Monday, January 4, 2016

Monday, January 4

Today, I had a hydration session that was scheduled for late morning - 11:15 a.m.  Which meant I had to leave the house by 10:00 a.m. to arrive at the clinic in good time.  

Today was supposed to have been a day off from work for me, due to the hydration session, but there was an email from my supervisor, this morning, asking me if I could spare the time to work on a particular project.  I had been working on one project, but, as so often happens, I've been asked to put that project on hold and work on a different project that has higher priority.  So, I called my supervisor in response to her email and told her of course I'd do it.  We discussed  the logistics and I told her I had the hydration session today and chemo on Friday, but we agreed that I will work around those medical commitments.  So, I was able to put in a couple of hours of work this morning, before I had to leave for the hydration treatment.

Daughter and I left the house at 10:00 a.m. for the 11:15 a.m. appointment.  We got there in good time and I had to have my insurance verified again as it is a new year.  The clinic office had called me regarding that on Friday, so I went prepared with the letter I had received from my health insurance provider, which stated that I could continue to use my current card until a new one is issued sometime during the first week in January and phone numbers to call if additional verification is needed, etc.  Fortunately, there were no difficulties with the insurance.

My blood pressure was good (new medications are working!); I had lost a little more weight (down to 166 lbs.; nothing to worry about, though, because, I'm still considered obese); my white blood cell count was checked again and declared normal (yay!)

The treatment room was crowded (since Friday was a holiday, those people who are regularly scheduled for Friday treatments, such as myself, have to be accommodated today in addition to the Monday people) and the nurses were busy.  It was almost 12 noon when I was hooked up to the machine for my treatment.  I knitted on the scarf while I waited and had my treatment (Leisure/Hobbies/Crafts segment of my Balance Wheel checked off!); daughter played on her phone.    
It was past 1:30 p.m. when we left the clinic.  Even though I had drunk a protein-rich meal replacement drink, earlier, I was hungry by then, and so was daughter.  I had a yearning for popcorn shrimp, so we headed to my favorite fish and chips place and I waited in the car while daughter went in to get us our lunch.  By the time we did that and drove home, it was just after 3:30 p.m.!

As soon as I got home, I started downloading the work documents one of my colleagues who is  working on the project with me had sent to me and sent him some emails regarding the project.  I copy my supervisor on all emails, so she is aware of when I am working, and so forth.

So, between the hydration session and office work, the day has pretty much taken care of itself!  I still need to clean out the fridge and do dishes; daughter will take the trash cans to the curb for trash collection tomorrow. 

It had rained a little bit, very early this morning, because the road was a bit damp when I woke up and looked out.  It must have been a slight drizzle, though, because the garden looked as dry as ever.  We are, however, supposed to get some rain, tomorrow (Tuesday) and Wednesday.  The garden needs it, so badly. 

One of my friends called this evening and we spoke on the phone for a bit.  She is having a sore throat and cough, so she hasn't been able to visit.  I called one of my aunts to check on her (she has been recovering from bronchitis). 

January Spending:
1/1 - Nothing spent
1/2 - $83.80 for New Year gifts (4x$20 gift cards to a book store + T-shirt)
1/3 - Nothing spent
1/4 - $15 co-pay at clinic; $8 parking; $12 lunch for daughter and I  (we had the leftovers for dinner, so, $6 per person for lunch and dinner isn't too bad); $129 internet/cable service

Today, I am grateful for:

- Being able to work while accommodating my medical needs
- Vital statistics being good
- Having a good hydration session
- Phone calls with family and friends
- Rain!  Even if it is a drizzle.

How was your Monday?  Did you have a good start to your week?


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  2. So happy to hear your hydration went well, and your results are good.. Very happy to hear this news.
    Your lunch sounded really good.. I think I will get popcorn shrimp, the next time I go out.
    Very nice that you can work from home, and your supervisor is so understanding..

    1. Thanks, Judy. Sometimes I get hungry for a specific thing and yesterday, it was for popcorn shrimp! Which is kind of funny because I hardly ever eat popcorn shrimp! Hope you enjoy your popcorn shrimp when you have them, as much as I enjoyed mine, yesterday. :)

      How is your cold/asthma? Hope you are feeling better. Take care and have a good day.

  3. It's so nice that work can be fit around your schedule. Glad the hydration went well and you were able to get some knitting done.

    1. Thanks, Jess. It is nice that I can work from home when I feel well enough to do so and get paid. And I am happy I'm able to knit, too. I also carry a crossword puzzle book, so if I don't feel like knitting, I can do that. As long as I have to sit in that chair and wait until treatment is completed, might as well enjoy that time, doing something fun! Some of the patients bring books or magazines to read. Some listen to music on earphones. But there are a few who don't bring anything to do, and I wonder if they are not bored, just sitting for a couple of hours with nothing to do.


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