Saturday, June 3, 2017

Friday: Zucchini Flowers and Avocados

Zucchini Flower
My zucchini flower had opened up, today!  Zucchini flowers are edible, but I don't want to pick this flower and eat it, even if there aren't any female flowers open for it for pollinate.  By the way, apparently zucchini leaves are edible, too!  I just found that out the other day!  I don't think I've eaten zucchini leaves; have you?
I went to the office today and had a fairly productive day. One of my co-workers brought avocados from her tree to share at the office.  I helped myself to a couple of them and am keeping them to ripen to make avocado pudding!  Made by mashing ripe avocado with sugar and milk.  
My tooth has been bothering me again, for the past couple of days.  I'm glad I'll be seeing the physician on Monday - hopefully, my blood pressure readings have stabilized enough for him to sign off on the medical release form and I can get my dental work done.  At least have the painful tooth taken care of, whether what I need is a new filling or an extraction. 
My gardener friend was working on the garden when I came home from work.  I chatted with him while he weeded and mulched around the orange tree. 

Afterwards, I made myself a cup of coffee, returned a cousin's phone call, had a snack, and then, fell asleep on the sofa!  Didn't wake up until almost 9:30 p.m.!

Today, I am grateful for:
- Avocados from a colleague's garden
- Zucchini flowers
-Tylenol for the toothache
- Phone call from cousin
- Naps on the sofa
Saturday's To Do List:
- gardening
- paperwork
- laundry
- grocery shopping (need some fresh fruits and vegetables)
- a bit of sewing
Also, either tomorrow or on Sunday, I want to go to the temple to make a donation towards the flood victims in Sri Lanka.  

How was your Friday?  Did you know that zucchini leaves are edible?  Have you eaten zucchini leaves?   How about avocado desserts?  Any plans for the weekend?



  1. I'm behind on my blog reading so will look back at your previous posts this evening. I like the idea of avocado pudding. Do you just eat it on its own or is it eaten alongside something else?
    I do hope your appointment on Monday means you can get your dental work done. It will be such a relief for you when you're pain free.
    I had no idea about zucchini leaves being edible, although I doubt I'll be trying them anytime soon. X

    1. Jules, the avocado pudding is eaten on its own, as a dessert, although, if you want to add some whipped cream to it, that would be nice, too.

      Thanks, I am hoping the dental work can be done soon. I don't like going to the dentist, but toothaches aren't fun, either, are they?

  2. Thank you for your comment Bless. We must have been reading each other's blogs at exactly the same time! X

    1. You are welcome! Funny how we were commenting on each other's blogs at the same time! :)

  3. I don't like the texture of the zuchinni leaves, so I don't think I will be trying them anytime soon, either.

    1. Yes, just the fact that something is edible doesn't mean one would want to eat it, does it? Unless one is in extreme, dire circumstances. But I thought it was interesting to know. Apparently, the leaves from a young plant are better because they are less bitter; I don't know if the same applies to young leaves from older plants. I wonder if I am brave enough to try!

  4. I do hope you can get some treatment for your tooth soon.
    The zucchini blossom is so pretty so I can understand you wouldn't want to pick it and eat it. I have tried milkweed flower buds years ago and they are delicious cooked in a little butter.
    The mosquitoes are getting into our bathroom and it is a mystery. We leave it free of them and next time we walk in there is a chorus of "Yaaay, here's lunch!" but they don't get to feed. I've got recharged batteries in the bats to deal with them before they deal with us. I'm thinking of putting some clear plastic loosely over the fan to see if they come through and get stuck there! I've put a roll of paper along the bottom of the door so they can't get through either way as they are also in our bedroom, especially when we are dropping off to sleep.
    Frustrated and sleep-deprived Bushlady!

    1. Oh, no! Mosquitoes! We used to sleep under nets in Sri Lanka, and have a repellent coil burning nearby! Hope you manage to get rid of them and get a good night's sleep!

  5. Very sorry to hear that your toothache is back. I do hope your physician gives the o.k on Monday and that you are given a priority dental appointment. The sooner treatment begins the better.

    Except for one night in between trips we are back home after a fortnight. Clothes unpacked but have lots of laundry! Church in the morning and then a much needed grocery shop.

    1. Thanks, Sandy; I don't handle toothaches too well. Glad you are home, again. Nothing like sleeping in ones own bed, I think. Hope you get caught up with the laundry! Enjoy church and grocery shopping. :)

  6. Now that is super interesting ... avocado eaten as a sweet dessert. I'm going to give that a try. We typically have them as guacamole dip or sliced on salads. Thanks for sharing a new (to me) twist on them!

    1. When I was growing up, we always ate them for dessert. Hope you'll like it as a dessert. :)


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