Monday, June 12, 2017

June Grocery Shopping: Week 2

June Week 2 Groceries (and the Guardian of the Groceries)

On Saturday, after having lunch, my friend and I went grocery shopping.  I needed milk, bread (which I forgot to include in the photograph), bananas, and cat food.  The bags of cat food were on a "buy 5 save $5" sale, so I bought three bags at once, for $8.99 per bag.  No, Dancer doesn't eat all this cat food I keep buying.  I feed several strays and semi-feral cats, including my neighbor's cat who spends more time in my back yard than in neighbor's yard! 

While I was at the store, I also bought strawberries on sale for $.99/lb, 6 pack of soda (to take as my contribution to the chili cookoff/potluck and another participating item in the buy5/save$5), cold cuts for sandwiches (convenience item!), and another bag of the frozen meatballs to make up the 5th participating item (even though I still had more than half the other bag of frozen meatballs left in the freezer).

I didn't need any other fruit as I still have avocados, papaya, cherries, and oranges.  I didn't need any vegetables as I still have lettuce, cabbage, carrots, and a zucchini just about ready to be picked from my garden!  I anticipate I will need fresh produce, next week.

I bought:
1/2 gal. milk = $1.99
6 pack of soda = $1.99 + $.30 deposit
1 loaf sandwich bread = $1.29
1 bag frozen meatballs = $1.99
2 lb. strawberries, @ $.99 = $1.98
1.94 lb. bananas @$.59/lb = $1.14
1 package cold cuts = $3.49
Total = $14.17

Grocery spending in June = $7.93 (Week 1) + $14.17 (Week 2) = $22.10
Amount left in June grocery budget = $75 - $22.10 = $52.90

I bought the roast beef cold cuts for sandwiches, as they make easy lunches during the week, especially if I have to report for jury duty.  But I had a sandwich for my dinner tonight, followed by a banana and yogurt.

Did you go grocery shopping this week?  How is your June grocery budget coming along?


  1. While grocery shopping can be interesting and is certainly necessary, I was hoping you were going clothes shopping with your friend. However, it looks like you're doing just fine shopping in your closet.

    1. Yes, I know, Live and Learn, going clothes shopping was in the back of my mind, too, but my friend had just lost a younger sister back in Sri Lanka and, although she didn't say anything, I knew she really wasn't in a mood to go shopping. This was the time to sit and talk and visit. The shopping will happen another day. But, as you say, the wardrobe is yielding enough outfits to get by. :)

  2. My June grocery budget is fine so far, but our food budget is out of sight. While Son3 has been home we have eaten out a ridiculous amount of times.

    1. It's OK to splurge every so often, though, isn't it? When children are visiting or we are visiting them, then, it is like going on a holiday, I think. At least, with him visiting you, you don't have to pay for hotel rooms! :)

  3. Another good shop Bless! Lucky to be able to buy strawberries for .99 lb

    Kind of you to feed the strays and semi-feral cats, is that why you were having a little bit of trouble with them disturbing your plants? They do soon learn where they can get a meal.

    Any word on your dental appointment?

    1. Thank you, Sandy. Yes, the strawberries were a good price.

      The garden cats, as I call them, are exactly why I have to fence off my vegetable plants. I don't want them "fertilizing" my vegetable plants!

      No, I can't get a dental appointment until I have seen my doctor about my pressure and that appointment is scheduled for Wednesday - provided I don't get called for jury duty!

  4. Dancer looks as if he is guarding your groceries! A good shop Bless. I was going to do my shop today, but it is very windy and wet, warm though so I have decided to leave it til tomorrow. To answer your question we are able to grow veges all year round, winter it is the brassicas, coriander, carrots, celery and hardy lettuces. I dont get snow but the bottom of the South Island does occasionally - I never saw snow till I was 28 when I moved to Britain and my workmates laughed at me as I was so fascinated and stood at the door trying to catch big snowflakes! The fascination soon wore off when it got all dirty and yucky on the roads.

    1. Good decision to stay home if it is windy and wet, Sharon. Your winters are like ours, then. We, too, can grow the cool weather crops like carrots, lettuce, broccoli, etc., in winter. Our summers are too hot for them. I was 18 when I saw my first snow. :)


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