Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Garden in June

The garden in June is mostly dried out.  However, some plants are thriving: 

Lantana and Plumbago Explosion!
The lantana I planted in the front are not doing so well; only two of the eight or so plants are looking healthy and flowering, but this "hedge" of lantana and plumbago growing along the side wall behind the garage and the shed is going crazy!

The blue agapanthas I grew in the front garden all died out, but these white ones in the back are doing well:

White Agapanthus

The tomato plant is growing well, too,  It has reached the top of the first rung of the tomato cage and there are lots of flowers:

Tomato Plant

But the star of the garden has to be the zucchini plants!  I'm thrilled to see how well they've grown.

Zucchini Plant

And the first zucchinis have been sighted!  This one still has the blossom attached and is about two inches long:

Baby Zucchini Forming!

 This one is about 4 inches long and I'm thinking I should pick it in the next day or so:


The First Zucchini!

Another look:

Zucchini and Bud
The lone patty pan squash plant is doing well, too, and has flowers, but no fruits, yet.

How is your garden coming along?


  1. Everything has suddenly exploded into life. How are the succulents doing now. Did you plant them somewhere other than the parkway?
    The zucchini wil be great for cooking with. Ours seem to be rather slow at the moment but the carrots, onions and spinach are growing well. X

    1. The succulents are doing OK. I planted some of them but there are more to be planted, elsewhere. I haven't quite decided where, yet! Your garden sounds like it is coming along nicely. Carrots, spinach, lettuce, etc., are considered winter/cool weather plants over here. Best sown or planted in late October or early November for harvesting in January or February. Our summer temps. of 90F-100F tend to be too hot for them.

  2. Your tomato plant looks very healthy and you must be happy with the zucchini. Of our two tomato plants one is bearing fruit and the other is struggling. Many of the Spring flowers are finished and the flower beds have a bit of a tired look! On the positive side the lawn looks nice.

    1. Sandy, I am thrilled to bits with how the tomato plant is growing and the zucchinis. :)

      Nice to hear that one tomato plant is bearing fruit, already; hope the other one will do better. Glad the lawn is looking nice - not much of a lawn to speak of, over here!

      Sounds like it might be time to plant some new, summer-flowering plants? Does it get very hot in the summer? Who does the gardening in your household? You or your husband? Or, is it a joint venture?

      Did your husband enjoy the air show, yesterday? Did you get your shoes sorted? I counted my shoes after reading your comment. I have 9 assorted pairs of shoes, varying from sandals to ankle boots! One pair is definitely being donated (the pair that my neighbor gave, which are too big for me and in which I tripped and fell in January; I haven't worn them since). There's one other pair I might donate - need to try them on first and see how they fit.

  3. Your plumbago and lantana looks wonderful, The tomato plants look very healthy and zucchinis will be ready for eating in a day or so.
    My garden is looking a bit sad at the moment, not may flowers this time of the year, although I have some nerines still flowering. The roses need pruning which I hope to get started on later today.

    1. You are coming in for winter, aren't you? Do you get snow where you are? Or are you able to grow things pretty much year round? If so, what would you typically plant in the winter?

      I will be picking that first zucchini tomorrow, I think. Before it gets too big. Then, by the time I finish eating it, the other one should be ready for picking!

  4. Our flower beds are a mess but there are all kinds of flowers to enjoy, including wild ones in the wild part of the yard. I bought some tomato plants today at a plant sale but it was too hot to do anything with them as the temperature went up to 37°C (or around 98°F)! The house is staying fairly cool as I had the drapes closed and I put on the overhead fan when I came home. Then I holed up indoors because heat scares me! Had a nap, too.

    1. Wow, Bushlady, it is warmer up there than it is down here! Do you normally get those temps, or is it unusual? Glad the house is staying fairly cool, as I imagine you don't have a/c. Staying indoors and taking naps are good when it is hot!

  5. All of the watering you do for your garden must be paying off. Looks like you'll be harvesting soon.

    1. Yes, I will be picking that first zucchini later today. But I hate to see what my next water bill will be!


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