inhaler was ready, as well, so I picked up my medications.  I received another $5 Extra Care Bucks coupon, as well.  I combined it with my previous $8 ECB and bought two toiletry items ($7.99 and $5.49 + $.74 tax) to share with daughter.  I paid $1.22 out of pocket.

After that, I did a bit of grocery shopping, but I'll do another post for that, as it is my first grocery shopping for June.  I bought bread, yogurt, some fruit and some vegetables.

I called a friend of mine to see if she'd like to come and have a cup of tea with me, this evening, but she had just received news of the death of a sister, so she wasn't up to coming to tea.  I quite understood, of course.  I asked her if she wanted me to pick up anything from the grocery store for her, but she said no.  

After I came home and put away the groceries, one of my neighbors came over with more bread for me!  She said she received two loaves of bread at the church and wanted to share half of each loaf with me!  I froze one package of the bread she brought.  I think I will be making some bread pudding this week!  Later in the evening, I chatted a bit with my neighbor across the street and did the dishes.  My friend who lost her sister called and we chatted for awhile.  I will be calling her tomorrow, too, to check on her.

Daughter called me in the afternoon, before I went to the pharmacy, to show me the outfits she had picked out to wear to the 3 days of conferences she'll be attending in Atlanta, Georgia, next week.  She wanted to know my opinion and to help her select accessories.  She has selected a black and white color scheme for her clothes and we picked out two colorful scarves and costume jewellery she could wear with them.  She will be leaving tomorrow morning and returning on Wednesday.  It's the first time she's actually been out of state, so she's excited about it. 

Today, I am grateful for:
- My medication refills were filled after all
- Extra Care Bucks to redeem
- My neighbor sharing her bread with me
- A pleasant chat with my other neighbor across the street
- My daughter calling me to ask my opinion about her outfits! 

Saturday's To Do List:
- gardening
- paperwork
- laundry - STARTED
- grocery shopping (need some fresh fruits and vegetables) - DONE
- a bit of sewing
- contact pharmacy re. refills - DONE!

I will carry the rest of the To Do list forward to Sunday!

How was your Saturday? 


  1. It sounds like fun to talk about clothes with your daughter. That's not something mu sons and I share. The most I get is to tell them when I think their T-shirt is too casual for an occasion.

    And the whole prescription thing is very frustrating. I have had that happen more than once. I'm glad you go it resolved. I have to go to CVS for my prescriptions also because of my insurance. My doctor has a pretty strong opinion about them. He doesn't like them because they are driving all of the small pharmacies out of business. These are places where you could get special formulations. Every CVS I've been too has seemed understaffed. Maybe they're growing too fast.

    1. That's one of the benefits of having a daughter, I guess. :) She needed to dress in "business casual" and she wasn't sure if what she selected were in that category (they were). I was pleased to see that one of the items she had selected was a top that I had knitted! It's older than she is, as I knitted it for myself, back in 1987 or so, but she loves it and it has since become hers!

      There is a smaller, CVS located near my office, where I used to have my prescriptions filled and where I became friends with the pharmacist. She is very over-worked, but efficient! I switched to this current location, closer to my house, only after I started chemo, because it was easier for my daughter and others to go there to pick up my prescriptions for me, rather than drive all the way to downtown. I was planning to switch back to the pharmacy near my office, but I am waiting to see what the new scans have to say about the cysts or whatever I detected the other day. If they are something that need treatment, then, it might be more convenient to keep to the current location. I just don't want to be switching back and forth and causing any confusion. I think the understaffing is the company's way of cost-cutting. It is frustrating to both the staff and the customers!

  2. Oh how frustrating with your prescriptions! I do hope you can get into your dentist and get that toothache taken care of too my friend. I love that your daughter calls and asks for your advice...that is so sweet and it tell's me that you two are very close indeed. I love that! :)

    1. Yes, the prescriptions seem to cause a bit of drama quite often! I really could do without all that excitement, you know. I am hopeful the dentist can see me sometime next week. The pain is under control for now.

      I, too, love the fact that daughter calls to ask my opinion and advice, on matters both big and small. :) We are very close. I have never tried to be anything other than her parent, but she often says that I am her best friend, as well.

  3. Oh my goodness you most definitely should not be cutting the dose in half these past couple of days to make sure you had sufficient medication until the prescription was refilled.

    Please press the doctor to give you permission to get your dental work started and if he has any input with the dentist that it needs to be sooner than later.

    Very hot and humid here. Thankful for the central a/c

    Take care.


    1. Thanks, Sandy. Yes, I know about the dosage, but, another time, I was completely out of another of my medications for almost a week before things got resolved, so, cutting the dosage in half was better than nothing!

      I will definitely ask the doctor for the medical clearance to get dental work done. If not, I will ask for additional medications to help with the pain. For now, the Tylenol seems to be keeping it in check.

      Glad you have the a/c. It was 88 here, yesterday, but it's not humid. I do well until the temps. get up into the upper 90s.

  4. Oh dear Bless, toothache and a load of messing around with your prescriptions. At least the latter has been sorted out now. It's been a few weeks hasn't it since you last mentioned your tooth, you really could do with getting it sorted, the last thing you need is it turning into an abscess. Hope the painkillers keep it at bay until you sort something out. xx

    1. Thanks Suzanne. I saw the dentist today and he prescribed more antibiotics for me. I still can't get the dental work done because, after a couple of weeks of good blood pressure readings, it shot up at the doctor's earlier today!


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