Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Wednesday: Back at the Office

I couldn't fall asleep until after 1:30 a.m., last night, so it was hard to wake up at 7:00 a.m., this morning.  The fact that the house was chilly didn't help (my non-digital thermostat is not working properly - the heater doesn't always come back on, automatically; I have to toggle it, manually, to get it to come back on).  I wanted to stay in my warm bed, under the covers, and sleep longer.  But, eventually, I got up, fed the cat, did my morning ablutions, checked and logged my blood sugar level and blood pressure.  The sugar level was well within the target range, but my blood pressure was low.  I felt fine, however.
I called my supervisor to let her know I was coming in to the office, today, but I'll be a little late.  My normal start time is 8:00 a.m. and I am still trying to work my way up to that!  My supervisor is at the office at the crack of dawn! She had already sent me an email from the office at 6:30 a.m., about a project, asking me to work on it, today!  She said she was going to be out of the office most of the day, today, but I was to come in at whatever time I wanted to, it was OK.  She said it was OK if I wanted to work from home, too, but I thought I should go in.
I promise I am not going to take pictures of my outfits to the office, every day!  But I am still trying to figure out what is still wearable in my closet, so, I took a picture of today's outfit, too.  It's the same pair of pants I wore last week, worn with a sweater I had knitted back in the 1980s.  I had actually knitted it for my mother (I made a peach colored one in the same pattern for myself).  I wore a short sleeved blouse, under the sweater, for layering:
Outfit No. 2
I wore it with a jacket from another suit:
With Jacket
The jacket was a little big and I thought I looked a bit like a Charlie Chaplin character, but I kept the jacket on all day because I felt too cold to take it off. 

The work day went well.  I attended the monthly staff meeting, worked on the project my supervisor  wanted me to work on, was welcomed back to the office by our Deputy Director who told me they needed me there, etc. 

After I came home, I had a cup of tea and relaxed.  Called one of my cousins who had some surgery done recently; she's recovering well.  Made and ate some spaghetti for dinner; leftovers will be packed for my lunch for tomorrow.  I forgot to check with the pharmacy if they had my new medication ready for pick up - will call them tomorrow. 

It started raining later in the evening, after I got home.  I was glad I didn't have to drive home in the rain; the freeway was congested enough as it was!  I don't know if it is going to be a rainy day tomorrow, too.  I am planning to go to the office, tomorrow, although I might work from home on Friday.  I'll see how it goes.

Today, I was grateful for:
- Being able to go into the office on my schedule
- A safe commute to the office and back
- Being told, by the Deputy Director, that I was a "valuable resource" (her words, not mine) 
- More rain for the garden
- Video chatting with my daughter

I didn't finish my to do list, so I will just carry it forward to tomorrow.

How was your Wednesday?   What have you planned for tomorrow?


  1. The outfit looks cute. Glad you are back and feeling good about your work, but mostly glad you aren't pushing yourself beyond your limits!

    1. Thank you, Anne. Yes, I need to be careful about pushing myself to do too much, too soon. Which is why I will be working from home, today. Woke up feeling tired. I've already checked in with my supervisor and she's fine with me working from home. So happy I can choose to work from home if I need to. Hope you are having a good week.

  2. Good thing you have all of those sweaters since your office is so cold. It's great that you're getting back there.

    1. I gave away a lot of sweaters when I was decluttering, last year, but kept most of the ones I knitted. I'm glad I did!

  3. Goodness Bless, I'm sure it was only a couple of days ago that I popped by yet it's been a week - where does time fly?

    I used to hate thinking about what to wear to work but in one of my jobs we had a uniform which made life a lot easier. It was a private company, (the management team in a shopping centre) and there were only 3 females so we were given an allowance twice a year and we could choose our own uniform for the summer/winter season - as long as we all chose the same. It was brilliant. We got a shopping morning and would go around the centre trying on all the smart suits. We got 3 pairs of trousers, a jacket and 5 blouses - quite a perk.

    Your supervisor sounds lovely and so understanding, which I'm sure makes it all a lot easier for you. I know what you mean about going in. When somebody has been so good, I'd want to put the effort in and meet them halfway as well.

    Sleep is a problem here at the moment as well. Can't get to sleep and struggle to wake up.

    Glad you are keeping well. Take care. xx

    1. Time flies, doesn't it, Suzanne? What a nice work place to give a clothing allowance to buy matching outfits! I had sort of developed a uniform, myself - I had about 5 or 6 pairs of pants, several tops I could mix and match, and 3 or 4 jackets. Lots of skirts, too, but the pants were what I reached for the most. It was my own version of a capsule wardrobe and worked quite well for me. I'll get there, again, once I find things that fit me!

      I have some of the best supervisors and colleagues. Everyone has been so kind and understanding. I am working from home, again, today - woke up feeling very tired. I don't want to push myself and do too much, so spoke with my supervisor and she agreed that I should work from home, today.

      Sorry you are having sleep issues, as well. Hope it gets better. Have a lovely week.

  4. I think your outfit looks very nice on you. How thoughtful for your Deputy Director to make sure you knew you were valued!

    Have a great day today, Bless!

    1. Thank you, Nathalie. I appreciated her telling me that, although I've been there long enough to know that no one is indispensable! ;) Hope you are having a lovely day, too.

  5. Glad you are appreciated at work! It's always good to feel appreciated and I think sometimes supervisors forget that. Little things count.

    1. Yes, it is good to know one is appreciated. I tend to keep a low profile at work. Some of my colleagues find that amusing, but that's how I prefer it. So it's nice to know that my work is appreciated. :)

  6. My wifi is giving me trouble at the moment so I had to reload this page several times in order to get the photos downloaded. Can still only see the top one! Glad I did, as I was really impressed with that knitted jumper! Very elegant, particularly the sleeves! I think perfect smart/casual office wear.

    (Might have to give up trying to read this evening if the wifi keeps playing up - I can access the net fine on the tablet but it is much easier to type on the computer so I prefer not to use the tablet if I am commenting much.)

    1. Sorry your wifi is acting up. Hope it is better, today.

      Thank you - the jumper/sweater has a lacy front and puff sleeves (back in the 1980s, gathered/puffed sleeves on sweaters were a thing!) :)


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