Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Rainy Days and Mondays

It rained all last night and early this morning!  We go without enough rain for six years and then, it looks like we are getting six years worth of rain in one winter!  The rain stopped by late morning, but more rain is in the forecast for the next several days!  Every drop of it is welcome, of course, after our long drought.

I called my supervisor this morning and told her about my fall and asked if it would be OK to work from home today and tomorrow.  I was told it was fine.  So now, I am planning to go to the office on Wednesday morning.  My knee is almost back to normal, but the shoulder is still a little stiff and painful.  Not too bad, though, and much better than what it was.

I worked from home today and took a late lunch in the early afternoon to make a quick trip to the pharmacy.  I had forgotten to request another refill on one of my medications, when I went in on Saturday.  It is supposed to have been refilled automatically, but it hadn't been, and I had to call in the refill this morning.   I forgot to call and check if it was ready before I left the house, and it wasn't ready when I got to the pharmacy, but they filled it for me while I waited.  I looked through a magazine while I waited, so I didn't mind the wait. 

Later in the evening, I emptied the waste baskets and the kitchen trash can and took the big trash cans to the curb.  Then, I went over to my recently widowed neighbor's to ask if she needed any help with her trash cans, but she said no, her sister-in-law, who is spending a few days with her, will take the trash cans out for her. 

After that, I did a load of laundry and hung it up to dry.  I hang everything indoors, on clothes hangers I hang from the door frames and on drying racks.  In the summer, I do the laundry in the morning, so the items can dry during the heat of the day.  In the winter, since I have the heater on in the evenings and at night, I do the laundry in the evening and the clothes dry overnight.  I hang my laundry to dry partly because it is frugal and saves energy while being environmentally friendly as well, and partly (mostly) because my clothes dryer is not working properly (it doesn't heat up) and hasn't been working properly for several years, and I never got it repaired or replaced!

As I did the laundry, I realized that I haven't yet bought the pair of pants I was going to buy to wear to the office!  Actually, I haven't bought any clothes in over a year!  Not since September 2015, when I bought two front open blouses to wear after the surgery.  Since then, I have lost some weight and most of my clothes are too big on me.  It didn't matter so much when I was home and going to treatments, doctors' appointments, or running errands; I was quite comfortable in my baggy clothes, but I'll need to put together a couple of outfits suitable for the office, tomorrow! 

One of my friends phoned me this evening and I video chatted with daughter.  Also called and wished an aunt for her birthday. 

Monday's To Do List:
- Call supervisor - DONE
- Call primary care PA to inform about fall - DIDN'T DO
- Do office work - DONE
- Empty household waste baskets and kitchen trash can - DONE
- Take the big trash cans to the curb for pick up on Tuesday - DONE
- Start taking down the Christmas decorations - DONE

In addition to the above, I went to the pharmacy, did a load of laundry, watered the houseplants, and did the dishes.

Tuesday's To Do List:
- Office work
- Put away dried laundry
- Do another load and hang to dry
- Put together a couple of outfits to wear to the office
- Shop for a pair of pants?
- Continue to take down decorations
- Wrap the gifts to take to the office
- Pack a lunch to take to the office

Today, I am grateful for:
- Being able to work from home for another couple of days
- Rain for the garden
- The rain clearing in time for me to run errands
- Being able to obtain the medicines I need
- Chatting with friends and family

Today, I spent $10 for my prescription refill.

How was your Monday?  Did you have a nice start to your week?  What have you planned for Tuesday?


  1. Your weather obviously hasn't got the memo about "everything in moderation" :) We are supposed to have snow this weekend. I hope so, I like a bit of the white stuff.

    Glad you knee and shoulder are on the mend and that your supervisor was happy for you to work from home.

    I hang my laundry up as well. I peg it out if the weather is fine but if not it goes on a clothes airer. Get's on my nerves having it hanging around the house but apart from towels and sheets I can't put anything in the dryer because it all comes out too creased to iron. Saves me lots of money though!

    Hope you first day back at work goes well and that you manage to find something that fits you. xx

    1. No, our weather didn't get that memo! It's another wet morning. Hope you get some snow so you can enjoy it.

      I think, these days, we in America don't hang laundry to dry as much as the rest of the world. The only time I really miss the convenience of a dryer is when I wash my big quilts. I am planning to buy another big airer, similar to the one I already have, and use them side by side to spread the quilts to dry.

      Thanks, Suzanne. I think the first day back will be fine and I'm sure I'll find something! But I feel a shopping trip will be necessary in the near future!

