Saturday, January 23, 2016

Updated Phone Sleeve!

Updated Phone Sleeve

This just goes to prove that it's dangerous to make suggestions to a crafty person!  Lol.

I was telling one of my cousins that I will be tattooed when it comes time for the radiation treatment (they do it at the hospital so that the radiation can be focused on the exact spot each time).  My cousin's daughter was teasing me about becoming a tattooed lady and joked that I'll have to get some  leather accessories to go with the tattoos, and I said I should get a motorcycle to go with it, etc.

She saw the picture of my phone sleeve and said it needed some leather trim, kind of as a joke, referring to our earlier conversation, and I joked back that I'd need to find some leather, first.  But then, I started thinking (a dangerous thing, I assure you!  :D)  I had an old purse in faux leather, which needed to be tossed but I was reluctant to actually toss because I was planning to see if I could make a similar one using fabric and the old purse as my pattern pieces.

Well... I decided to cut a tiny piece of the faux leather to make two flowers and used one of the zipper pulls and updated my phone cover!  I do rather like it - I think it looks a little more "finished" than just the button.

Here's how it used to look:


What do you think?

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