Saturday, June 10, 2017

Brown Paisley on Friday

Brown Paisley Outfit

Today, I wore a mostly brown paisley design (on black background, with some cream and rust details) skirt that one of my aunts gave me, with a brown sweater and a beige jacket that was also given to me by the same aunt.

With Beige Jacket

To be quite honest, I don't think the beige jacket does anything for me.  It was already too long and someone, aunt, probably, had shortened it, but it is still too long for me!  It might work with a shorter, knee length skirt, but not with a skirt this long.  By the way, in case anyone is wondering, I am not the only person who wears long skirts to our office.  I did tell daughter that maybe I should shorten the skirt, but she, too, likes long skirts and told me to keep it long!  She borrows some of my skirts when she's down here. 

I only wore the jacket to go to the office; once there, I took it off.  My supervisor and one other colleague complimented me on my appearance, so I guess it looked pulled together.  But, to me, the outfit seemed more suitable for Fall, I guess because I associate the color with Fall.

Aunt also gave me a darker brown jacket that would have matched, also, (and in a shorter style that works better for me) but I had already decided that the jacket was too big and had put it aside to donate.  However, I pulled it out again and tried it on with the outfit to see how it looked:

With Brown Jacket

The lighting isn't the best, as I took this photo in the night, but I think the shorter jacket looks better with the long skirt.  But it is too big.  I really don't know if I am up to altering the jacket, although, if I do, I'd like to remove the shawl collar!  I think I will be shopping for a well-fitting black jacket, later this fall.
I couldn't fall asleep till 4:30 a.m. this morning and then, couldn't wake up when the alarm went off at 8:00 a.m.!  I stayed in bed till after 8:30 a.m. and finally went to the office past 10:30 a.m.  I felt a bit nauseated all morning (from the antibiotics, I think; it's listed as a side effect although this was the first time I felt it).  I bought myself some lemon-lime soda and sipped on that and the nausea went away, later.  It was a fairly quiet day at the office, but I am glad the work week is over.
Came home and was in time to chat to my gardener friend for 15 minutes before he left.  He weeded and mulched another planting bed for me.

Later in the evening, I went to the temple and handed the donations check to the monks.  They were conducting their usual Friday evening meditation class, but one of the monks left the meditation class to attend to me.  I wanted to just hand over the donation and leave, but he insisted on chanting blessings.  I also asked him to write down the words for a prayer that I didn't know.  I knew a similar prayer, but not this exact one.

After I came home, I spoke with one of my aunts.  She had called me before I left to go to the temple and was concerned that I was going to the temple alone so late in the evening (it was about 7:45 p.m. and still light outside!)  I called her when I came home, around 8:30 p.m. to tell her I was home, safe and sound.  :)  Later, a friend called; she and I made tentative plans to get together, tomorrow, for lunch, conversation, and maybe some shopping!

Today, I am grateful for:
- Being able to go in late to the office (I make up the time over the week)
- Being able to go to the temple and make a donation for the flood victims
- Blessings and a new prayer to say
- Safe driving
- Family and friends calling to check on me

Friday's To Do List:
- Go to the office - DONE
- Pay the water & electric bill - DONE
- Leave a note to my gardener friend - DONE
- Go to the temple to make a donation - DONE

Yay!  I did all the items on my to do list for Friday!

Saturday's To Do List:
- Dust the living room, dining area, family room
- Vacuum
- Pick up my friend and go to lunch with her/spend time together
- Do the dishes
- Tidy the kitchen
- Water the garden/indoor plants

How was your Friday? Did you have a good day?  Are you all tired of me going on and on about my clothes?  What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. It is fun to see the clothes that you wear. I had wondered about your choice of long skirts something I never ever saw during my working career. Is this a West coast fashion or cultural? I think you can wear whatever color you want now at any time of year.

    I will have a quiet day at home reading, playing on the computer and having a go at sorting out my shoes while hubby is gone to the air show with daughter and family. This is not for me due to the crowds, looking up and hot. sun.

    I also need to think about a food plan for next week and make out a shopping list. I'd like to find an easy quiche recipe with eggs and veg which I think would work for hubby.

    Enjoy your lunch out.

    1. Sounds like you've planned a nice, quiet day. I've never been to an air show, but it doesn't sound like something I'd like all that much, either. I don't mind crowds, but I don't like being out in the hot sun.

      As for the long skirts, I've always preferred longer skirts, even as a teen. I wear shorter skirts at times, but I find longer skirts to be more comfortable (and warmer, too). I don't think it is a West coast fashion, more of an individual choice, I'd say, and the particular office. But maybe the dress code is a little more relaxed over here?

      Good luck sorting out your shoes and meal planning. You've reminded me that I should probably go through my shoes, too, and do some grocery shopping for next week. Hope you have a lovely day, Sandy.

  2. I think that jacket would look fantastic with a pair of leggings or slim cut pants! Don't get rid of it, just rethink it!

    1. Thank you for the suggestion, Anne. I was thinking of putting the beige jacket in the donations bag, last night, but maybe I will add leggings to my list of things to shop for, instead! That shopping list is growing, daily, by the way!

  3. There he is again! He can't resist photo-bombing your selfie! Your blog is turning into a "spot the Dancer" game!
    I think you are right about a shorter jacket with a long skirt, but I like Anne's suggestion of the slim pants with that beige jacket. There never seem to be any long skirts around here except for evening outfits and few of them either. I think skirts look elegant and feminine and they are practical because they cover "a multitude of sins" as far as female rears are concerned. Few of us really look our best from behind in a pair of pants, unless there is a long top or long jacket to go with them.

    Having written that, I have just bought 3 pairs of pants at an excellent sale price with an extra 20% off! They fit well, too, which is not always the case, so I had to have them, didn't I? Now I have to see what needs to go from the wardrobe.

    1. Ha, ha, Bushlady, it is indeed turning into a "Spot the Dancer" game!

      Some of my long skirts are actually supposed to be calf-length, I think, for average height women. But when one is just under 5 feet, they become long skirts! Especially when one no longer has the tummy and wider girth that one used to have, which used to cause the skirts to spread sideways a bit, and the waist band now slips a little lower than before; the skirts just hang straight down!

      Yay, you found well-fitting pairs of pants on sale! Sounds like you got a good deal!

  4. I'm not really a skirt person but when I do wear one it is of the longer variety. My body is pear shaped so I always think skirts look funny on me.

    Glad you had a nice evening at temple and that there are people concerned enough to check up on you!

    Hope you enjoy your weekend!

    1. What matters is what one feels most comfortable with wearing, isn't it, whether it is a skirt or a pair of pants. I'm glad we live in a society that allows us to have that freedom of choice when it comes to what we wear. :)

  5. Good idea, Anne, about the jacket. I hope you go clothes shopping with your friend. I think it's always easier to shop when someone comes along.

    1. I shall keep the beige jacket for now, pending a pair of fitted pants or leggings. I didn't go clothes shopping today, but friend and I will go one of these days. I can count on her to give me her honest opinion. :)

  6. Lol! I noticed Dancer on the bed too. I wear long skirts when I need to dress up from my usual trousers and tops. I like the brown jacket with that skirt, but as someone else said the longer jacket would look great with trousers.

    1. He likes to get in on the pictures! Glad to know that someone else likes long skirts! :) The brown jacket does look better with the outfit, doesn't it?

  7. Nice clothing combinations! I've always felt I looked even shorter (I'm all of 5') in long skirts. But, they look so wonderful on you. I may have to rethink them!

    1. Thank you, Carolyn. Yay, another short person! LOL! Maybe give the long skirts another try and see if you like the look?


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