Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thursday's Progress

Today, in the morning, I went to have my blood work done.  I had to make two trips because, silly me took the wrong paperwork with me on the first trip!  But the phlebotomists who work at the lab were all very good humored about it.  I promised them that I'll bring a bag of lemons for them to share the next time I come for a blood test (probably next week or the week after).

I also received a phone call from the pharmacy saying that they will try to ship my newest anti-nausea medication directly to the clinic in time for my 3rd chemo treatment, tomorrow.  They had called me yesterday, saying that insurance has approved it and they were trying to ship it to me in time for me to receive it today, but, for some reason, they had a problem doing so.  After this, they will ship it to me, directly, about a week prior to the next chemo treatment.     

In the afternoon, I worked on office-related work.  I completed this week's assignment and sent it all back with a request for additional assignments.  I also called my supervisor and left her a message about tomorrow's chemo treatment.  I informed her that I might have to take sick leave next week, depending on how I feel.  Later in the evening, I received the additional assignments.  I will work on them next week, if possible, and/or the week after, as the case might be.

While I waited for my bagel to toast for a late brunch, I decided to clean one of the kitchen drawers.  I have a set of three kitchen drawers to the left of the stove (well, my left when I stand in front of the stove).

Kitchen Drawers

The shallower top drawer is where I keep my knives, can opener, vegetable peeler, strainers, etc., plus a couple of teaspoons used exclusively for making tea and coffee, etc.  (The tea, instant coffee, sugar, etc. are kept in the upper cabinet directly over the drawers).

I took everything out and wiped the drawer with a disinfectant wipe.

Wiped Clean

I have lined the drawers with contact paper I had bought from the dollar stores, as they are washable, protect the drawers, and can be peeled off and replaced as needed.

Then, I washed the cutlery organizer tray I keep in the drawer (by which time my bagel was toasted). 

Blurry but Clean Cutlery Tray

After I had eaten, I replaced everything neatly back in the drawer.  I didn't find anything to declutter from the drawer, except for two old cough drops, although, I suppose I could cut down on the number of knives!

Organized Drawer

The two deeper, lower drawers are where I store my spices, herbs, and a few groceries such as pulses (lentil, garbanzo beans, mung beans, etc.).  Later, in the evening,  I decided to clean out these two drawers, too.  Again, I removed everything, wiped the drawer insides and fronts clean, and put everything back.  There was nothing to toss.

I am aware that some people have matching storage jars for their spices and herbs, but I just reuse whatever empty jars and bottles that I have.  So, everything is mis-matched and it looks messy, but it's frugal, environmentally friendly, and I don't mind.  Besides, I buy some of my spices such as curry powder in bulk (1 lb. containers), while others are bought in smaller quantities.  So, different sized containers work for me.

Upper Spice Drawer

A few of the jars and bottles have the contents labeled on the sides, but most have the contents written on the top, so it's easy to see what's what when I open the drawer.  I should redo the labels, however, as some are starting to peel off!

Lower Drawer

I store some pulses, such as mung beans and garbanzo beans, as well as extra herbs and spices in this lower drawer.  I like to buy things in bulk or multiples of certain items as it reduces the number of trips I need to make to the ethnic stores where I buy my spices.

And for those who inquiring minds who want to know, the upper cabinet directly over the drawers, where the tea, instant coffee, sugar, hot cocoa, etc. are kept:

Upper Tea/Coffee/Sugar Cabinet

Everyday tea and sugar kept right in front; daughter's specialty teas towards the back of the lowest shelf; extra tea, coffee, sugar, etc., stored on higher shelves.  Again, I like to buy things such as multiple bags of sugar when they go on sale and since I live in earthquake country, they become part of my emergency supplies. 

Later today, my daughter will come home to be with me when I have my 3rd chemo therapy session, tomorrow morning.  I will go to the airport to pick her up.

This evening, one of my friends called and asked if daughter could bring her some curry leaves and lemons from my garden this weekend.  I told her I will ask daughter to do so.  I have such an abundance of both in my garden right now.  

Today, I am grateful for:

- My new medication was approved and they will do their best to make sure I receive it on time
- The really nice staff at the lab where I go to get the bloodwork done
- A sunny and warmer day
- Getting more of the kitchen cleaned
- My daughter is coming home tonight!

How was your Thursday?


  1. Your storage looks so lovely and fresh. I don't have the courage to post mine - yet. I hope that you get the anti nausea stuff, sending hugs and prayers. I agree about not always having everything matching. Things look more interesting if they are real and genuine, not just styled with the use having to fit around the looks. I am watching with interest. x

    1. Thank you! I didn't have the courage to post the "before" pictures, you notice. But maybe I will post some for the other drawers and cabinets. My kitchen is definitely real! LOL.

  2. Bless, I am praying for your chemo treatment today..Pray you do well, and it doesn't make you sick.
    Your kitchen drawers and cabinets look so nice and organized..[Shows you can do so much in a little time , such as, while your cooking your bagel].. I try to clean out spaces while waiting on other projects to finish.. Not wasting time is so beneficial.
    Proud daughter is home with you.. Praying for you both.

    1. Thank you, Judy. Just back from chemo. It went well. I felt sleepy, afterwards and napped in the car, on the way home (daughter drove back). Planning to have a restful afternoon. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  3. Your kitchen work has paid off and the photos show how well you have cleaned and organized. My most recent cleanup was in DH's vanity drawer, where I discovered such a grubby mess that I wouldn't even have dared to photograph it! It's all fresh now and he's committed to not letting it get so bad in future. I guess I'll be checking, too!
    So glad your daughter is able to be with you again and you can tell her that she is also very much in my prayers.

    1. Bushlady, I passed on your message to daughter and she and I both thank you. She has to turn in her thesis for grading (pass/fail) on Feb. 12, so, this is a busy time for her. Today, she caught up on her assigned readings for her classes while she waited until I finished my chemo session.

      I took it easy in the afternoon, after the morning's chemo session, so didn't do any cleaning. But I've a few more kitchen drawers and cabinets to sort. Maybe tomorrow, depending on how I feel.

      Hope you have a good weekend. Keep warm!

  4. So organized, Bless!! Loving your white lidded container in the cabinet, too. Sending best wishes that the nausea and fatigue are minimal for you this round of treatment. :)

    1. Thank you, Carolyn. The white lidded container was given to me by a former co-worker; I store extra tea bags in it (it's air-tight).


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