Tuesday, January 31, 2017


It was another sunny, warm day, with highs in the mid 70s (76F according to the weather forecast), in my area.   I did a little bit of office work even though I had the day off, took the big trash bins to the curb for pick up tomorrow morning, stripped my bed and laundered the bed sheets (still need to re-make my bed), and cooked the green beans I didn't cook yesterday.

I considered going back to the grocery store for two more packets of coffee for my daughter and another packet of the roast beef cold cuts, but didn't.  The sale ends tomorrow, so I might still go tomorrow!

Breakfast was a roast beef (cold cuts) sandwich.  Lunch was rice, green beans curry, and ground beef (forgot to take a picture).  I had a teaspoon of peanut butter for a snack (thank you, Bushlady, for the suggestion)  while my evening tea was brewing.  Dinner was rice, fish curry, green beans curry, and cucumber salad:

Dinner: Rice, Fish Curry, Green Beans Curry, Cucumber Salad

Mango for dessert.

Today, I am grateful for:

- Another sunny and warm day.
- Friends and family who email.
- Video chatting with my daughter.
- An improved appetite and sense of taste.
- Starting to feel better, again.

How was your Monday?  What have you planned for tomorrow?


  1. I'm glad that you're starting to feel better. I hope the trend continues.

    1. Thank you. Health is the most important thing, isn't it? It is almost a trite saying, but health affects everything else.

  2. I'm so glad your appetite is slowly returning. Moreso your sense of taste. It must make such a difference to be able to enjoy your food. I hope you remembered to make your bed. I often forget until I'm ready to get into the thing. It's no fun making it late at night when you're exhausted. X

    1. Thank you, Jules. Yes, being able to taste ones food does make it more palatable and enjoyable. It also tempts one to eat more! Which might or might not be a good thing, depending on the circumstances! :D I'd hate to have to let out the clothes I've been taking in, recently!

      Yes, I did remember to make my bed! I was hoping that the sheets I laundered earlier would be dry in time so I could make the bed with them (to avoid having to fold them!), but one wasn't quite dry, so I used another set that was in the linen closet. There's nothing as nice as a freshly made bed, is there?

      Hope all is well with you and your daughter.

  3. Proud you had a good day.. Menu sounded yummy. Proud your taste is improving.
    I had a busy day.. Have been organizing my file cabinet [took everything out and painted it, and now going through ALL of the papers.oh my!!! I think my shredder will not survive all this,ha] But , it really needed to be done.. Hopefully, will be finished tomorrow.. I have worked on it for days now.
    Have a great evening.

    1. Thank you, Judy. Oh, my, the file cabinet! Something I need to do, too (go through and organize it, not paint!) A lot of work, but it'll be so nice once you are done! Hope you have a lovely rest of the day, Judy.

    2. BLess, I am jumping up and down with joy.... I finished the file cabinet..It was AWFUL!!! It was full of stuff, and most of it was of no use and needed trashing.. I still have a sack of stuff to shred.. But figured I would do a little each night... Today, I moved on , to clean a closet.. [change the type of work..lol]

    3. Yay, congratulations, Judy! A big achievement, I'm sure. Want to come over and help me with my file cabinet? :)

  4. I'm glad you're feeling better and regaining your appetite and sense of taste :)

    It was warmer where you live than in Central Florida, yesterday! We were several degrees cooler than you. Today was gorgeous, I was able to open the windows. I love it when I can do that because too soon it'll be hot and humid again.

    You're giving me a craving for roast beef...

    1. Enjoy your cooler weather. It was another warm day here, today, but we are supposed to get cooler temps. and rain, later in the week.

      Ha, ha, consider it pay back for all the times you've had me craving muffins and doughnuts when you post your pictures of them! :D

      Have a lovely day, tomorrow.


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