Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Slept All Day Tuesday!

It was another day in which all I did was sleep!  I'd wake up every so often, take the medications as needed, and go back to sleep!  I hope I have now rested as much as I needed to!  They told me at the clinic to drink some caffeinated drink, such as coffee or cola, and I've drunk some cola, but still, not enough to keep me awake!

I'm sorry this is such a poor blog post.  Hopefully, tomorrow, I'll have more energy and have something fun to post about.  

I am grateful for:

- having the luxury of being able to sleep as much as I need to
- knowing that daughter is there to keep things taken care of (Dancer cat fed, trash cans brought in, mail collected, etc.)
- caring friends who call to see how I am
- an aunt's phone call
- continued absence of nausea (with meds).


  1. Sleeping your way through chemotherapy sounds like a great idea.

  2. I'll take sleep over nausea any time :) Enjoy your naps and the help of your friends and family without any guilt, Bless.

  3. Hi Sleeping Beauty! Hope you get a chance to stay awake today. Hugs!

  4. So glad that your only side effect is fatigue. Sleep and rest is a good thing! When does your daughter have to go back to school? Rest well!

  5. Thank you for updating post and letting us know how your doing. Don't worry about a fun post...Just happy your resting and nausea free.. Hugs and prayers your way.

  6. Thank you, all. I am blessed to have the kindest blog readers and commenters.


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