  2. California is getting tons of rain, especially in the North. I just read that some reservoir up North has now double the amount of water than it had last year. So good news but also bad news for all the people who had to flee their homes because of flooding. Yikes.

    However, you're going to have grass again in your backyard! That'll be lovely, I'm sure.

    Good luck shopping for clothes!

    I had a very productive Monday and I'm having a somewhat sluggish Tuesday. It's nice and sunny and our high should be 70F so I have some windows open. I need to go fold my laundry now and I'll watch the latest episode of Sherlock while I'm doing that. But I'd rather take a nap, to be honest!

    Have a great Tuesday!

    1. Yes, Northern California is getting a lot of rain. They were forecasting an "El Nino" winter, last year, but we didn't have one - I guess we are having one this year, instead!

      You certainly had a very productive day, yesterday. Maybe a short nap will help you feel more energized? Have fun folding the laundry! I'm sure the kittens would like to help! :)

  3. That's wonderful that you can air dry clothes. I think our climate must be too humid ... thicker fabrics (sweaters, sweatshirts) smell sour when I've tried to do so inside, and I then have to rewash them and put them in the dryer. They dry great on a hot day on a clothesline outside but not inside. Guess the humidity level is too high in our area or perhaps you keep your home warmer inside than we do. Have fun shopping for new clothes and putting together a new work wardrobe!

    1. Yes, I probably keep my house warmer than most people tend to do. I feel cold, especially now. I go into the clinic or the stores and I am freezing. I'll happily go without air conditioning in the summer, but I want a warm house in the winter, such as it is. It is my one indulgence. The heater is on right now and it is set at 75F; I am sitting right in front of it (3 feet away), wearing a sweatshirt, sweater, sweatpants, a wool scarf, and socks. I am going to freeze when I go to the office!

  4. No new clothes for a year? You are owed a year's clothes shopping.

    Take care of yourself, sending hugs and good vibes x

    1. Well, I didn't shop for new clothes in a year. I did receive one or two blouses as gifts during the holidays and an aunt sent me some clothes she was giving away (I didn't keep very many of them, though). It's not unusual for me to not buy any new clothes for a year. I don't like shopping for clothes! But I've lost nearly 40 lbs. and things are starting to be a bit too loose!

  5. So proud you got to stay home and work for a couple more days..
    Proud your feeling better from the fall..
    I too, hang my clothes on hangers in the house , I also have a little folding clothes hanger the I use in the winter to hang small things on.. Works great. I do have a dryer and use it to dry sheets, blankets and some times the towels.
    Have a great day.

    1. Thank you, Judy. Getting the dryer fixed or buying a new dryer has been on my master to do list for at least a couple of years, now, but I really don't miss it that much (until I wash the quilts, that is!)

      Hope you are having a good day, too, Judy.

  6. I love to hang laundry down in the basement where it mitigates the dry air from the wood furnace and dries nicely. Great that I don't have to watch the weather like when I hang it outdoors. On the subject of weather, it snowed all day yesterday and we had the driveway plowed yet again. We enjoyed the sun and now we await another load of snow forecast for tomorrow. The skiers must be ecstatic, it is the best winter we have had for ages for enjoying the snow or enjoying grumbling about it! :)

    1. Yes, air drying the laundry inside adds some much needed moisture to our dry air, although, with our recent rains, we are getting lots of humidity! Enjoy your snow, but be careful about going out and about in it!

  7. I have an umbrella clothesline outside that I use constantly in the good weather. I lo-o-ove it. Just this week I pulled out my air dryer to use upstairs in the loft. I hadn't used it in a year because my son and GF had sort of commandeered the entire upstairs while they were living here. I love using my dryer in the winter, but there are a lot of things I could be air drying now to save on electricity.
    Speaking of wardrobes, I like the new trend I am reading about "choosing a uniform" Stick to a very basic black and white and accessorize it. For example, black pants, black skirt, black shoes with white tops. Accessorize with jackets, sweaters, scarves, jewellery.

    1. Glad you are able to have use of the entire house, again, Susan. A loft would be a good place to air dry things, especially in the winter, as warm air rises, and all that. I used to have a clothes line, in the back yard, but I took it down as I don't hang my clothes outside anymore for a number of reasons. Makes the house look a bit like a laundry, some days, but I don't mind. :)

      I rather like that idea of a uniform, myself! When I was in mourning for my mother, I wore exclusively white (the Buddhist color of mourning) for over 6 months. I didn't have a lot of clothes, but everything went with everything else, and getting dressed was easy!


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