Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thursday Morning

New Phone Sleeve

Another bright and sunny day, here.

Yesterday, I was able to finish all the items on my To Do list - I sent in the completed work assignments, vacuumed the bedrooms and the two bathrooms, tackled the pile of paperwork I had postponed, and did another load of laundry.

I spent the evening video chatting with daughter and knitting myself the phone sleeve shown above.  I used some lilac colored yarn from my stash (leftover after I knitted myself a blouse), and a rose-shaped button I found in the button box (yes, I've a stash of buttons, as well).  It looks too skinny to accommodate my new phone, but the mock-cabled ribbing is very stretchy.  The loop to go around the button (to make sure the phone won't slip out, accidentally), is crocheted.

Here it is with the phone in it:

With Phone Inside
The bit of yarn and one button didn't make a dent in the stash, of course, but I am happy to have a cover for my phone and it's a very frugal cover as I had all the supplies on hand.    Daughter thought it was cute and I offered to make one for her phone, but she already has a case she purchased with a pocket in it for her student ID/bus pass (her student ID can be used as a bus pass in Berkeley) and that is more convenient for her purposes. 

I'll go ahead and post today's To Do list:

- 3 more work-related assignments
- Submit my time sheets for this pay period (showing days/hrs. I took sick leave and days/hrs. I worked)
- Put away yesterday's laundry
- Send emails to friends
- Mail gift cards
- Clean my bathroom
- Clear/tidy/dust bedside table/nightstand
- Clear/tidy/dust top of chest of drawers
- Clear/tidy/dust family room coffee table
- Do dishes

There's a lot more cleaning to do, but I am trying to break things down to baby steps and 15 minutes at a time.  I figure if I list 4 cleaning related items a day and they each take 15 minutes (some will take less time, some might take more), then, I've done an hour of housework each day and that doesn't seem like a lot.  So, we will see how this works out for me.  I'm giving myself permission to cut back to one 5 minute task a day on those low energy days. 

Today, one of daughter's friends will come by to clean the litter box for me.  We had asked the doctor about cleaning the litter box, but I am not permitted to do so.  It didn't matter in December and earlier part of January, as daughter was home to do it.  I asked the nurse again, earlier this week about being allowed to do the litter box, but I was told no, especially with my white blood cell count being low, etc.  But I donned mask and gloves and cleaned the rest of the bathroom - well, at least the toilet and the sink and the mirror above.  I had vacuumed the floor, yesterday, and will probably sweep it again, tonight. 

I took some pictures of the quilt I washed, yesterday.  But that will be another post, as this one is long enough, as it is.  Plus, the quilt deserves its own post!  :D

Today, I am grateful for:

- Sunshine and warmth
- Someone coming to help with the litter box
- Having an abundance of lemons and herbs in the garden to share with friends
- Having energy to do the housework
- A very frugal phone sleeve for my new phone

How is your Thursday coming along? 


  1. That's a cute phone case! I'm glad you have someone to deal with the kitty litter (or "poo box" as we used to call it).

    We've been to a town 30 miles away because my new glasses are not as good for reading as the old ones I have had for several years. Now I find I have to have yet another eyetest and so we go back next week. Still, it was good to get away for part of the day and I found some new pillow slips that I couldn't have found in the same chain store here. One set is satin, never tried them before.

    1. Bushlady, hope the new eye test will result in more accurate glasses. Let me know how you like the new satin pillow slips. I sewed myself a set last year and I like them, but they are slippery when stacked!

  2. Love your new phone case.. and you had all the stuff in your stash..GREAT!!!
    Your work schedule[15 min intervals] sounds like a great idea.
    Love that you can go in your back yard and pick oranges and lemons. That would be so wonderful.. We have apples and peaches in the summer.. But too cold for the other things. I bet a fresh orange off the tree, is fantastic..

    1. Judy, trade you some of my lemons and oranges (it's the season for them now) for some of your apples and peaches in the summer!


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