Sunday, June 4, 2017

June Grocery Shopping Week 1

I went grocery shopping Saturday evening.  I decided to go to the Armenian store because they had advertised cherries for $.99/lb.  Cherries at another store (Kroger affiliate), a little closer to home, were advertised for $2.99/lb., in comparison.  Their seedless red grapes, however, were 11 cents cheaper at $.88/lb. than the red seedless grapes at the Armenian store at $.99/lb.  But I didn't buy grapes, this time.  I preferred the cherries. 

June 3 Groceries

I bought:

1 lb. loaf bread, called "Finger Bread" = $1.99
1 Romaine lettuce = $.50
1 red onion ($.74lb @ $.25/lb) = $.19
1 cabbage (1.08lb @ $.25/lb) = $.27
1 papaya (2.14 lb. @ $.49/lb) = $1.05
cherries (1.72 lb @ $.99/lb) = $1.70
bananas (1.72 lb @$.49/lb) = $.84
1 16 oz. container yogurt = $1.39
Total = $7.93

The Finger bread has the same texture and taste as the bread I remember from my childhood.   Not as soft and spongy as the regular sliced sandwich bread I often buy.  It also doesn't contain any preservatives.  The last time I bought some, it didn't quite taste right to me, as my taste buds were still not back to normal.  This time, however, it tasted just fine and the way I remembered it to be.  :)

I tried to find the smallest head of cabbage that I could, and found this one which weighs just over 1 lb.  The onion, which weighs .74 lb. is almost as big as the cabbage!  

As always, I had help setting out the groceries for photographing them:

Dancer Inspecting the Groceries

Checking to make sure Mummy bought everything that was needed.  "Oh, no, I don't see any tuna, Mummy!"

"Cherries, Bananas...Where's my Tuna?"

Checking the grocery bags to make sure they are empty:

"Did you take everything out, Mummy?"

June 3 Grocery Receipt
I have decided to start June with a full grocery budget of $75, even though I went over the budget in May by almost $25 (some $23 of which was for the coffee for daughter).  I am not going to worry about that.  It is a new month and a new budget!

Week 1 grocery spending = $7.93
Amount left in June grocery budget = $75 - $7.93 = $67.07

I am going to try and eat from the freezer as much as I can this month, simply because the freezer is full!  I would like to buy another bag or two of cherries when they are on sale for $.99 and freeze for later (when they are either not available or available for $3.99 or up!), but there is absolutely no room in the freezer!  Also, boneless/skinless chicken breasts are on sale for $1.67/lb. this week, which is a good price for them over here, but, again, I've no room in the freezer for them! It is time to eat down the freezer!  So, for tonight's dinner, I pulled out a bag of shrimp I had cooked and frozen, earlier.  I will have that with rice, lentils, and kale; cherries for dessert.

I don't do too well when it comes to meal planning, but these are some of the things I have in the freezer that I want to incorporate into my meals over the next week or so:

- 1 bag cooked shrimp (this is in addition to what I pulled out, today)
- 2 battered fish fillets (Monday dinner?)
- meatballs
- honey sesame chicken
- cooked chicken breast
- cooked sausage
- uncooked sausage meat
- rice
- frozen vegetables
- frozen fruit

If I have any dental work done this week, then, I might need to make some soup or something, as well!  We'll see.

Have you made a grocery budget for June?  Have you grocery shopped for June, yet?


  1. Except for your groceries, I see that your dining table is still clean. Keep up the good work.

    1. Yes, the table gets cleared every evening! Coffee table is clear, too!

  2. You have plenty of food which what is in your freezer and your shop at the Armenian store.

    Yes I have done two shops in June including yesterday. I spend more on groceries now then I ever did mostly due to the fact that hubby is on a low sodium low fat plan for his heart. This results in some of the most expensive items at the store. For instance there are only two breads he can eat that have very low sodium. The bigger slice loaf if $4.29 and a smaller slice loaf for his toast $2.99 - I have never seen either of these breads on sale! He likes Yusso Frozen Greek Yogurt bars which are definitely a treat. They come 4 to a box and cost $4.99 box but on sale this week for $3.50 - no longer able to purchase the normal bars on offer.

    With all the fresh fruit/veg that I purchase I am very careful about not letting things spoil.

    One more errand today, short trip to CVS for milk because their price is so much lower than the grocery store.

    Thinking of you today and fingers crossed that you get the go ahead on your dental work.


    1. Sandy, yes, it is difficult to be on special diets and still keep the grocery budget low. I'm glad your husband has a special bread that is OK for him to eat, though. Have you tried making bread at home? In a bread machine or something? You might be able to adjust the amount of salt, that way, and it might (or might not) turn out to be less expensive. Maybe something to think about?

  3. So glad your finger bread tasted right this time. Thank you for the "cat fix" - Dancer is most entertaining. He looks seriously concerned about your grocery shopping. Was he hoping for a special treat like catnip? Do you ever forget your bag and get a brown paper grocery sack? They are wonderful for cats to play in.

    1. I think Dancer was hoping for a can of tuna or maybe broccoli leaves. He had to be content with a piece of lettuce, instead.

      Yes, there are times when I forget the reusable bags and get a brown bag, instead. He does like to play with them, sometimes.

  4. That is an amazing price for cherries! They are between $2.99 and $3.99 a pound here. I do have a huge cherry tree in my backyard that has lots of little green cherries on it and I am so looking forward to being able to just go our and pick some to eat.

    As usual, you Dancer cracks me up. What a personality he had!

    1. That is a good price on the cherries, isn't it? Lucky you to have a cherry tree!

      Dancer is a helpful kitty! You can always count on him to come and see what I am up to!


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