Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tuesday's This and That

Stack of Hot Pads

I finished making the hot pads for my cousin, the other evening, but took the pictures of the finished hot pads this morning.  There are 5 hot pads:

Crocheted Hot Pads

I crocheted a cord with some of the leftover yarn after knitting the phone sleeve to use as a tie for the stack of hot pads.

They were meant to be part of her holiday gift, along with the Log Cabin Cross wall hanging (by the way, the fabric used in the hot pads is leftover from one of the fabrics used in the wall hanging).  But this cousin and her mother have been ill since before the holidays, so they haven't been around to see me and their gifts are still here.  It gave me enough time to finish up this part of the gift  (I can post about it, here, because they don't read my blog.)

Today, I've worked on office-related work.  I've made good progress with this week's assignment, but I need a bit more information before I can proceed with one section.  I sent off an email requesting additional info., but so far, I've not received it.  So, I'll continue to do what I can while I wait for it.  I'll give the person I emailed another day or so to get back to me, if not, I'll send another email.

In the afternoon, the mother of one of my daughter's friends came over to do the cat's litter box for me.  Not only did she bless me with cleaning the litter box, she wouldn't accept any payment, either.  I really need to make another batch of jam to have on hand as thank you gifts.  I shall ask daughter to pick up another dozen of pint-sized canning jars for me, when she comes home this weekend.

Last night, as I was video chatting with daughter, I felt like "Little Miss Muffet", when a spider suddenly dropped onto the laptop keyboard!  Luckily, I am not spooked by spiders.  I was able to catch it with a facial tissue and take it outside.  Today, as I was walking past the dining area, I suddenly noticed this:

Dangling Spider
It was actually hanging down from the ceiling, at the end of a long thread of web!

Spider Close Up
It was scurrying up and down the its thread of web, so the picture is blurry.  Well, it, too was removed.  I am fairly tolerant of spiders (I've lots of them in the garage and garden), but I don't particularly want them inside my house.

I put away last night's laundry and did a small load of laundry (bathroom mats).   Watered the indoor plants and watered some of the outside potted plants (I used water I saved while waiting for the shower water to warm up; I just keep a bucket under the faucet and collect the water that runs until the warmer water comes out.  I am able to collect about half a bucket, each time.)

Today, I am grateful for:

- More kind and generous friends
- Clean litter boxes!  (Dancer is grateful, too!)
- Another sunny day
- Coupons for my favorite Japanese take out place in today's mail
- A glass of mango nectar with sparkling water

How is your Tuesday coming along?


  1. You're becoming quite the wild woman with your new phone camera.

  2. Those are scary looking spiders! We occasionally have seen tarantulas here ... but only outside, thankfully. Did Dancer notice them?

    1. I don't think Dancer noticed them. Yesterday, he was sleeping on the sofa when the spider jumped on the keyboard. Today, he was hiding under the bed! He hid when the lady came to do the litter box (he hides when people come to the house!) She had just left when I encountered the spider and Dancer hadn't come out, yet. :)

  3. The spider landing on the keyboard sure would have made me jump! I hate spiders, but I'm not afraid of them. However, if they are inside my house, I'm not as kind as you.

    1. LOL, "live and let live" is my philosophy. Although, sometimes, they do get squished by accident!


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