Sunday, June 11, 2017

Saturday: Lunch with a Friend

I stayed up all night on Friday!  It was 5:00 a.m. Saturday morning, when I finally fell asleep!  I woke up at 10:00 a.m.   I called my friend to confirm our lunch date and then, had a cup of tea and washed the dishes that had piled up in the sink.  Tidied the kitchen a bit and took the trash and recycling out.  Then, showered and dressed. 

Today, I chose to wear the same black skirt I wore on Wednesday with a blouse that one of my cousins had given me for Christmas:

Saturday's Outfit

For those of you playing the "Spot the Dancer" game, you can't see Dancer in this picture, but he's there on the bed, and the clue to his presence is the quilt which has been pulled down off the pillows, a bit.  The quilt is tied with yarn bows in the center of each flower and he likes to play with them.  He was pouncing on them while I was taking the picture.

I picked up my friend a little after noon and we went to one of our favorite restaurants.  It's a small, family style restaurant and is the same place we went to on Mother's Day, too.  This time, we both ordered their hamburgers; I had cole slaw as my side order and my friend chose the seasoned French fries.  Then, we each shared our side orders with each other.  I couldn't finish my hamburger, so brought home half of it and had it for my dinner.

After lunch, my friend and I did a little grocery shopping together.  Then, she came home with me and we spent the rest of the afternoon chatting.  We had tea and then, I took her back to her apartment.  We didn't go clothes shopping today, but we will do so another day.

After I came home, I put water to the front garden and video chatted with my daughter. 

Today, I am grateful for:
- Being able to keep company with my friend
- A pleasant meal out
- Tea and conversation
- Zucchinis growing in the garden!
- Old photograph albums

Tomorrow (or, rather, later today, as I am writing this at 1:15 a.m.), I have been invited to an annual chili cook-off/potluck at one of my supervisor's house.  I am still undecided if I want to go or not.  Part of me wants to go for the socializing (he always invites colleagues who have since retired and it's one of the rare times we all see each other).  Part of me wants to stay home and relax.  I'll decide tomorrow, depending on how I feel.

How was your Saturday?  Did you have a pleasant day?  What are your plans for Sunday?


  1. Beautiful blouse and looks perfect with the black skirt. Nothing better than a family owned restaurant with your friend. When you are at home do you dress casually? I will wear shorts and a tee-shirt during hot weather around the house.

    Saturday I made a start on my shoes with two pairs going into the trash because they were past their best. I also thinned out a couple if the blouses that I haven't worn in a long time. I have started a donation box. Next I need to take a hard look at some of the slacks hanging in my closet including one pair with the tags still on. What was I thinking when I purchased.

    1. Thank you, Sandy. I wasn't very sure about the blouse as it is not something I would have chosen to buy for myself. A little too busy, I would have thought. My cousins, who have better fashion sense than I, tend to pick out things they think will look good on me and they seem to work! I wore this blouse a couple of weeks ago, for the first time, to the office and was complimented on it. :)

      Yes, I do dress very casually when I am at home. Sweat pants and sweat shirts or an old sweater, when it is cooler; a skirt and a blouse when it is warmer. I own 1 pair of shorts (which I don't know if they still fit me!) and 2 t-shirts (both of which are too big, now). Even when I wear my shorts, I will change into a skirt if I go to the front garden to water, etc.! I do not like to be seen in shorts! My daughter is the same way! LOL.

      Well done on sorting through the shoes and blouses and starting a donation box! I had just asked, in my reply to your previous comment on the garden, if you sorted the shoes, yet! I looked at my shoes, yesterday, and counted 9 pairs. The pair that my neighbor gave, which are too big for me and in which I tripped and fell in January, will be donated. I have another pair that might be donated - need to try them on first and see how they fit. A couple of other pairs are just about ready to be thrown, but I'll keep and wear them just a little bit longer (one is the pair I wear when I am gardening).

      Good luck with sorting through the slacks. I haven't reached that section of my closet, yet!

  2. Your top is lovely Bless. Glad you had a lovely lunch and afternoon with your friends, it's nice to catch up isn't it.

    I'm sleeping a little better lately which is good. Do you lie in bed trying to go to sleep or do you know it's a lost cause and get up and do something? I never know what's best. I tend to stay in bed because I worry if I get up and do something it will stimulate me even more and I'll never sleep. xx

    1. Thank you, Suzanne. As I mentioned in my reply to Sandy, above, I wasn't too sure of the top, as it is not something I would have chosen to buy for myself. My cousins have better fashion sense than I have, though, and they pick out things for me which I normally wouldn't wear and they seem to work! LOL.

      The afternoon spent with my friend was nice. Something we both needed to do, as she lost one of her younger sisters back in Sri Lanka, just last week.

      I lie in bed and wait, even when I don't fall asleep right away. I figure I am at least resting and relaxing, if not sleeping. And then, eventually, I drift off. Today, I woke up once, around 9:00 a.m., but because I didn't have to go anywhere or do anything in particular, I went back to sleep and slept for another couple of hours!

  3. Your blouse is lovely with that skirt. How nice to meet up with your friend and have a meal out. I know what you mean about being undecided whether to go to the pot luck, I had a similar situation last week, and forced myself to go telling myself I could always leave early, I surprised myself and stay the whole time and really enjoyed myself! Sometimes home is too comfortable!
    Its Monday here, a lovely sunny morning and we nearly had a frost. I think I will do a load of washing and some pruning later. I need to do a shopping list for tomorrow, quite a big shop as I haven't yet done any shopping for June! I just lived off my stores when I was sick (bronchitis), but now I am well again I starting to get more interested in food.

    1. Sharon, so glad that you are recovered from the bronchitis. And so happy that you had enough in your stores to see you through the time you were ill. I did go to the potluck, after all. I didn't stay for the entire duration, but left after a couple of hours, as it was just long enough for me. Sometimes, one just has to make the effort, right?

  4. That's a very pretty top so your cousin made a good choice. Perhaps you are like me when you shop yourself, I tend to go for "quieter" items and miss out on some of the more interesting ones.
    That was a good idea to choose different sides with the hamburgers and then share. I know if I had the cole slaw I would feel I was missing out if I didn't have any fries!

    When I can't sleep I sometimes get up and go downstairs, especially when DH is home, so I won't disturb him. But if I am not careful I can get very busy with a puzzle or a book and then I'm down there for too long, missing out on sleep!

    1. Thank you, Bushlady. Yes, I tend to prefer solid color tops or tops with one print, and it probably wouldn't be a leopard print, either! Something that I can wear for several years without it getting dated. This blouse, on the other hand, has it all - three prints including leopard print, contrasting piping, and a "gold" chain lacing part way down the front (covered by the phone, in the picture)! But, it fits, it's new, it was a gift, and, every now and then, it's fun to step out of my comfort zone. ;)

  5. That's not a top I would have picked for myself either, but it looks very good on you. You've paired it with a solid bottom, so the whole outfit is balanced. Maybe I should have your cousins start shopping for me to spruce up my very boring wardrobe.

    1. Thank you, Live and Learn. My cousins love to shop, so I'm sure they'd be happy to shop for you. :) I tried the same top with a pair of white denim pants, the other day, and, although the pants are a bit too big now (they used to be too snug, earlier!), I think the top looks better with them than the skirt. I'll post a picture on another post.

  6. I too approve of the top! And even after four years, I don't think it looks dated!

    1. Thank you, Lady Ella. I'm glad you said it doesn't look dated because I wore it, just the other day, when I went to the dentist's with my daughter! :)


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